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The Nepalese Army Have Removed Tons Of Waste From Everest


As time passes by, Mount Everest gets more and more famous in the world, and more and more people want to visit this marvelous place. As many of you probably already know, Mount Everest can be found in the Himalayas, and it is known because of the fact that it’s the highest mountain above sea level, and a lot of people can’t ignore this fact and just have to take up the challenge. Let’s get real for a moment, climbing Mount Everest is not an easy pill to swallow, and despite the fact that it is equipped with two main routes for climbing, and a base camp, only a couple of thousand people try climbing this monstrosity of a mountain each and every year. Oftentimes, the climbers are obliged to taking a lot of stuff with them when they start the climb, but because of the limited space that they have in the backpacks, oftentimes, they throw out the things that they don’t need any more on the spot, and that is a lot of trash left on Mount Everest.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

All that Garbage Stays There for Centuries

There are lots of aspects that climbers should considerate when they decide to take up a challenge that is as big as Mount Everest. And while they should be commended and deserve our respects, we should also know that they take a lot of stuff with them in their backpacks. Including tents, food packs, water bottles, and other things, that when they don’t need them anymore, they throw at the spot and don’t think about it. And, that’s the main reason why a lot of Mount Everest’s path is filled with plastic garbage as well as old tents that climbers just left when they were climbing the mountain.

It’s Really Noticeable

A lot of the garbage that climbers leave on the path of the mountain is made from plastic, and as we all know so well, plastic takes centuries to decompose. This means that with each and every climber that decides to climb Mount Everest, the pile of trash is growing. Wildlife might be curious and want to investigate this material, and that is why both the natural beauty as well as wildlife on Mount Everest are threatened by these piles. Luckily Nepalese Army has been aware of this problem, and they are now getting involved in cleaning the garbage off of the climbing routes of Mount Everest.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

The Nepalese Army Got Involved

14th of April, this year, the Nepalese Army decided that it was time to do something about the problem that their most famous landmarks were facing – cleaning the waste that can be found on the climbing routes of Mount Everest. So, they started their “Wildlife Week” a week when they are taking care of their nature and wildlife in their country, and Mount Everest was the first place that they decided to clean up. For this initiative, the Nepalese Army climbed up and down Mount Everest and gathered more than two tons of garbage. Some of the waste that they gathered they transported to the Blue Waste and the rest of it, they decided to take it to their army barracks and treat it there.

This is a crucial time when the climbers of Mount Everest (and any other mountain for that matter) should rethink their climbing habits and find a solution to the problem that they are creating!


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