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The Internet Is Saluting Three Young Rappers Who Helped Elderly Couple At Gas Station


In today’s article, we’re going to talk about good deeds and doing good in general. This story is about the old couple, the 89-year-old woman named Rose Griest and her 101-year-old husband, David. The problem for them started when Rose needed to climb back up in the van,  and her old husband couldn’t really help her do that. But, the three young guys from across the street noticed that something was wrong and decided to go and help them solve their problem. They were really careful with the lady and made sure that Rose was feeling nice and cozy, in fact, they did a lot more than the couple needed them to do. An officer captured the scenes from across the street and decided to post the video on the internet. And, clearly enough, the video of the three guys helping the young lady started getting some traction.

The Video of the Good Deed of the Three Guys

The officer named Kanesha Carnegie was there when all of this happened. She was pretty taken by the good deed that the guys did, just like each and every person that witnessed the action of the guys. The three guys, JocKoeStoe, Marty and Freddy G, were actually rappers living and writing songs in Orlando. The officer took out her smartphone and filmed the whole act of kindness, and posted it on the internet so that even more people can witness the good deed of the rappers.

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Posted by Kanesha Carnegie on Monday, January 28, 2019

The police officer actually happened to know the three rappers, she was coming from the Levy County Sherriff Office from Bronson, Florida. She was actually pretty happy that she could promote the three guys’ good deed.

Why Did They Stop There?

So, what was the actual reason that made Rose and her husband, David stop at the place that they stopped? Well, the couple wanted to live independently together, and help each other do anything that they needed to do. So, Rose needed to go to the doctor’s that day, and despite the fact that David was pretty tired he decided that he was going to help out his wife.

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They didn’t expect the trip to last as long as it lasted, so Rose felt the need to go to the bathroom at the rest stop. This is when they stopped, and there was the place that they ran into the problem.

Unexpected Inspiration

Rose, David and the guys that helped them with their problem actually started to form a good connection between each other after the good deed of the rappers. When the rappers did the good deed you could hear David on the video thanking them and sharing his age with the guys. The three guys were actually amazed by the strength and the looks of the old man, and they told him that he didn’t really look like he was 101-years-old.

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Even with the huge difference in their age, David, Rose, and the three rappers actually felt the connection between them and felt inspired by each other. And, the new social media that they got were equally inspired by the two groups.


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