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The Princess Song in ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Is a New Classic Disney Hit


Remember the ever so popular Wreck-It Ralph? Well, it finally got its sequel. This movie presents the, I will call it zombie mode, hyper-connected and always plugged in! Ralph, the lovable 8-bit link, and his friend, a race car driver, pal Vanellope, enter into the realm of the internet they’re bombarded by ads and company logos! Just like we are bombarded every day… You will notice Amazon, Fandango, there are Twitter birds flying all over the place, animated YouTube stars and the “Final Battle” between a Pinterest pin and a Google tower.

It would seem pretty shallow and it wouldn’t have been as interesting if the movie didn’t state something about how we spend our time on the internet and how much of our happiness it costs us… This is all nicely rounded up with a song in the movie called “A Place Called Slaughter Race.”

The second part of the movie shows the duo going through the WorldWideWeb, Ralph’s intention is to satisfy Vanellope’s taste for adventure by digging her new track in her arcade game… This is when everything goes out of control. Namely, the steering wheel breaks and the only way to solve the problem is to buy a replacement on the site eBay… They manage to get the part, but given the fact that they don’t know how an auction works on or off the internet they end up overpaying for the wheel. And this is where the fun starts because they need to find the money so that they can buy the part.

The first way they try to do that is by going into a get money fast pop-up ad. This, as always leads them to a racing game (that vaguely reminds to the GTA franchise) with the main character in the game Shank played by the amazing Gal Gadot. Vanellope loves the place and she’s amused, but Ralph, not so much!

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Their plan doesn’t go like they thought it would, and the get rich fast scheme doesn’t seem to really work, just like in real life! So, then Ralph tries to become a YouTube star, or as the call it, BuzzTube star… Here the catch is that the more likes that he gets on his videos he gets more and more profit. (I don’t think that this would work in real life, don’t get me wrong if you want to try it go for it!)

But, Vanellope doesn’t think that this would be enough so she decides that she’s going to go and search for another place on the internet. BuzzFeed (Oh My Disney) is the site that she decides to visit. Here she meets nearly every other character from Disney, from Snow White’s dwarves all the way to the more modern ones. The now diseased Stan Lee also makes an appearance, and the Stormtroopers are patrolling the place. After some time, Vanellope is going to meet some of the main Princesses from Disney… Ariel, Elsa, Moana…

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The best thing, except for all of the princesses meeting up there, is the fact that they are voiced by the actors that originally brought them to life for us. But, they are not there just because, they also add to the plot. They are intrigued by the aesthetics and attitude of Vanellope. She teaches them about casual clothes and how comfortable these clothes actually are… In the end, they actually end up helping her after that meet up, at the final battle (And they get to save a man – Ralph).

Most importantly they manage to teach Vanellope what the “I want” concept of the song is and how to interpret it. The best moment of singing for the Princesses is the moment when they look at themselves in a reflection in the water and sing about what their hopes and dreams. Howard Ashman managed to write tons of memorable princess songs. One of these songs is “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, where the leading lady sits down and sings what she needs in life!

The time when it “clicks” for Vanellope is when she finds out what she really wants… And that is to live and drive in Slaughter Race. This is when she starts to sing her song. The song is composed by Alan Menken, he wrote lots of Disney songs and collaborated on a couple with Ashman. One of the songs he collaborated with Ashman is an Academy Award-winning song from “The Little Mermaid and he also collaborated on a couple of songs for “Beauty and the Beast.”

What “Belle” is to the “Beauty and the Beast”. “Slaughter Race” is the same thing only as seen by Vanellope. Despite the fact that it seems a bit creepy, her place from the dreams is filled with mace, underground sharks, and creepy clowns, but she sings about it as a princess would sing about her magical kingdom. The fact that the Princesses made it into the movie was not only because Disney wanted to refresh the merch, but they also helped Vanellope find herself and express her wishes. And even though “A Place Called Slaughter Race” is not going to be the next “Let It Go”-sized hit… It sure touches the hearts of the kids who find themselves in Vanellope and her amazing but weird soul!

Ralph doesn’t go so well inside the internet. This trip enlarged his insecurities and made them even stronger. And when we say this imagine a virus made up of tons of needy Ralphs! Yeah, that is the final villain in the movie. And as we mentioned before, Vanellope managed to find a new community. The best thing is that these are the two most common ways of people reacting to the internet… The internet can be a pretty scary place if you search deep enough, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time on the internet, and that is what this movie is trying to show us!

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