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The Most Perfectly Time Pictures Of Mother Nature


There is probably not a single person that has never heard of the man-made wonders that grace our planet Earth.  The locations are over-flooded with tourists who marvel at their beauty and capture it through their cameras. But did you know that just like us, nature also has its own way of creating places and events so stunning, that you won’t even believe are real? See more of these amazing photos our slideshow by clicking below.

Light Pillars, Russia


Credits: Pinterest

The weather in certain parts of the world, such as the polar regions sometimes gets extremely cold. The low temperatures cause the appearance of natural light in the form of columns which are known to us as light pillars. They can be seen in Russia and the Niagara Falls, and are the product that light creates when it’s bouncing off ice crystals.

Snow Chimney


Credits: Pinterest

Fumaroles are openings on the crust of our planet and form in areas where volcanoes are present. Their purpose is to emit steam and gasses, but in cold areas, the steam freezes when it exits the fumaroles, causing the formation of the so known snow chimneys.

Frost flowers


Credits: Pinterest

This beautiful phenomenon that creates  stunning scenery of hundreds of frost flowers on the surface of thin frozen sea water. The creation which resembles a field is created when the temperature of the atmosphere is much colder than the underlying ice.

Striped Icebergs, Antarctica


Credits: Pinterest

If when you think of icebergs, the only color that comes to your mind is white, you are right, but not really. The icebergs of Antarctica with blue, yellow, green, and brown stripes are just a very beautiful exception. They are created by the break of the wave on the iceberg which fills it up with water. When this happens, the water freezes immediately, and no bubbles are formed. The different colors of the stripes are caused by algae and sediment.

Volcanic Lightning


Credits: Pinterest

This phenomenon is also known as dirty thunderstorm and the term describes it perfectly. The erruption of a volcano produces positively charged debris which creates an electrical charge when it collides with the negative charge present in the atmosphere. It is a very brief phenomenon, therefore difficult to capture on camera or be studied by scientists.

The Gateway to Hell, Turkmenistan


Credits: Pinterest

If we take a look at the picture below, we can mutually agree that the name fits the place. It is located in Turkmenistan and what’s interesting about it is that is not fully a natural phenomenon. It’s creation dates back to 1971 when geologists were looking for oil. However, they managed to drill in an area with a lot of natural gas which collapsed and created a hole deep about 20 meters. Natural gas creates methane and is easy to explode, therefore scientists decided to set it on fire. Although it was estimated that it’ll burn for only a few weeks, 42 years later, the flame is still burning.

Green Flash Sunsets and Sunrises


Credits: Pinterest

This natural phenomenon of green flashes and rays is a brief event that occurs right before a sunset or a sunrise. It lasts for only about a few seconds and is very rare since its formation requires the right conditions which will bend the Sun’s light.

Venezuela’s Everlasting Storm


Credits: Pinterest

Also known as the Catatumbo Lightning, this atmospheric spectacle occurs over the mouth of Catatumbo River, at the spot where it empties in Lake Maracaibo. It can be observed during 160 nights a year for about 10 hours daily. It is formed at a height of 1km by a mass of storm clouds.

Bioluminescent Wave


Credits: Pinterest

This is also known as the occurrence of sparkling blue water in numerous locations around the world. The phenomenon is causing the water to glow in a bright blue color which is due to the high concentration of marine microbes called phytoplankton. These plankton are bioluminescent which means that they emit natural light.

Blue Holes


Credits: Pinterest

One of the most popular blue holes is the one in Belize, but not many know about its formation. Blue Holes used to be caves in the past when the sea levels were much lower than today. The rise of the sea levels caused these caves to flood, and there are now holes that can be seen all over the world, some of which are over 300 meters deep

Fields of Web


Credits: Pinterest

Australia is home to this unusual phenomenon that causes the formation of huge fields of spider webs. It usually occurs during floods, when large numbers of spiders migrate at the same time

Fairy Circles, Namibia


Credits: Pinterest

If you happen to be flying from Angola to South Africa, glance out of the window and you will see endless space filled with patches of soil in the shape of circles. Although their formation has not been confirmed, scientists have a theory which explains that sand termites which live in the soil could be responsible for their creation.

Frozen Methane Bubbles


Credits: National Geographic

If you visit Alberta, Canada, stop by Lake Abraham to witness this incredible natural phenomenon. The lake is filled with hundreds of methane bubbles, which are literally every photographer’s dream. They are formed when dead organic matter sinks to the bottom of the lake where it is digested by bacteria.

Underwater Crop Circles


Credits: Pinterest

These bizarre were first discovered back in 1995 in Southern Japan and remained mystery for a very long time. In 2011 scientists finally solved the puzzle, and their creation was attributed to puffer fish. Male fish, only 5 inches longs create this intricate circles by flapping their tales for the purpose of attracting a potential mate.

Spotted Lake, Canada


Credits: Pinterest

This lake in British Columbia, Canada contains the highest amounts of minerals such as magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, and calcium in the world. Due to the high concentration of these minerals, when the water of the Spotted Lake evaporates it creates beautiful colorful circles.

Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island


Credits: Pinterest

These endemic land crabs native to islands in the Indian Ocean can be seen flooding the roads of the Christmas Island every year for about 18 days. This phenomenon occurs when they leave their hiding spots in local forests for the purpose of breeding.

Lenticular Clouds


Credits: Pinterest

These clouds are so strange that people have thought them to be UFOs. Their lens-shaped formation can be attributed to the moist air which flows over a mountain, causing the creation of a series of oscillating waves.

Nacreous Clouds


Credits: Pinterest

The reason why we rarely see this kind of clouds is that there are very specific conditions which play a role in their creation. Our stratosphere is usually so dry that it does not allow the formation of any clouds. However, extreme polar winters create just the right conditions by allowing enough moisture that helps their creation.

The Monarch Butterfly Migration


Credits: Pinterest

These butterflies call Mexico and Southern California their home for the (otherwise cold) winter which they spend in hibernation. However, in order to get there they migrate massively every year from the Eastern States, causing unbelievable joy in the hearts of those who witness the phenomenon.

Danxia Landforms


Credits: Gainer | Donnelly

The unique Danxia landscape with striking red color is found on several locations in China. This process of these coming in to formation was a result mineral and red sandstone deposits which were carved by rain and winds over the course of millions of years.  Now, they’re incredibly beautiful landforms known to us today.

Fire Rainbows


Credits: Pinterest

This optical phenomenon is the rarest thing that occurs in nature. Fire rainbows are formed in high level clouds by the light reflecting from ice crystals. They appears in the form of an arc which is spectrum-colored, and due to its shape looks like it is parallel to the horizon.

Columnar Basalt


Credits: Pinterest

These columns are a result of an eruption of an ancient volcano. The pillars used to be lava plateaus and they are so geometrically perfect, that they appear to be magical.

The Black Sun


Credits: Pinterest

Formed by a flock of millions of European starlings in Denmark, this wonder of nature is nothing short of beautiful to observe. Through amazing communication these birds move in the sky creating the most extraordinary shapes.

Ice Caves


Credits: Pinterest

Ice caves are natural phenomenon which occur when water breaks on the edge of glaciers and creates a hole. This means that the temperature in the cave stays at 0 °C (32 °F). Their breathtakingly beauty is due to the few air bubbles in the ice, which causes the ice to absorb all colors, but blue.

Hverir, Iceland


Credits: Pinterest

This geothermal site in Iceland will certainly make you feel like it’s out of this planet. It is a truly geological gift on Earth with numerous fumaroles (opening near a volcano), steam vents, and sulfurous mud springs. A natural phenomenon of steam towers occurs as the water and mud boil. It is a plus if you happen to catch this during the Northern Lights as it adds to the spookiness.

Spherical Boulders, Moeraki, New Zealand


Credits: Pinterest

The famous large spherical boulders can be seen lying along Koekohe Beach. They are protected in scientific reserve which helped discover the reason for their formation. We now know that they date back to the paleolithic era and consist of mud,  fine silt and clay, cemented by calcite.

Aurora Borealis


Credits: Pinterest

Maybe one of the most famous natural phenomena also known as polar lights, refers to natural display of green light on the sky which occurs in regions with high latitude such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Their color is caused by gas atoms which emit it due to the collision with energetic electrically charged particles. The particles originally come from solar winds which somehow managed to accelerate to the atmosphere.

Fire Whirls


Credits: Pinterest

This rare natural phenomenon can occur anywhere where there is fire under the right conditions of favorable air temperature and currents. The event reminds of a fire tornado which can separate from the flames as it rises in the air.

Finish Lapland


Credits: Pinterest

We all know that it is cold in Finland but did you know that in this unique nature park the temperatures drop to such low temperatures that cause all of the trees to be covered with snow? The alien-like scenery is a must-see if you are ever in the area.



Credits: Pinterest

These snow spikes are natural formations found on very high altitudes. They be as tall as a person, and take a form of thin blades pointed at the sun. The natural phenomenon occurs due to the low humidity which causes the sun to vaporize, without ever becoming a liquid.

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