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The Most Bizarre and Hilarious Things Spotted at the Airport


Airports play a significant role in our lives, we are able to travel to the other side of the world in hours by using them. Besides being extremely convenient, airports are also known as places where the weirdest things happen and get caught on camera. This article includes captures of the weirdest occurrences witnessed in airports. “The airport is the only place you can walk around with no shoes, a glazed look on your face, and sleep on the benches and no one judges you”, said an author Patricia Robin Woodruff. Well, not sure about the non-judging part though. Scroll below for some of the funniest and strangest moments that happened in the airport.

One Creative Homecoming Greeting


While seeing a pickup sign at the airport is a pretty usual occurrence, this one undoubtedly stood out! At first, it looked like a cute greeting from a lovely family waiting for their mom at the airport. Now, let’s read the sign…

Turns out it was only an innocent prank after all. The mother was coming back from her trip to Rotterdam and not the prison, thank god. The look on her face when she saw the sign must have been priceless!

Troubled Santa


It may look like a regular Christmas photo at first. As we can see, Santa decided to visit the airport. What for? Good question! Maybe his plan was to wish the travelers Merry Christmas and perhaps even give out some presents as well. Another possibility is, like everyone else, he all he wanted to do was to travel somewhere. Nevertheless, judging by this photo, his presence was not welcomed at the airport after all. The police were definitely not in the Christmas mood. Poor Santa!

High In The Sky


This is certainly not something you see every day that’s for sure. Why are there so many birds being transported by air? The reason to that is because a Saudi Prince decided to relocate his 80 falcons to the United Arab Emirates by Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways stick to a special policy of allowing individuals to transport their birds between the countries of Middle East if such individuals own a valid passport. However, usually, there is a limit to the number of birds allowed on the plane and it has to be no more than six. But the staff made an exception for the Prince and he was allowed to bring all 80 instead. Being a royal surely comes with its advantages. The reason why a Saudi Prince needed to bring so many falcons along is that it is actually a hobby in the Middle Eastern countries. Very unusual isn’t it? Well, scroll down for even crazier moments!

Minka Kelly On-board


If you think all celebrities own private jets, then you’re wrong. They take flights in regular planes like everyone else and Minka Kelly is a clear example. An American actress was seen at the airport while she was going through security and baggage control. Paparazzi and fans quickly took some photos of the beautiful Minka while she had no idea someone had even recognized her. How do celebrities always look so good in photos? The actress didn’t know she was being photographed but it didn’t stop her from casually posing in the process and looking absolutely stunning.

A Sleepover


Why book a hotel when you can use an airport itself for taking a nap when waiting for a flight connection? Sure, a warm soft bed sounds more appealing, but you can also get creative and use the airport’s furniture as a temporary bed for a few hours.

Though this idea certainly comes with its downsides. The lady in the photo above will probably wake up feeling sore all over from this not so comfortable sleeping position. But sometimes a powernap is all that’s needed before getting through another tiresome flight.

Give Me A Break


Turns out suitcases can be used for more than one reason after all. This little girl looks like she has had enough of traveling and it’s absolutely understandable. Layovers can be exhausting and not only for kids. While we don’t know whether the poor child was tired, bored, or hungry, the father was creative enough to let her drag along on the suitcase. Is it safe? Certainly not, but it works!

Travel Convenience


As we can see, carrying children on suitcases seems to be a trend these days. It is a win-win situation though, the children are entertained and the parents can keep moving along with the crowd at the airport. Nobody around seems to be disturbed by this idea either, so it’s all good.

Keeping kids busy and entertained at the airport is very important, that way they will not interfere with the process and everyone will be happy. If carrying them around on a suitcase is the solution to that, then why not, right?

A Failed Parking Attempt


Car drivers are not the only ones that fail at parking apparently, this pilot is seriously lacking some parking skills over there. It’s hard to tell what might have caused the pilot to park the plane right into the wall. Possibly the weather conditions were horrible and they didn’t have a choice but to land right into the building…Another guess is perhaps the pilot wasn’t paying much attention to the parking section when studying for the flying test.

Nevertheless, the pilot’s failed parking attempt is making us question their flying skills as well. Hopefully, the flying skills are much better than the parking but who knows…

Kim K At The Airport


Kim Kardashian was also seen at the airport wearing her casual attire and holding a baby. She managed to look perfect despite being in the middle of baggage control and not knowing the sneaky paparazzi are taking multiple photos of her. Wait…she’s barefoot! However, it is not stopping her from looking confident with style.

No matter where Kim goes, she always makes sure to look her best and never forgets to bring her Louis Vuitton luggage with her. Way to go, Kimmy!

Just A Minor Error


Well, Turkish Airlines certainly shocked us with this one. Whoever was hired to do the job was definitely not having a good day. Maybe, the advertiser just has a really weird sense of humor, certainly not acceptable in this situation in our opinion.

We sure hope the fellow travelers were not very affected by this piece of art. Let’s forgive the poor artist and keep going!

Surfing Through


Most people would probably not think about jumping on the moving things at airports but this lady is an exception. She probably could not wait to land in her vacation destination and decided to start surfing right here in the airport.

When you are bored, anything you see can be turned into a fun entertaining idea, including different objects used in the airports. If you have an imagination like hers, you can easily turn an airport into a circus to pass time.



Did he stand in this spot by accident or on purpose? Either way, he is perfectly matching this beautiful red bikini bottoms and a feathered scarf. While we aren’t sure whether this idea was planned or not, placing a poster on a partition railing was a marvelous idea. Check out their facial expressions too! It absolutely completes this photo!

It’s The Little Things


This worker thought that no one will notice if he or she plays a quick round of Solitaire during the shift. Well, this assumption was wrong, and this photograph is the proof. Unfortunately, someone is always watching, especially at the airport security.

This idea was not the smartest but we hope the person who was playing the game didn’t get in trouble for it. We all get bored sometimes, even at very busy and stressful places like airports.

Just Your Usual Security Check


Security checks are always stressful as you have to move very fast to avoid irritating people behind you and at the same time remove your belts, shoes, jewelry, electronics and other belongings.

A child is no different, at least to this mom. She got the chance to quickly untie her shoelaces while her baby is chilling on the scanning container. You do what you gotta do, right?

Another Celebrity Spotted


But, seriously, how do celebrities always look so good even when they are not aware of being photographed? Jennifer Hudson looks absolutely stunning while getting checked by security at the airport. How is this possible? She looks like she just walked out from a hair salon with a fresh haircut despite the fact of having a woman practically digging into her hair. Celebrities definitely have a secret trick!

Emotional Times


At the airport, you can run into tired, irritable, hungry, homesick travelers who are waiting to get out of here and finally reach their final destination. Unfortunately, long layovers and delayed flights are very common and a short nap is the only way to pass time. This couple, for example, decided to use each other as a pillow to feel at least a little bit cozier and comfortable taking a nap at the airport.

The lady looks way more comfortable than her boyfriend though, but at least they both look peaceful and relaxed, right?

Not Fair


An airport is also a place where love, emotion, and affection can often be witnessed. Meeting your loved one after a long time apart or saying goodbye can indeed be a very emotional time. Both situations almost always involve showing affection by kissing and hugging your partner and this cruel sign might not be exactly what couples want to see…

In fact, it makes you want to do the exact opposite – kiss and show affection as much as you would like to. The Aalborg Airport in Denmark is the perfect place to go against the rule and show a lot of affection right in front of this brutal sign.

Regular Visitors


Zoos and safaris are surely a great way to see animals but apparently, you have another option – by visiting Alaska’s Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport. The local wildlife often decides to go for a walk at the airport’s runway. You can frequently spot caribou, polar bears, oxen, seals, birds wandering around in the territory of the airport.

The airport’s stuff removes them by pickup trucks and sled and then returns to the usual tasks of their shift. It looks like removing animals from the airport’s runway is really not a big deal and often becomes a regular part of the shift for the workers. Quite fun, isn’t it?

Sushi Time


Finding your luggage at the airport can be difficult as often they all look alike in one way or another. Though there is a solution to that, however, it will most likely cause you to be extremely hungry after.

Wrapping your luggage in sushi covers is an excellent way to identify your luggage from far and prevent others from accidentally taking yours. Unless they are hungry, then you can say bye bye to your giant sushi roll.

Free Entertainment At The Airport


Waiting for the flight can be boring but it doesn’t mean you can’t entertain yourself in one way or another. Not only these guys are entertaining each other, but also the other travelers at the airport. Who wouldn’t enjoy some free acrobatic entertainment while waiting for a departure?
One of the guys even managed to read a few pages of his book while practicing his core strength. Looks like they made up for their gym session after all. Goals? We think so! As you can see, being at the airport is not always so tedious as we imagine it to be, there are all sorts of bizarre and hilarious things happening.



If you decide to use the free tablets or computers at the airport, make sure you sign out after. If not, then you might become a victim of the airport workers’ pranks. Jasmine did that mistake and this is what happened…
Luckily for Jasmine, the Newcastle International Airport’s workers have a healthy sense of humor and made a funny prank instead. Things could have been much worse if someone else noticed her Facebook signed in. Jasmine is going to have a nice surprise waiting for her when she lands.

Pokemon Vs. Hello Kitty


Who said airplanes can’t have a colorful theme? Japan’s All Nippon Airways have Pokémon-themed airplanes that brighten up the runway and motivate kids from all over the world to behave appropriately so they can fly in these amazing airplanes. Pokémon might not be for everyone and for that reason the airport also offers Hello Kitty jets.

The inside of these airplanes is also themed with Pokemon characters and other cool features. How cool is that! If you are a true beer lover, you will enjoy reading the next bizarre thing below.

Traveling Beer


Beer is an important part of the day for many people including this Australian man who paid $30 to check in a can of beer in the airport. He refused to leave the country unless his favorite beer was flying along with him. Can you imagine seeing a beer circling on the carousel next to other people’s luggage and bags?

The idea comes with its risks though, there is a possibility someone else claims the beer as their own or it simply explodes. However, the man was willing to go through this big risk in hopes of enjoying the delicious taste of the beer after a long exhausting flight. Good effort!

Creative Children


Usually, we expect a kiss or a warm hug from our loved ones after returning from a trip but sometimes they have other plans. For example, an unexpected “Welcome Home” sign.

While it’s hard to tell whether this poster was a prank or not, the kids sure spent a lot of effort and time in creating such a beautiful and colorful poster. Good job! The grandmother most likely loved it anyway even if she wasn’t actually coming home from rehab. Keep scrolling for other unusual things spotted at airports.

Stretching Is Important


Stretching before taking a flight does wonders as the economy and even business class seats often become very uncomfortable after a while. Nothing is more irritating and inconvenient than not having enough space to stretch your legs and other parts of the body. Well, you can definitely stretch before the flight though, just like the girl in the image above.

She definitely has done this more than once. Look at that pose! It’s perfect! The moving walkway also happened to be empty so she is not disturbing anyone either. This fun idea surely proves you can always find a way to entertain yourself at the airport and benefit your health at the same time.

Smart Idea


Some people like to label all of their belongings in case someone decides to take them. Look at this man! He really did customize his luggage with a photo of himself. At least now the chance of someone stealing or accidentally taking his bag is much lower.

The only suggestion for this creative gentleman would be putting a more happy picture. Going on a vacation is an exciting time and a smile would definitely lighten up the waiting room.

A Suitcase Tower


Are you tired of visiting regular looking airports? If so, then Sacramento Airport is the place you should consider visiting. The reason to that is the two giant suitcase towers located right in the terminal A. They are seriously touching the ceiling

Imagine what would happen if someone rams through the towers with a trolley? Thank god these towers are only for decoration and don’t consist of actual luggage. Nevertheless, this idea is quite unique and interesting.



Some travelers prefer sleeping at airports, others like to read a book or a newspaper. But some individuals are capable of combining both: a quick power nap and some reading in between. The guy in this photo sure knows how to multitask.

There is a possibility he is using a bunch of newspapers as a blanket because he is cold or maybe he just doesn’t want to be seen. Anyhow, he seems to be doing just fine and that’s all that matters.

Happy Feet


Who said penguins can’t take flights? The sure can. The conservationists caught exotic bird hunters red-handed which resulted in sending the birds back home to South Africa. There was only one problem though…

Transporting the penguins by boat would be quite challenging and the authorities came to a decision to send these little happy feet home by an airplane. They were treated the same as regular travelers by staff and everyone else. So cute!

The Struggles Of Fatherhood


For all of you dads out there, be alert when falling asleep next to your daughters. Why? Because you might wake up covered in stickers or makeup just like this poor father. Perhaps next time he will buy them a sticker book so they will not use his body as one instead.

We have to admit though, it looks very adorable. The girls are entertained and the father gets to take a power nap. He is going to wake up to a fun surprise and probably spend quite some time removing all of these stickers off his arms. But hey, at least the kids are happy!

Joy Ride


Working a double shift at the airport can be fun especially if you love theme parks. This man decided to pretend he is taking the best ride of his life by riding someone’s luggage on a baggage carousel.

Look at his posture! This is probably not the first time he is taking these joy rides while collecting baggage at the same time. Well, good for him for making the best out of the situation!

Star Wars Day


If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you might want to consider visiting Denver International Airport. The staff of the airport performed a small roleplay on Star Wars Day by dressing up as Stormtroopers and greeting all of the passengers with a “Vader” sign.

Most importantly, they seem to blend it perfectly with the rest of the crowd! Are you jealous yet? Wait until you read the next one!

The Arrival Of Darth Vader


The Darth Vader himself later arrived and was greeted by the Stormtroopers. Although it looks like only the Stormtroopers are greeting this evil force, others are just carefully observing this situation. We can’t blame the Star Wars fans though!

Everyone present at the airport that day definitely had fun with this free entertainment. No one looks very surprised either, so maybe the Darth Vader arrival happens every day at Denver International Airport. If that is the case, then the true Star Wars fans should consider taking a flight here. Spot the man next to the Darth Vader, he is not feeling this whole idea but that’s ok. Star Wars is not for everyone, right?

Sleep Over Everything Else


No one likes waiting in the line. It really sucks. Next time you are waiting in the line at the airport, take this smart man’s advice and sleep through it. No one seems to be surprised by his idea either, looks like a perfectly normal thing to do around there.

The man looks absolutely peaceful and relaxed laying on the floor of an airport. Now you know that sleeping in the line is an acceptable thing to do and a smart way to wait for a flight. Don’t worry, no one is going to judge you!

Sweet Dreams


When you are feeling very exhausted, you can pretty much fall asleep anywhere. Including the floor of an airport. This lady decided to take a nap almost in the middle of the corridor by using her bag as a pillow. Hopefully, no one will accidentally run her over with a suitcase though, she already looks dead enough.

Hopefully, she will wake up well rested and will not miss her flight. Sometimes a short nap is all that is needed to continue traveling.

The Best Welcome Home Ever


This welcome home sign is seriously the cutest thing ever! Look at the little girl’s face, she looks so happy and excited. It’s quite difficult to identify what the sign actually says except for the “welcome” word but the effort is all that counts. Whoever the sign is meant for will probably be in tears. Way too adorable!

A Unique Way To Carry Your Neck Pillow


Don’t get too excited, this might not be what you think it is…This lady hooked her neck pillow to her handbag and it happened to be hanging at a very interesting angle. No judgment though, she probably simply doesn’t care or not aware of her neck pillow position. Flights are tiresome and her appearance is probably the last thing on her mind now.

The color of the neck pillow is what makes it very funny after all. If it was a darker color, it is very likely that no one would even notice this fail.

Plank Time


Airports offer all sorts of moving amenities: baggage carousels, elevators, escalators, walkways. Turns out not only they can be used for their original purpose, but also to relax and be lazy for a little bit.

This guy is either pretending to be a Buzz Lightyear or he suddenly felt like doing a planking session. Either way, this looks very weird considering the number of germs and bacteria present on escalators. Why would someone want that on their face and clothes? Keep reading below for an awesome sleeping position at the airport!

Let Me Sleep!


Sleeping is one of the main human needs in order to function and if you happen to be at the airport, you will have to fulfill that need right there and then. This guy looks somewhat comfortable placing his head on the luggage and his legs on the seat. Unlike the guy next to him, he is only taking up one seat. Let’s hope his head won’t slide down in his sleep.

Next time you are feeling sleepy at the airport, feel free to use this idea but make sure your suitcase is soft as sleeping in this position for a few hours doesn’t look too comfortable.

Germs Everywhere


Yes, we all know about how easy it is to catch a nasty cold at the airport. The chances run very high at about 99% chance. But c’mon, this person is taking it way too far.

This shocking photo was taken near Washington D.C at Dulles Airpor one month after a person who later died from Ebola visited the airport. The mask might be considered as a good precaution but what about the plastic suit? She definitely went a little bit overboard with this whole idea. If you think this is crazy, then you will be amazed at what the next person on the list did.

Some Fresh Air


If you want the world to know about you, consider using this guy’s idea. The view is beautiful but that’s not the point. This pilot managed to take a selfie by popping his head right out of the aircraft! His sunglasses suit his face perfectly as well. How is it even possible to look that good while flying a plane very high up in the sky?

We are sorry to break it to you, but this photo was actually photoshopped. What a disappointment! Using Photoshop with the purpose of trying to look cool smells like a try-hard. Not so cool…

A Small Accident


It’s hard to tell how exactly this happened but definitely not impossible considering all of the crazy things people pull on walkways and carousels. How did the driver manage to crash into the walkway like that? Perhaps he was drinking or not paying attention to the road.

Either way, he is going to spend a lot of time cleaning that up. Next time he better be more careful! On the other hand, driving around the airport in a cart must be quite entertaining if you’re careful enough.

Anything Is Possible


Missing a flight is a nightmare and these two guys are willing to do anything to be on time for it, including riding a motorcycle along with the roller bag. Who knew roller bags can also ride along with you on the highway! This was probably not the smartest idea but it seems to be working just fine.

At least now we know that it is not necessary to place your roller bag in a trunk, it can perfectly speed down the highway too. We aren’t sure how long this luggage lasted before falling apart right there on the highway, but it did work long enough for this amazing photo to be taken. If you think there is nothing crazier than this, you’re wrong. Keep reading to be shocked even more.

The Force Will Be With You. Always


Well, Star Wars fans, now you can take a flight to Tatooine! Hurry, cancel your flight to Toronto and take a trip to the galaxy instead. Make sure to book your trip in advance in order to arrive on time though.

Notice that the departure gate is located at R2-D2. Perhaps you will end up in the 33rd century in a galaxy that is very far away. There is only one way to find that out!

Just Your Usual Check-In


The baggage claim workers often have very fun and interesting shifts learning what travelers bring with them from one side of the world to another. All sorts of crazy items frequently appear at airports but have you ever seen a real Easter Island head before?

On one hand, the owner doesn’t have to worry about someone stealing the Easter Island head due to its extremely heavy weight. But, on the other hand, how is the owner planning to bring this huge thing home? Who knows…Let’s hope it’s all thoughtfully planned out.

Creepy Bag Claim Location


Would you be brave enough to claim your bag from this creepy looking building block number 7? Even if you think you are, you shouldn’t. Think twice, why would a bag claim location be located in the middle of a parking lot anyway? It doesn’t make any sense.

Something just doesn’t seem right about this. Why wouldn’t it be located next to the gate instead? Very strange indeed.

Another Acrobatic Training


Something seems to be striving travelers to practice acrobatics when they enter an airport. This group of young people surely knows how to keep themselves occupied while waiting for a departure.

It’s a smart choice though, at least they are not spending tons of money at the Duty Frees stores as their fellow travelers. Next time you are bored at the airport, do some acrobatics, your wallet will thank you later.

Taking Your Sweet Time


Everyone is usually in a hurry at the airport. Well, this lady is an exception. She is not rushing anywhere, however, what she might not realize is that she is causing traffic behind her. Luckily, the other travelers have a great sense of humor and not annoyed at her action. Moreover, they are enjoying it.

The people behind her are either laughing because the situation is quite funny or due to the fact that they can’t really change anything at the moment. Either way, they are stuck there behind her so the least they can do is to laugh it off.

Aye Captain


This is possibly the best captain ever. Look how cute he is with his adorable smile and golden hair! Dogs always make everything better and smoother, including flights. The captains made the right decision by keeping this lovely dog around.

Hopefully, the passengers of the plane got the chance to meet this adorable golden retriever well. Some puppy therapy would never hurt, especially during a long flight, right?

A Russian Roulette At The Airport


What a creative luggage carousel! The McCarran International Airport would be the place where this kind of carousel would fit in perfectly. Nothing beats Vegas when it comes gambling, but perhaps it was actually located in another airport…Anyhow, the design of the carousel is definitely very cool and motivating if you’re into gambling.

Imagine if the luggage lands on your lucky number too! Though if you keep looking at the carousel for a long time, your eyes might feel dizzy, so be careful!

Engine Check


One of the most important rules on airport runways is to make sure there is no aircraft powered engine blocking the way. Delta Airlines was lucky enough to only having to deal with a piece of equipment being sucked in, however, things could have been way worse.

Let’s hope everyone had a safe and pleasant flight after this incident was taken care of.

Fashion Comes First


The pink color is not only meant to be worn by women but men as well. This stylish man knows how to dress perfectly. He definitely stands out from the crowd wearing these pink boots, bag, coat, and hat. While this outfit doesn’t look very comfortable, the man sure looks confident rocking this attire. You don’t have to wear sweatpants, sneakers, or generally comfortable clothes at the airport if you don’t wait to. If you want to dress up, go for it!

We can’t stop but wonder where this man is from and where he is headed to. Unfortunately, we will most likely never find these answers to these questions but it doesn’t really matter anyway. What matters is that this lucky man caught the attention of other travelers who are also wearing outfits with a hint of pink color.

Parking Problems


Car drivers are not the only ones who occasionally experience problems with parking, apparently, pilots are too! Usually, an airport runway is designed to have enough space for each plane to park freely but this one might be an exception. What might have caused such a crazy accident?

It’s very possible that one of the pilots simply didn’t notice another plane stationed there and parked in the same spot as well. Or did one of the planes just suddenly land on top of the other? Who knows, but the whole situation is quite funny. Too bad the people involved in the accident can’t share a laugh with us as the damage costs are most likely to be severe in this case. What makes it even worse is the two planes belong to the same airline company…

Strange Security Check


An airport security check can be an awkward and stressful time for many people. Travelers hope to go through them easily without any problems or additional checks, especially when they have absolutely nothing to hide anyway. This woman was not very lucky and was asked to expose her stomach to security for an unknown reason.

She looks very uncomfortable and annoyed but who wouldn’t be? Let’s hope there was a legitimate reason behind all of this and she made it on time for her flight after.

Kim K Spotted Again


It’s always a good time for everyone at an airport when there is a celebrity going through the airport security check. Kim is not aware of someone taking a picture of her but she is posing anyway. When you are a celebrity, you always have to be prepared for everything.

While many people don’t look their best when traveling, Kim Kardashian is surely not one of those people. She looks perfect wearing her fancy top and track pants. Way to go, girl!

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