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The Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the World


The fact that celebrities tend to take things to the extreme should not come as a surprise to none of us… Starting from their clothes they buy, the vacations they take take, the cars they drive and even the houses they live in. They pay premium price for everything therefor they get premium products. To put it simply they are living the dream that most of us can’t even imagine. But, I get them, why live in a simple and inexpensive house, when you can afford an extremely amazing one that is both expensive and way over the top for most people. In today’s article we’ve decided to collect 5 of the most expensive houses that celebrities own. Enjoy!

Jay Z and Beyonce – $88 million

To start things off here are Jay Z and Beyonce with their $88 million three part mansion. The primary price for this place was $135, but they managed to strike a deal and get it for $88 million. The best thing is that this enormous mansion is made up of 6 different buildings. It has everything for everyone, the main building which is 30000 square feet has 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, you will also find an entertainment/gaming part, a garage with the capacity to hold 15 cars, and a separate place for not one, not two, but, four pools, a basketball court and many more things. There is also a helipad, the windows of this house are bullet proof, and it even boasts an in-house spa and fitness center. The stairs are made from a unique exotic wood, it has stone steps covered in brown leather, and the ceilings in the main room are 40 feet. You’ll also see sliding walls, and when they’re receded they open up the interior to the patio and lawn.

Oprah Winfrey – $88 million

Next on our list is Oprah Winfrey, with her mansion also known as “The Promised Land” it is located in Monecito, CA and it costs just shy of $90 million. The main house in this mansion consists of 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. It is built in the Neo-Georgian style and in it you can find a gourmet kitchen, two theatres (one inside of the house and another one outside of the house), a couple of both closed and opened terraces, a wine cellar and there are even more amazing things to be found on the outside. Paddocks, riding rings, a horse trainer, stable, barn, paddocks, pool, outdoor fireplace, a stocked lake for fishing, an avocado farm, koi pond, rose gardens and many more awesome things that will fill out most of your days! And if all of these amazing parts of the house are not enough for her, she also has an entertainment center as well as a teahouse where she could rest from all of that.

George Lucas – estimated at $100 million

This 4 700 acre Skywalker Ranch, purchased all the way back in 1974 for somewhere just shy of $100 million including renovation and all of the updates that George Lucas decided to add to this beautiful mansion. You can find this mansion in Marin County, California and there are not many specific information about this place. To visit this place you must have an invitation, and even if you manage to get an invitation, you cannot take pictures because it is forbidden. There are even some rumors that Ronald Reagan, during his time as a president asked to see the property, but his request was turned down. The only facts that we know about this mansion is that it boasts a theater with 300 seats, a 2 story library as well as some underground parking with the capacity for 200 cars, an outdoor pool and amazing gardens and vineyards.

George Clooney – $100 million

George Clooney, you couldn’t have expected him not to be on this list, with his $100 million “Villa Oleandra”. Despite all the rumors about his plans of selling this beautiful estate located in Laglio, Italy, it doesn’t look like it, as he debunked all of this on an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. This amazing looking piece of art was built back in the 18th century on the shore of Lake Como. Even though this place has held some of its original charm from back when it was built, Clooney sure added some of his own flare in it. I mean who wouldn’t considering the enormous price he paid. This part antique – part modern house is equipped with ornately carved ceilings and tile floors, the amazing looking bathrooms that remind of a spa, and it even has its own “pizza room”. On the outside you will find some amazing and picturesque gardens, an outdoor pool, a couple of tennis courts as well as an outdoor theater. And a special garage for all of his motorcycles.

Bill Gates – $125 million

Despite the fact that Bill Gates is not your typical celebrity, in the sense that he is neither an actor nor a singer, we couldn’t do this amazing list without talking about him. I mean he made the top of our list. His state of the art mansion is located in Medina, Washington, on the shore of a lake, and it is equipped with 7 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms. It spans over 66 thousands square feet 2,1 thousand square feet of which are a domed roof library and the house also includes 6 kitchens. On the side of entertainment you are going to find tons of places to spend your day in this amazing mansion. Men and women get their separate locker rooms, a couple of pools with underwater music systems, an exercise room including a sauna, a steam room, a trampoline room, a man-made lake for fishing, a theater, and much more…

This wouldn’t be the house of a tech celebrity without including tons of advanced technology features. Rotating artworks with pressure sensitive floors for the top of the line security are just the start when we’re talking security in this mansion. In fact, all of the guests that walk in in Bill Gates’ mansion must wear a microchip in a pin which shows their location live, while they’re in the house. And if all of this wasn’t enough, the estate is at the beach on Lake Washington. This beach is man-made with sand that was brought over from Saint Lucia!

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