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The Most Ridiculous and Hilarious Spring Break Pictures You Need To See


Spring Break is a week-long vacation that children and adults who go to school get to indulge in. During that week, they get to stay home, play video games and stay up late. But when it comes to the older students- the ones at college- all most of them want to do it get away from their dorms and have the times of their life.

Their version of fun includes everything from drinking until the sun comes up to dancing until it goes down. They get drunk. Hook up with random strangers and prank each other to no end. All this debauchery makes way for articles like this- articles which document the craziest and most hilarious Spring Break moments ever caught on camera. If you don’t know what you’re getting into, come take a look.

Butt Problems

Kiwi Report

When you’re at Spring Break and decide to bury yourself in the sand, with the help of a few friends, the last thing you’d expect is for a dog to come lay its butt right in your face. But it happened to this unsuspecting young lady.

Now, in a position where she barely can move, she doesn’t seem to know what to do. If she lifts her head up, she’ll get a full dose of dog butt. If she stays there, he might want to tinkle, or worse, go number two right on top of her. The guys standing next to her don’t seem too worried about her predicament though.

Somebody Catch Me


Getting on stage for Spring Break almost always comes with a high. The crowd is looking at you, cheering you on and you just feel like you’re in the moment. This guy, however, took this feeling a little too literally by launching himself into the air and off the stage.

While the crowd seems to be excited by this (you can see a few wowed facial expressions), the man seems to be second-guessing it because no one appears to be prepared to catch his massively muscled body. It’s probably why his arms are outstretched- we hope the landing was as successful as his launch was.

No Love, No Problem


Spring Break is usually a time where hookups happen every other five feet, if so much. But this poor man may not have been very lucky in love because his lady appears to be a really weird female-shaped floatie or an actual blow up doll.

Whether he has a girlfriend and didn’t want to cheat or whether he just knew his game wasn’t up to par, this man brought his blow-up honey to the beach. While we do feel bad for him, at least he came prepared.

Going Bananas

Kiwi Report

Everyone knows that Spring Break is all about temptation, whether you go to countless beach parties, get-togethers in a log cabin surrounded by snow or whether you go to a tropical paradise with your friends.  What this lady got wrong about the idea of temptation is that she’s playing with a non-human crowd!

Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to bring bananas around a group of monkeys? Sure, they’re much smaller in size, but there’s power in numbers. We would have loved to see if these cute simians went full Planet of the Apes on her, next.

Horsin’ Around

Kiwi Report

Spring Break is a place where the crazy comes out. People can get pretty creative with the things that they do and more so with the things they wear. This young man (at least we’re assuming it’s a man) went half-horse for the day and got in trouble in his horsey gear.

The circumstances surrounding his arrest are just as puzzling as the outfit he has on. But it is safe to say that he was probably booked for horseplay.

Dancing Through the Generations


People often say if you don’t drink at Spring Break, then you have no right to be there. We, of course, disagree. But, this is what happens when people drink too much. This man is in full beer goggles mode as he is gearing up to grind on a granny. Of course, the alternative is that he’s just into that sort of thing and that age is nothing but a number.

Luckily, the picture was cut off at just the right spot, so we don’t have to cringe at this man’s crotch potentially being all over a woman’s butt who is old enough to have birthed his parents.

The Criminal Photobomber

The Chive

This picture right here is taking photobombing to a whole new level! Can you imagine getting ready to take a picture with some of your best friends while you guys are having a blast at the beach, then two cops walk right into the shot with a person they just cuffed?

As if that wasn’t funny enough, the expression captured on the arrestee’s face just says everything that is probably going through his head right now: “I really screwed up!”

Nap Time Means Bathroom Time

eBaum’s World

You can’t go to Spring Break alone. It’s a weekend when you and your best friend have the time of your lives together, dancing, meeting new people and having a shot or two. Well, these girls went a bit too far with the latter because they passed out in a bathroom stall, together!

These best friends had each other’s back in the worst way because they ensured that they both got hammered. On the bright side, the floor appears to be really clean.

Right In The Eye

Everyday Koala

Swimming and drinking are a Spring Break combination that nothing else can beat (although you should be very careful). This young lady didn’t want to bring her bottle into the water, so she asked her friend to do her a solid and pour some right into her mouth. Seems easy enough, right?

Wrong! Her friend totally missed her mouth and poured what appears to be some very strong liquor into her eye. And as you can tell by the picture, it really hurt. As if the eye-shot wasn’t funny enough, it seems like her friend in the back really felt her pain.

Stretching Level: 2000


If you’re a good and true friend, you’ll help your bestie out this anything they want. This lady needed a bit of assistance getting into a stretching position so weird and otherworldly that it’s almost difficult to describe.

Not only are her feet, which go in the complete opposite direction of the other half of her body, holding onto some metal rails, but she’s also holding her friend who is posing against a stone. Surely someone gave her some kind of award after this- or at least a tequila shot.

Taking Necessary Precautions


Spring Break, no matter where you go, is almost guaranteed to have tons of people. So it’s pretty safe to say that at some point or another, you will get separated for your friends. And sure, they’re only a phone call away, but what if you’re not in a position to make a phone call?

Well, it seems like thing young lady thought of it all and took the necessary precautions to ensure that even if she did get lost, that some benevolent fellow spring-breaker would do her a solid and dial the number she sharpied onto her back. We feel a trend coming on, don’t you?

What A Background!

Pictures Boss

Beautiful pictures at the beach are a must-have for every girl, and some guys, at Spring Break. So, while the photographer did a great job capturing this girl’s light and essence, we feel like their timing could’ve been better.

In this “when you see it” kind of photo, the girl’s smile and posing are overshadowed by the two dogs getting it on in the back. The poor girl, who is completely unaware of the passionate encounter at her back, must’ve been quite shocked when she saw it.

Above Sea Level


Spring Break is definitely the time to strut your stuff and your body. So when a girl brings out her heels and short-shorts, you know something’s about to go down. This young lady, however, did something we have never seen by walking into the ocean with six-inch heels on.

As beautiful as she looks we do have a few questions about getting those shoes into the water. One, how did she walk in the sand? Two, did she not sink, at all? Three, how did the water not sweep her away? Four, who is that guy? Five, why is she so gorgeous? And six, are the shoes utterly ruined now? We may never know.

The Stingray Stunners

The Laughter Ward

These three ladies appear to be on some kind of water excursion which involves snorkeling and possibly snuggling up to some stingrays too. But they obviously weren’t prepared for having a gigantic one latch right onto their backs. The lady to the far right looks okay, the one in the middle looks utterly terrified and the one on the left just looks like she would rather be anywhere else on the planet than there.

An Old Man’s Dream

My Confined Space

Bucket lists exist for the pure reason that people want to experience certain events in their lives before they want to die. Well, it appears that this old man had the chance to do so during Spring Break. Why else would a man his age be drinking on the beach at that time?

He was able to find a group of willing girls who would help him with this dream of his. So a few bent over, while one holds onto him and he looks like he’s in heaven. This is surely a moment he’ll remember for the rest of his (short) life.

What’s Up, Bra?

Kiwi Report

When you’re going to Spring Break, there are a few things you should expect, but the one that tops the list is that YOU WILL BE PRANKED. This guy found out the hard way when he fell asleep in the sun- we’re assuming it was on the beach- with a group of his friends.

When he woke up, not only was he as red as a lobster, but his pre-sunburn color was still on some parts of his chest, but in the shape of a bra. Don’t his nipples just stare at you through the picture?

On the plus side, he appears to be pretty good-natured about it and even had this photo taken, which will be an everlasting lesson to him that he should never fall asleep in the sun, around his friends.

Sun’s Out, the Bat’s Out


As we said previously, Spring Break is a place where characters like to come out; we’ve seen a horse pass through this list already. But who knew that Batman would not only shed his cape, unitard and utility belt, say goodbye to his usual working hours and come have some fun with a few guys and gals on the beach?

Not only that, the patriotic superhero has an American flag in his hand. He’s also sporting a backpack which we’re pretty sure has a few crime-fighting items in it, just in case the Joker shows up.

She Wasn’t Ready

Tops Images

There’s always that one girl in any group of friends who has to be wacky and goofy. While her friends are prepared and posing for the picture, she’s at the front making a face that we weren’t entirely sure was possible. It’s almost like the duck face with a literal twist. We aren’t sure if her friends appreciated it or not.

Right In The Face

Everyday Koala

There are many things happening in this picture and we’re not quite sure where to start, but we’ll try. This girl, who is standing in her stony backyard with her bikini on, looks like she’s either trying to practice or show off her skills with a pair of nunchucks. She looks good and seems to have great form, but something goes wrong somewhere and it’s all captured in this picture.

You see, our girl here made a bad move which caused to nunchuck to hit her dead on in the middle of her face. We know for a fact that it hurt; what we can’t tell you is how badly.

The New Chest Trend

Kiwi Report

We may have stumbled onto a new Spring Break trend that we didn’t know existed before this article- a trend which involves males and womenswear, because this is the second picture where a male Spring Break attendee is seen with some sort of bra on his chest.

This particular guy did not sport a tan, but instead, shaved his chest (and back) hair into either a bra or triangle bikini top- we can’t exactly tell. What we do know, however, is that this may not be the best way to get a girl.

Just A Tiny Spill

True Activist

Sometimes having fun can get a little out of hand and accidents are bound to happen. In this particular picture, four beautiful spring breakers are either dancing or posing, or possibly even both. One of them is having a mishap where more than half of her beloved drink is going to waste in the sand.

We can’t say whether her friend hit it or if her cup just spontaneously crumbled in her hands (take a good look), we just know that she’s not too happy about it.

A Seaside Connection


We’ve seen our fair share of silly Spring Break pictures, but this one may just take the cake in that department. Here we see a beautiful partygoer who’s posing for a picture in the ocean, with a thousand-dollar laptop.

What on earth could have possessed her to do such a thing? Well, it doesn’t matter now, since the laptop is utterly ruined. For her sake, we really hope that everything is backed up and that she has tons of money to go get another one right away!

Someone Give Him A Hand


Here we have another victim of the “do not fall asleep at the beach during Spring Break” rule. But that wasn’t even his biggest offense; he fell asleep with his hand across his body, which left quite the mark when he woke up.

And if you look closely, you’ll see that the underside of his right arm is just as untanned as the spot he left it in. Hey, a hand is much better than a bra, in our opinion.

Eating Sand

Kiwi Report

Spring Break is a time to try new things, as well as show off the skills you already have. While we can’t say which one the girl in the background was trying to do, we do know that she totally ate it and got a mouthful of sand for her trouble.

With her legs up in the air, the cameraman (or woman) had the perfect timing capturing this moment mid-fall. We hope she was okay though.

Everybody Jump In

Drinking and dancing aren’t the only fun things that happen during Spring Break; photobombing is also at an all-time high because, well, pictures are being taken every two seconds. The man in the picture, intentionally or not, got some major photobombing points when he jumped into this shot at the right time.

His tiny frame, which looks a good distance away from the girls, fit perfectly into the picture. We can expect great things from him.

Feeling Left Out

Everyday Koala

The hookup situation at Spring Break is an all-too-real thing where thousands of college students look for love temporarily or maybe even long-term. In this picture, it appears that the two guys at the end were successful in finding love, so much so that the girls agreed to document it with a picture.

The guy in the middle, however, wasn’t so lucky. There he is, standing like the true fifth wheel that he is, looking as awkward as can be, with his hands holding the other. We really don’t know what’s sadder: that he’s actually there by himself or that he himself knows how bad this looks.

Here One Moment, Gone the Next

Over the years and not just during Spring Break, countless people have posed with their back to the ocean. Why? Because it’s a beautiful backdrop just seeing all the blues and greens with yourself as the main focus. But this young lady seemed to have forgotten that the sea has a mind of its own and that proper precautions should be taken when taking such a photo.

So here she is, posing for a beautiful picture, when the wave behind her gathers momentum and hits her with enough force to send her hurtling backward. At least she landed the shot before she was swept away.

All Tanned Out

Culture Hook

For ladies, there are many things that need to be done in order to be Spring Break ready. From manicures to facials and waxing to getting their hair done, there’s a lot of time, effort and money needed to make it all happen. And while it’s an investment that most are okay making, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned.

The young lady in the picture has completely overdone her tan, appearing more like a pumpkin than a person. What’s worse is that she seemed to have asked to be this orange or at least appears to be completely oblivious to how awful she looks, because she’s smiling like there’s nothing wrong.

Spider Scare

Everyday Koala

So earlier we were talking about some pranks played on people during Spring Break, but they were usually girl-on-girl or guy-on-guy pranks. This one right here, however, takes the cake with a man’s genius idea to hang a ginormous tarantula from a string and frighten unsuspecting women.

While the girl on the left looks like she wants to laugh and scream at the same time, the one on the right looks genuinely traumatized. It’s like part of her wants to just sit there and die and the other part wants to get up and run for her life. What would you do?

The King Is In


It’s not an unusual occurrence when a celebrity or popular character pops up at Spring Break. In fact, it’s something that is expected. Here, we see a group of friends who have clearly been drinking, pose for a picture with the King.

While there’s nothing wrong with this picture, it is particularly funny because this really is just a fast food mascot, but they’re posing like he’s a major celebrity or something.

Five Girls, One Shot

Kiwi Report

It’s great when a group of girlfriends can come together to have a great time, especially during Spring Break. The girls in this picture are killing themselves laughing because they know that something crazy is about to go down, once the girl in the white bikini pours a shot into her friend’s mouth. Boy, would we have loved to see what happened next!

Girls Of A Feather

Total Sorority Move

Speaking of girlfriends, it’s not uncommon for large groups to go to a fun, weekend beach party together. Here we see a large number of them show the world or the rest of their Spring Break buddies that their friendship and sorority sisterhood is forever by throwing up their signs over a balcony.

Living Her Best Life

Kiwi Report

Spring Break is all about having a fun time and doing so unapologetically. That’s exactly what this girl appears to be doing. With her drink in hand, she shoots the camera mad a look with her tongue out, basically showing that she doesn’t have a worry or care in the world.

No Time For Sleep


What did we tell you guys about falling asleep during Spring Break? If you’re staying with a group of friends, it’s not even safe to fall asleep in your own bed, far less the bathroom floor, lest you end up like this guy.

His friends send a clear message that he should’ve stayed awake by drawing two open blue eyes on his eyelids. To further prove a point, they exaggerated his eyebrows, gave him way too much blush, and finished off with some pink lips and even some teeth too!

Car Trouble

Kiwi Report

Where to even start with this one? All that comes to mind is a group of questions starting with the words “why,” “how,” “what” and “where.” Like, how did this happen? Where were they trying to go? Why did they go so close to the water? And what will they do now?

Well, it seems like the last question is exactly what they’re trying to figure out, seeing as how half of the tire already seems to have sunk into the sand. With the waves crashing at the back of the vehicle, the one with the yellow hat appears to be lost in space, the one with the black hat looks like he wants to punch something and the one with the blue shorts looks like this is all his fault. We’re not sure if their insurance will cover this.

Bet You Can’t Keep Up


Spring Break is fun because you get to meet people from different places in the country. While most believe that their beaches and hotels are only frequented by the young and vibrant, these girls got quite the shock when they found a granny who was able to keep up with them.

Despite not wearing a bikini, the older woman proved that she still had it when she agreed to take a tequila shot with three girls she could have raised. And if you thought the tequila would’ve made her wince (like the girl in the pink), you’re wrong! We would have loved to see granny back in the day.

Spring Breakin’ the Rules


If you don’t get in some kind of trouble during Spring break, then are you really even there? Well, it seems like this was the motto that these party-goes lived by because they’re all on their way to some kind of holding facility.

While a few of them are still passed out from their crimes, most of them don’t seem to be worried at all or even bothered by the fact that not only are they in handcuffs, but they’re probably on their way to a county jail. One girl in the back appears to be cheering, while the one next to her is holding up a peace sign, the boy in the middle has a smirk on his face while the girl all the way to the front is smiling like she just won a prize!

Spell It If You Can’t Say It


As fun as Spring Break can be, she’s a pretty ruthless weekend. Taking victims in various ways, she often leaves people with bruises, passed out, lost or confused about life. Here, we see a man who has fallen prey to Spring Break.

In a last-ditch effort to explain to the world what has happened to him, he etches the words “Spring Break” into the sand, and passes out.

All Smiles


Most guys are really easy to please. We don’t mean to stereotype here, but most of the times, all it takes is a beer and they’re good to go. The man in this picture showed that it was no different, even during Spring Break, when he found himself in what looks like a pretty awesome paradise.

The look on his face is pure bliss, something we’re going to blame on the beer he has in his hand, as well as the other three he just finished.

When You Realize Snow Isn’t the Same As Sand


Don’t let the name fool you, there are plenty of places packed with snow during spring. The young lady here may have been in the spirit of Spring Break with her bikini on, but she also seemed to have forgotten exactly where she was.

Our friend over here ran into the snow with her two-piece on, hoping to do what, no one knows; she had the sense to wear the right shoes, but that was it. Whatever she was doing, she ended up falling right into the freezing ice on the ground.

From the look on her face, it seems like the memory of where she was, what was touching her butt and why she shouldn’t have been in the cold so scantily clad, came rushing right back.

A Wedgie-full

Air Freshener

A wedgie is one of the most painful rites of passage that any male middle-schooler has to go through. Most times, it’s not a self-inflicted thing, but accidents happen, as evidenced by this picture. Here, we see a man who was trying to jump into the ocean, when his briefs got caught on the side of the boat.

Now, we can’t begin to imagine the kind of pain this man experienced because of his choice in beachwear, nor do we know how he was able to get out of it, or if his man parts survived. But we do know that every experience is either a blessing or a lesson. And we just hope that he learned never to wear a speedo while jumping off a boat again.

Improvising At Its Best


A trip to the beach isn’t one if there’s something you don’t forget. During Spring Break, it’s even worse because all people are really concerned about is partying and having a good time. We’re not quite sure whether this person forgot their suntan, sunglasses or both, but they were clearly in need of something to protect their face from the sun.

So, what else were they supposed to do that to grab an underwear (hopefully a clean one) and pull it over their face?  It’s improvisation at its best, if not for the fact that the person looks like a weird luchador.

Just Let Me Rest My Face


If you’ve been to a Spring Break celebration and you haven’t seen a person passed out, then it really wasn’t Spring Break, now was it? Here we see a classic example of what happens when too much alcohol and not enough moderation takes place.

The young lady has passed out, face-down in a bathroom stall, sans shoes with her things sprawled all over the place. We’re hoping her friends found her soon after.

Snow Break


Who said you needed sand to enjoy Spring Break? This man is making the most out of a cold situation by reclining with his hat on his head and a cocktail in his hand, in the snow.  And he looks quite pleased with himself. What we don’t understand is how he managed to do all this with no shoes on.

The Finger Flick


Timing and positioning are everything when taking epic pictures. The guy or gal whose hand is the star of this photo struck gold when they decided to finger-flick an unsuspecting beach-goer into the water.

In the first picture, they’re gearing up for the flick. In the second and third, the motion of the jump, seemingly caused by the person’s hand plays out and looks very convincing. This really was a great job.



Not everyone goes to Spring Break just for the parties, the hook-ups and the drinking. There are some studious types who like exploring things like the marine life found at the beach. The girl in this picture stumbled onto a colony of starfish which made themselves comfortable all over her body.  However creeped out some of us may be by this, the young lady seems to be enjoying herself, so who are we to hate?

Drop Drinks Here


Sigh! How many times will we have to warn these young people until they understand that falling asleep or passing out at a party during Spring Break is a huge no-no? You might as well paint a bullseye on your back and lay down if you do.

This poor guy learned the hard way. After being sunburned, he passed out at a party, was drawn all over with some pretty explicit things (see the phallus by his mouth and the words on his chest) and was fashioned into a bottle receptacle. When he wakes up, he’ll see the numerous water, energy drink and alcohol bottles of varying shapes and sizes left all around him. And is that a pig on his head?

Touched By Sunburn

The Mirror

We really can’t stress the importance of not falling asleep in the sun, especially if you’re not a fan of the color lobster red. This young man proved that it just may have been his favorite color when he fell asleep in direct sunlight.

If that wasn’t enough, the line of demarcation where his pants are will be pretty laughable once he takes it off. And we didn’t forget about the handprint smack dab in the center of his chest. It seems like he has quite a few stories to tell from this experience.

No Floaties, No Problem

Viral Wonderz

Spring Break isn’t something that just happens in America, even though it was probably invented there. Nations around the world have also adopted this habit, but clearly, some elements are missing in the overseas participants.

It’s customary to enter the water with a float while you’re out drinking; this man made the best of his situation by creating his own. With the Coke bottles he’s strung together, he’s prepared to risk it all and test it out in the ocean.

A Hard Landing Ahead


There’s one thing we know for sure about Spring Break and it’s that when someone is climbing something, it could either end two ways: epically or an epic fail. This guy must’ve thought that it would’ve been a great idea to climb onto a ramp or stage of some sort and jump off to impress his friends or the crowd- the girls in the corner are certainly cheering him on.

But it seems like he didn’t think about the logistics of the jump or the most important part: the landing. So, here he is, upside-down and mid-jump, finally realizing that he should’ve gotten people to catch him or figured out a soft place to land before making the leap.

He Must Be Pretty Excited


In another photo where the theme is “when you see it,” two pretty girls are posing for a picture that they’re assuming will focus on both of them and show how much fun they’re having. But they’re sorely mistaken because there’s a pretty pointy object in the background that onlookers will not be able to turn away from.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the man on the phone who also seems to be addressing a girl in blue, has something going on in his pants. We’re not sure what got him to that state, but we just can’t seem to un-see it now. We certainly hope that he didn’t offend anyone with his pecker.

More Friends Than Beds


Part of the fun of Spring Break is slumming it with your best buds. But this picture is taking that to a whole new level with three grown men squished on a double mattress. What’s disturbing is not just how all of them fit, but how comfortable they look, sleeping soundlessly.

So Over Spring Break


We should have stated in the start that Spring Break was not for everyone. Some people, like the ones in the photo, appear to be disgruntled by something- maybe all the college students now gallivanting around on the beach.

Regardless of what it was, the two seniors were not afraid to let their displeasure be known by posing for this picture and flipping us and the cameraman (or woman) the bird. The woman, in particular, put some more effort into it by throwing up both fingers and giving us a sour face for effect.

Even Dogs Need A Break

Funny Pets

Oh, so you thought that humans were the only ones allowed to enjoy Spring Break? Well, you can see quite differently in this picture, where a dog with sunglasses appears to be passed out from the beer he or she just had.

Chair-Ish the Moment


Accidents are bound to happen during Spring Break, but we’re not sure if what happened in this picture was more of an accident or just an unfortunate situation. This beach-goer thought it would be a good idea to lay in his beach chair and catch some rays. What he didn’t know was that it would be easier to get in the chair, than out of it, and quite literally too.

Now, with the chair stuck to his butt and back, he looks extremely unbalanced and is trying to find a way out of his predicament. We happened to see other pictures of this guy on this chair where the girls were attempting to pull him out of it. It was pure gold.

Let It All Out


If you’re the kind of student who plays the role of the studious one while school is in session, then Spring Break is the place to let loose. The men in this picture did just that but in a way that many did not expect.

While we’re not fans of stereotyping people, there was no way that anyone on this planet would’ve thought that these two muscular guys would feel more than comfortable kicking it on the beach in bikini tops and one of them, a tiny black speedo.

All Jumbled Up


There are many things going on in this picture, so try to keep up as we attempt to describe just what is going on here. Let’s start with the girl who’s laying down at the bottom. She appears to be completely passed on while her friend straddles her chest. On top of that weight, we have four people who seem to have tripped over her body, one of which managed to save his drink during the tumble.

Then there’s the guy on the side who seems to be the only one who cares for the poor girl at the bottom and a bunch of people behind them trying to get in on the action. Did we cover it all?

Monkey Love


Earlier, we saw a young woman who was on the verge of being attacked by a group of monkeys because of the bananas she was refusing to share with them. Here, we see how it should be done, by a reclining man who has a monkey draped over his chest. They actually look cute together.

Pizza Perfect


School is out during Spring Break, but there’s no shortage of ideas that happen during that time. And although they tend to be on the wilder and more nonsensical side, they’re ideas, nonetheless. Here, a girl decided to make things very easy for herself by wearing her food.

No longer does she have to stretch to a plate on the side to get to her meal, she just has to reach down on her chest or crotch for a slice. We’re not sure she thought of what would happen if she ate all the slices though.

The Many Faces of Spring Break


The people who decided to create these shadow faces know better than anyone that Spring Break is quite the roller coaster ride. They decided to show us the range of emotions they’ve experienced during the weekend, and we can translate them for you.

To the bottom left we have the joyful Spring Break attendee who is relieved that school is out and they get to party. To the right of it is a drunk party-goer who is probably trying to find his or her way home after too much drink. The one at the bottom right is smirking because of all the pranks they’re seeing, while the face on top of it is shocked by just how wild people are acting. The face to the top left is getting ready to join all the action, while the one just below it is pissed because someone either stole their girl or their money.

Double Bikini Fail

Runt of the Web

Spring Break is the perfect time to strut your stuff, especially after all the cold the country has been plagued by. Women, in particular, can get very risqué or experimental with their swimwear and leave people in awe of their choice of clothing and how great their bodies look.

But there are some outfits that should come with instructions. The picture here is the perfect example of two girls who put their heads together for the wrong thing. They’re sporting the same swimsuit, in different colors, and they both have the bikini bottoms on incorrectly. It seems like a preview of what the female version of “Dumb and Dumber” would look like.

In the Bottle Business


When you’re passed out at a Spring Break party, the least you can expect is to be vandalized or made an example of. This guy got it pretty easy as his drunken figure was only outlined by tons of beer bottles. We appreciate the artwork and the simplicity. And he should really thank his lucky stars because it could’ve been a lot worse.

Man On A Mission


Going on a Spring Break trip with your girlfriend isn’t usually a great idea, but some couples manage to make it work. This couple had nothing to worry about except the elderly man walking behind them in one of their weirdest contraptions we’ve ever seen. If we had to guess, we’d call it the love child of a pair of suspenders and a jock strap. He even finished the ensemble off with a sun hat.

An Icy Hot Time

Funky Junk

The people in this photo clearly have no feeling in their body since they’re lying down, half-naked in the snow! In an effort to bring the Spring Break feeling to their snowy residence, they got together and created a beach theme in their backyard. We just don’t understand how they’re not icicles yet!

No Bueno

Mail Online

Remember the part where we said Spring Break is a week-long vacation? Well, it’s important to pace yourself during those seven days, or you could end up like this guy, who seems to have been transported to some kind of medical area.

Placed on a wheelchair and with his sombrero on his head, he’s probably thinking about all the ways he could’ve prevented being where he was, at that exact moment.

When You Can’t Help Yourself

Speaking of medical assistance, the man in this picture can’t even stand up long enough to have his ID checked. With three professionals attempting to help him, he’s about to fall right onto his butt once the nurse’s hands give out. How sad!

All Tuxed Out


Alcohol and tiredness are your worst enemies when it comes to being pranked in your sleep. You’re so far gone that you can barely feel a thing, if anything at all, when you’re dreaming. Here is a classic example of just how tuckered out this man was; his friends had the time and patience to draw a pretty tux on him!

As if that wasn’t enough, the suit was completed with buttons down the middle and a big red bow. His face also got a bit of a makeover, although it’s not as identifiable as his chest area.

Rule One- Don’t Go to Sleep


We probably won’t mention this rule again since it’s thus far gone unheeded. Here is yet another victim who passed out at the wrong time. Sure, she’s in the right place, but her friends took the opportunity to mess with her a bit.

She got a partial facial makeover, a new tummy tattoo, a banana up her skirt and goodness only knows what else!

Rule Two- Don’t Forget to Eat


Rule number two is that you shouldn’t forget to eat, lest you end up trying to eat your friend like this girl is doing here. But all jokes aside, this is a more than decent shot that the girls and their photographer managed to put together. They get major points for creativity here.

The After Party Awaits

Mail Online

This young man being escorted from the beach looks far from tired, but he is definitely done with the party on the beach. If anything, he may be going to an after party in a jail cell where he’ll get to link up with DJ mugshot and MC phone call.

Kids At Spring Break

Hotels are usually a place where spring breakers flock to, not only to stay for the week but also to have fun and party at. Apparently, this group of kids and their parents completely missed the memo that there would be scantily-clad young men and women all about, drinking, using profanity and doing things that children should not see. We have a feeling they left the pool shortly after this picture was taken.

Facing the Drunk Facts


When you’re drunk, it’s safe to say that you can sometimes make a complete fool out of yourself. Here are three friends who were equally inebriated and all decided to look like idiots together, by making a series of incomprehensible faces at the cameraman.

Get It Granny


Young people aren’t the only ones letting loose at Spring Break these days. The grannies are getting their fun right along with the younger girls in this picture, where one of them is drinking or licking alcohol right off the washboard abs of a handsome young man.

What’s funny is that not only does her friend seem to be extremely supportive of what’s going on, there’s also a girl to the side who looks equal parts fascinated and disgusted.

Puke Or Swallow?

The Story Institute

Taking part in the Spring Break festivities is something that most people try to do when they’re in the moment. And there’s really no better way than proving you belong in college than doing a keg stand.

In this case, the young female participant has done her dues, but now looks like she’s facing quite the predicament. Based on her facial expression, we believe she’s contemplating whether she should swallow the rest or let it all out. What do you think she went with?

A Personal Escort

Study Breaks Magazine

Having a personal escort usually allows one to feel like a VIP. But in this picture, a young lady, who may or may not be topless (peep the beads around her neck), is being escorted right off the beach, in full view of everyone. It also seems like her friend is trying to stop the officer, but he isn’t having it.

Because Why Not?


It’s Spring Break and there’s really nothing that people aren’t up for during those seven days. So, when a few girls in their bikinis chose to jump on a trampoline, the guy to their front doesn’t judge them or even question their decision. Instead, he shrugs in a way that asks us “why not?”.

In For A Wild Ride


A lot of weird things go down on the beach during Spring Break. But one activity that we can almost always rely on, at least in certain locations, is a group or groups of people saddling up and going horseback riding down the beach.

We’re not sure who volunteered to be this guy’s horse or even if they’ll survive, but we do know that it’ll be one hell of a ride.

Football or Fumble

Lake Havasu City

To some guys, there’s nothing better than seeing a group of scantily-clad women stroll down a beach. The fantasy level here has been upped because these women are tackling each other, which leaves room for lots of clothes to slip and slide all over the place. It’s probably why every guy in sight has their eyes glued to the game.

But it’s pretty clear that these girls are not pros. The one with the ball looks like she’s about to drop it. The one who wants to tackle her looks scared. And the third participant is pretty late to the party.

Alternate Entrance


My oh my! There’s nothing that screams “wasted” quite like finding your friend, sister or daughter asleep in the dog door. Here, we see a girl who didn’t have the time or energy to find her keys, but attempted to crawl through a space meant for pets instead.

It seems to have been too much of a hassle for her to deal with because she ended up laying there and falling straight to sleep, with half of her body in the house and the other half out of it, no less. Hopefully, the dog isn’t blamed if it couldn’t go outside to do its business.

The Cool Kid Is In


We had to end this article the right way by posting a picture of a guy who normally doesn’t get girls, now being surrounded by a bevy of beauties. If we’ve learned one thing during this journey, it’s that anything can happen during SPRING BREAK!

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