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The Most Obscure and Bizarre Places to Visit in North America


Weird places that people want to visit are amazing and all until you get to experience some of the freaky and terrifying places. But, some people love doing this and that is why we decided to create this list of art exhibits, freaky haunted mansions, natural wonders, and some terrifying shops that sell the weirdest products.

Underground Tunnels – LA

Service tunnels… These 11 miles of amazing yet adrenaline rushing tunnels in LA have been the secret gateways for speakeasies. They were amazing because of the fact that the police wasn’t aware of them.

Dream House – New York City, New York

Feel the amazing, in this artistically created modern project which melds your vision and your hearing to project a weird experience.

Winchester House – San Jose, California

Check out the 10 000 windows home that’s known to be haunted. The construction of this home has started back in 1886 with Sarah Winchester adding to the looks and the feel of it in the following 36 years. Once she passed away in 1922, the workers stopped the construction of the house. People believe that the hallways and staircases were created by her in order to get away from the ghosts.

Marble Canyon – Arizona

This amazing site has been nature-crafted. Namely, the beautiful Navajo Sandstone that hardened over time in differently shaped and formed compressed rocks were shaped by the wind and the rain erosion, and today we have this beautiful canyon.

Mmuseumm – New York City, New York

New York City, a freight elevator and tons of amazing collections. This museum tries to focus on exhibits that are unique enough but are still overlooked by the mainstream world.

Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze – San Francisco, California

Full of mirrors that might make you feel dizzy and disoriented, loud music and tons of obnoxious lights, this maze will fool all of your senses!

The Last Bookstore – Los Angeles, California

This beautiful place was a bank in the past. The Last Bookstore is lined with different books that you can enjoy. This is one of the major bookstores in LA and it sure is a site to remember.

Antelope Canyon – Page, Arizona

Don’t let the beautiful look of this canyon deceive you. Despite the fact that this is one of the most photographed canyons of all, the flash floods that happen too often here make it one of the more dangerous canyons!

Thor’s Well – Yachats, Oregon

The Thor’s Well is an amazing site that looks like it’s swallowing the earth around it, this makes it look like it’s bottomless. And despite the fact that this is not the case, it still is one cool place to visit. Don’t swim around it though as it is pretty dangerous!

Hamilton Pool – Texas

A natural spring surrounded with limestone bedrock. What more can you ask for? It The Hamilton Pool in Texas is a nature preserve, but this doesn’t stop the people from swimming in the beautiful water!

Fly Geyser – Nevada

The Fly Geyser in Nevada is known for its rapid growth and change in the past 40 years. You can notice the colorful algae in the picture that are formed by the minerals in the geothermal water pocket, and it is shaped like a cone because of the high temperatures of the geyser.

Horseshoe Bend – Arizona

The beautiful sight of the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona is due to the weird rock formation that makes it both unique and amazing-looking. They’ve decided not to put any railings in order to best preserve the landscape so if you visit you better be cautious!

House of Eternal Return – Santa Fe, New Mexico

A haunted house, an adventurous house, and a jungle gym. This is what George R. R. Martin’s property of the vacant bowling alley turned into. This place is amazing because he decided to lease it to 135 artists and let them create their own interactive art installations which were available for the public!

Tesla Coil – Los Angeles, California

1937 is the year that Dr. Fredrick Finch Strong built this Tesla Coil. He used Tesla’s description of how to use alternating currents, and it has been on display for the public since then!

House on the Rock – Wisconsin

Lots of weird things in this house. There are 14 rooms in this house in which you can find one of the biggest carousels in the whole World. You can also find gardens, other buildings as well as a scary path that is going to take you above a cliff.

Museum of Neon Art – California

Art made with neon lights… A photographer’s dream. You can always see new things because the collections in this exhibit rotate constantly!

Alcatraz – San Francisco, California

No need to further elaborate on this places. I mean I don’t know a person who hasn’t know or at least heard of Alcatraz. It is one of the most famous prisons in America, and in the world! You can see tons of weird things on this Iceland!

Fireflies of the Great Smoky Mt – Tennessee

A swarm of fireflies happens every June in the Smoky Mountains. I know that most of you hate the word swarm of bugs, but wait until you see this one… It is a stunning site to see.

Mystery Soda Machine – Seattle, Washington

You won’t hear this one a lot of times!
1st this machine has mysteries for options.
2nd people don’t know who stocks the machine.
3rd the origin of the machine is unknown.
You can spend 75 cents and see what you will get from this mystery machine in Seattle.

The Sailing Stones – California

Dead as a stone… Have you ever heard this one before? I have, but this changes everything! These mystery stones move by themselves. I know that it is an unbelievable thing and I know it sounds crazy but you can check it out for yourselves and see the trails these hundred pounds rocks make!

Horsetail Falls Firefall – Yosemite, California


We all know that this is not a real Firefall, but it sure looks like one! This waterfall turns orange for a couple of minutes in just a few days every year and it sure looks amazing!

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