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The Real Reason Why Passports Only Come in Four Colors


Traveling is becoming a more and more trendy topic. But, with the topic being trendy, you will never be able to find a trendy looking passport. Let’s say you would like to have a pink passport. There is nothing you can do to get that.


No matter if you have the rarest passport or if you have the passport from the strongest country. One way or the other, you cannot have a color that is different from the following four colors. It is either going to be black, green, blue, or it can also be red. Why is this you may wonder? Well, in today’s article we’re going to talk exactly about that. Enjoy!

There might not be any rules or specific laws that set the colors of the passport design. But, all countries tend to follow some norms when creating their passport. (ICAO) or the International Civil Aviation Organization tries and sets the norms for traveling in the aerial space. They tend to recommend certain fonts, sizes, and types for the passports and other official documents of the countries.

Yes, there might be a couple of rules like the type of material that international documents should be made of. Namely, passports should be made from a material that has the ability to bend. This way there won’t be any creases in the passport enabling the passport to be more durable. And they also should be read in a machine where the temperatures reach up to 122 F, with air humidity being from five to ninety-five percent.

The chief officer of communication in ICAO, Anthony Philbin stated that even with these specifications for the international documents, there are not any rules set for the color that the cover of the passport has. The color of the passport covers is not a random selection for the countries. Most of the passports from countries range anywhere from the darker shade palette of the green, red, and blue, they also use black covers. And the reason is pretty simple… the darker colors are better at hiding dirt, and they also have the more official look.

So there you go… If you were wondering why you cannot get a pink passport to go with your pink dress, it is so you don’t have to change it every couple of months. Hope you enjoyed today’s article if so, share it with your friends!


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