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The story of generation Y


Successful generations are nothing new. They have been around for as long as humanity exists. But, in more recent times we’ve taken the habit of naming the generations. One of the more famous generations is generation X. This generation is most well-known of these labels. But, there’s another generation joining them, and that is the generation Y. Today’s scientists are in a big debate of whether one of these generations is better than the previous one, and as they put it, these days, every generation abhors their previous generation.

Let’s elaborate on generation Y… The generation Y, or better known as the millennial generation, range with their birth dates from the year 1985 all the way to the year 2000. A lot of criticism is headed in the direction of these people, and maybe some of the criticism is valid, but a big part of it is not valid at all. In today’s post, we’ve decided to take a closer look at Generation Y, and all of their identity, habits, and behavior.

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The Identity of the Millennials

Since we’ve already stated that the Millennials are the young population born anywhere from 1985 all the way to 2000, let’s take a closer look at this generation’s identity and behavior. They are all coming from times that have suffered a lot of big changes. One of these changes is the boom that technology improvement and the internet set. The social media rise, as well as the Recession, set the bar pretty high for this generation. The previous generations oftentimes refer to this generation as the “Peter Pan” generation because of the fact that they refuse to grow up. And one of the true things to criticize is the fact that they end up staying with their parents longer these days.

Their Political Views and the Goals that they Set

I’ve heard this lot of times about the millennials. A lot of older people oftentimes refer to the Millennial generation as the narcissistic and entitled generation. And, despite the fact that this might be true, I think that it’s not that bad to be the narcissistic and entitled generation. As Dr. Jean Twenge puts it, the fact that they’re narcissistic sets them up to pursue their goals and dreams further down their lives without having to wait for their parents’ permissions. And their political views don’t actually matter simply because only 50% of the youngsters show any interests in politics.

Generation Y’s Connection with Technology

This generation is pretty lucky for the fact that they were able to grow up in times when the biggest improvements in tech. They actually caught the BOOM that PCs made, the start and improvement of the internet, the smartphone era and everything that follows. Studies show that actual whopping 85% of the millennial generation actually owns a smartphone, and other studies show that they check their phones upwards of 50 times each and every day. More than 87% of the ones that own a smartphone are social media users, and the most popular social media amongst them is Facebook. But, these tech improvements actually decreased their face-to-face conversations which result in the decreased ability for social interactions

Image Source: The story of generation Y

Is Generation Y Lazy?!

One of the most popular criticism is that this generation is pretty lazy, and, if we’re speaking honestly, the studies show that they really are. Studies actually show that 55% or more don’t find themselves in the job that they’re working and that their productivity levels are decreasing. Regular engagements with the managers are a must for this generation to stay interested in their jobs. But, on the other hand, you have more Millennials than ever starting their own business, which actually contradicts that hypothesis.

Now, when you actually got to know the Y Generation a bit more, did you change your thoughts about them? Whatever your thoughts on this generation are, one thing is for sure, each and every generation is different in its own way. But, the impact that Generation Y will have on our world will set the future for us. So now’s the time for all of the generations to get together and combine their traits for a better world!


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