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The True Blue Twins: Instagram Sensations with Gorgeous Eyes


While Instagram is currently full of cute, adorable, and brilliant kids, Megan and Morgan Boyd definitely stand out from the rest. The sisters were born in Philadelphia and by the age of four years old, they conquered the world with their absolutely beautiful blue yes. Megan and Morgan were given a nickname Trueblue twins by their mother and in 2015 the internet first heard about them when one of the sisters’ photos went viral online.

Since then, people from all over the world began to express interest in the girls and wanted to know more about them. Shortly after the M&M’s photo went viral, the girls began a modeling career and have been very successful at it from then on. Now, let’s go back in time and see how it all started!


The girls came to this world on June 6, 2011, and as soon as their mother Stephanie Boyd first saw the girls, she knew immediately how precious and unique her daughters were. When Megan and Morgan first opened their eyes, Stephanie was amazed to find out her twins had very unique and beautiful blue eyes. Right there and then, Stephanie knew her twins will soon have a lot of admirers and she was right.

Credits: Image by Stephboyd24/Instagram

Proud Mom

Like most new mothers, Stephanie started to upload photos of her babies on social media. She began sharing photos of Megan and Morgan on Facebook and Instagram when they were still very little, though, her Instagram followers and Facebook friends absolutely loved the girls. Soon, one of the photos of the twins went viral. Their gorgeous beautiful eyes caught the attention of many Instagram users. This was not very surprising to the mother, considering the very unique and beautiful features of her daughters. It is difficult to look away once you notice how beautiful their blue eyes are.

Credits: Image by stephboyd24/Instagram

Dressing Up

Finding outfits for twins is one of the main challenges and hot topics among mothers. Though Stephanie quickly came to an agreement to have her girls wear matching outfits and they looked super cute in them. Despite the fact that Megan and Morgan look quite alike, the unique features and personalities make it very easy for others to tell them apart. Both girls are very special so there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t rock these cute outfits.

Credits: Image by Stephboyd24/Instagram

Little Fashionistas

Megan and Morgan were always dressed very stylish, just like the kids of A-list celebrities. Stephanie was very creative with the outfits and made sure her daughters looked beautiful and fashionable at all times. To prove that, she would take tons of photos of her adorable daughters. While the celebrities have much bigger budgets and stylists to take care of their children’s outfits, this mom had to do everything by herself but the girls looked just as cute and stylish as the kids of A-list celebrities. Managing the time between raising the kids, working, and styling them is quite impressive!

It’s All In The Eyes

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue / Instagram

It didn’t take much time before the twins began to receive a lot of attention from people. You don’t see many individuals with such bright blue eyes, especially if they are African-American. According to research, having blue eyes as an Africa-American person is due to an ancient genetic variation. Moreover, the fact that one of the girls has one brown eye and one blue while her sister has both blue makes it even more unique and beautiful. This is definitely not something you witness frequently!

Telling The Difference

Most parents have a difficult time telling their twins apart, especially at a very young age when they have yet to develop individual behavioral and physical features. However, Megan and Morgan’s case was quite different as the babies were not exactly similar. Stephanie and her partner Lovell Knight could easily tell the girls apart as Megan’s both eyes very blue while her sister Morgan had one blue and one brown eye due to the distinctive condition called heterochromia.

Credits: image by stephboyd24/Instagram

Morgan’s Condition

Morgan’s eye color has a definite explanation for it. The girl has a very rare condition called heterochromia iridium. This condition usually affects the coloration of the iris but it is not unusual for it to influence the skin and hair too. There are a lot of factors that cause heterochromia, however, it is not a life-threatening condition and considered to be very attractive to many people.

Credits: Image by stephboyd24/Instagram

Hollywood Quality

Those who think the eyes of a different color will prevent Morgan from becoming famous are definitely in the wrong. Some celebrities that are currently very well-known in Hollywood have the same condition, including Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis, Robert Downey Jr., Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill, and Alice Eve. All of them have this unique condition and as we can see, it didn’t stop them from becoming famous and even helped them to stand out from the crowd. In addition, the number of celebrities who have heterochromia iridium is way higher than people in the general population. Meaning, the twins have a very good chance to become famous and Morgan’s heterochromia could be a contributing factor to it.

Credits: Image by stephboyd24/Instagram

It’s In The Family

Apparently, Morgan isn’t the first person in her family who was born with heterochromia iridium. Her great aunt and uncle were also born with one blue and one brown eye. Nevertheless, her uncle and great aunt were not African American and the chances of an African American being born with heterochromia iridium are significantly slim.

Credits: stephboyd24/Instagram

Going Viral

Morgan and Megan have always been very special for their parents. But when they got noticed by Deyonte Hunter, who is a tattoo artist and musician, things took an unexpected turn for the whole family. The twins’ mother was often uploading images of her twins and Deyonte shared one of the photos on his Instagram profile where he had thousands of followers. The photo of the girls went viral and they received nearly 2,000 likes that same day. Besides, some of Hunter’s followers also started following Megan and Morgan’s Instagram account. This was the beginning of their success and things only got better from then on.

Credits: photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Pushing Forward

If the twin’s dad didn’t give his twins an extra push, they would most likely be forgotten shortly after Deyonte reposted their photo. After the girls’ photo had been reposted, a Facebook user made a collage of the photos of girls and the father then shared it online. To everyone’s surprise, the collage received 6.6 million views which allowed a smooth transition into a prosperous modeling career for the twins.

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Recognition From Celebrities

Random social media users were not the only ones who were amazed by the little girls. Their beautiful blue eyes managed to catch the attention of celebrities as well. Comedian D.L. Hughley and actress Megan Good shared some photos of Megan and Morgan, which surely helped the twins to gain even more recognition. Regular fans of the Trueblue twins were also often reposting their pictures to their social media accounts. How can you not become an instant fan after meeting these beautiful blue eyed angels?

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram


The twins are not as well-known as Blue Ivy yet, but it looks like they are getting there soon. According to their mom, the girls get recognized almost everywhere when they leave the house. Megan and Morgan got used to people stopping them outside to admire their gorgeous blue eyes. It is impossible to walk away without appreciating this unique amazing look first. We would probably stop them as well to admire their striking and astonishing features.

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

 Loyal Fans

The Trueblue twins have a lot of loving fans with some of them being quite talented. The girls’ fans often create illustrations and drawings of Megan and Morgan and send it to the twins. The fans’ art gets published on the twins’ Instagram page and it has been turning the girls into real icons. The drawings and illustrations made by fans are helping the girls to gain attention from social media users even more. The twins’ appearance is very inspirational to people from all over the world and we are still trying to understand how the girls gained so much attention in such a short period of time. The most important fact is though, that they did and it is going quite well for them!

Credits: Image by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Mom As A Manager

It’s not that hard to guess who is managing the girls’ Facebook and Instagram accounts. The manager of the twins’ modeling gigs and general social media presence is indeed their mom. Unlike many other mothers who pressure their children into modeling business at a very young age, Stephanie Boyd says it was actually the twins’ wish. The girls love to dress up and take photos and wanted to give modeling a try.

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

It Was Meant To Be

In addition to Stephanie who claims her girls love the modeling career, their aunt Ebony Morris thinks the same. “They were born for this”, the woman mentioned. Ebony told that since the very young age, Megan and Morgan absolutely enjoyed being in front of the camera and we agree with their statements. Just look at all these photos! The girls look very happy and comfortable in each of them which proves the fact the modeling career was in no way forced upon the twins. This explains why these girls are so successful at what they are doing!

Credits: Photo by megam_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Dad’s Opinion

While the mom is extremely proud and happy for their girls’ success, their father, however, is having mixed feelings about the sudden fame of his daughters. Lovell Knight explained their daughters’ popularity is scaring him at times, despite the fact that he contributed to the twins’ viral recognition before. Though this is understandable as every loving parent wants their children to have a healthy and normal childhood and fame can definitely get in the way of that.

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Enough Is Enough

People started giving the twins’ parents advice on how to take advantage of the situation after Megan and Morgan gained thousands of followers on Instagram. However, Knight doesn’t think it is necessary to take things further as the girls have enough fans already. Keeping a balance between fame and personal lives and happiness of the girls is extremely important. We completely understand the father’s feelings and hope the transition process goes smoothly for him and the beautiful Trueblue twins.

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Nothing Forceful

The Trueblue twins pretty much became Instagram stars in one day, but it doesn’t mean the girls always enjoy the constant attention from strangers they meet on the streets. According to Stephanie, Morgan is not always up for taking a selfie with a stranger and we understand her. Nothing will ever be forced on either of the twins if they aren’t comfortable with what’s going on. The girls are extremely friendly and most of the time they will gladly make a fan happy by taking a photo together.

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Younger Brother

While Megan and Morgan’s usual part of the day consists of meeting fans, taking photos, and enjoying the attention of fans, their younger brother has a different lifestyle. He simply loves to play and spend time with his older sisters. Unlike the girls, he wasn’t born with unique blue eyes but is very cute regardless. The boy often travels the world with his older sisters and enjoys the simplicity of life. All of the children are very close to one another and cherish spending time together.

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Ordinary Twins

The Trueblue twins might have half a million Instagram followers but it doesn’t stop them from enjoying simple things in life. Megan and Morgan love to treat themselves to delicious snacks, play, and sing to their favorite songs just like other kids. The girls do have a little advantage over other children when they feel like dressing up, including personal makeup artists and stylists. Not every child gets to experience it, nevertheless, parents can always be substitutes right?

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram


The girls are still too young to understand how social media that brought them so much fame actually works, but they are slowly learning. They are still not entirely familiar with the concepts of these websites but they have learned a thing or two. For example, one day the twins were telling their teacher they are famous online and told her to look them up on “NewTube”. Pretty close, right?

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram


The twins surely do have a lot of things in common, though they had already developed their individuality despite the young age. Trueblue twins have different interests and personalities. Morgan loves walking down imaginary runaways and taking photos, while her sister prefers putting on makeup and trying new clothes. It is very easy to tell who is who when you meet the twins as they are are very special and unique in their own way.

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Growing Up In Fame

The girls absolutely love to pose and take photos. Stephanie would take every modeling and publicity possibility to make her daughters happy. The girls were becoming more and more famous and soon began participating in professional photo shoots, attended different fashion events and got contacted by multiple celebrities, including Wendy Williams, who is the host of “The Wendy Williams Show”. While adults often have to work very hard and often fail while trying to achieve the same results as the girls, Megan and Morgan seem to be naturally very gifted.

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Having Fun

Modeling is never easy and can often be very stressful too, however, the girls certainly look like they are having a good time doing so. They are often seeing playing and goofing around while motivating one another at the same time. The twins look at their job as a way to enjoy themselves and motivate each other during photo shoots. This doesn’t mean they don’t work hard, they do! Megan and Morgan just found a way to combine working and having fun at once. The fact that the girls are obviously loving what they are doing makes the photos look even more natural and awesome!

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Funny Selfies

Megan and Morgan mostly get their photos taken by professional photographers but it doesn’t stop them from taking funny selfies together once in a while. Just like all of the other girls these days, the twins can’t resist the collection of crazy humorous Snapchat filters on Stephanie’s phone. Snapchat really does have some ridiculously funny filters and we can’t blame the girls for having fun with it. Most of us also are guilty of using these filters at least once too!

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram


Stephanie spent a lot of time dressing up her girls with style and now Megan and Morgan have a great sense of fashion, thanks to their mom. Now Stephanie doesn’t have to stress and think through the outfit options for the girls as they started to receive free accessories and clothes from various brands! All they have to do in return is pose and take a great photo for Instagram because of the sponsorship by the brands. Nothing new for these adorable little models! Who wouldn’t want to receive free clothes?

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Future Designers

Right now Megan and Morgan wear clothes designed by others, but we think in the future this is going to change. The twins enjoy picking out outfits for themselves and seem to be on top of the fashion trends. Once they even stayed up all night as they were cutting their jeans because they decided they needed a pair of ripped ones. This is some true dedication that could definitely turn into something more once they get older! Despite the young age, the girls already know a lot about fashion and have an amazing sense of style. We are excited to find out what the future is holding for these young models!

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Hair Goals

In addition to having an outstanding sense of style that makes the girls stand out, their hairstyles are also always perfect. Stephanie tries various hairstyles on her daughters, ranging from bantu knots to braids and twins look amazing no matter which style it is! The twins’ eyes and hairstyles definitely what the fans love the most about them and are always looking forward to finding out which style the girls will pick for their next photo shoot. Everything the girls wear looks perfect on them and their positivity makes the photos even more appealing!

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Benefits Of Instagram

The girls have over 400 thousand followers on Instagram making it easy for them to monetize their success. How can they not when they have so many loyal fans from all over the world? The girls and their parents are often promoting different beauty brands, fashion accessories, and even children’s books through their social media accounts. The best and most exciting part for the girls is keeping all these cool things after the promotion!

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Supermarket Adventures

Not everyone can manage to have as much fun during regular Wal-mart shopping as these girls! Most people dread going grocery shopping as it is can be boring and time-consuming. Though, Megan and Morgan don’t think so! It seems like wherever they go, they can have tons of fun. The girls can be spotted having photo shoots in different aisles during shopping. It’s amazing how the twins can turn any activity into a glamorous photo shoot! We wish our grocery shopping was as fun as Megan and Morgan’s!

Credits: megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Rihanna’s lookalikes

Stephanie is a fan of Rihanna and believes her twins are the younger versions of her. She is not the only one who thinks so, turns out some of the girls’ fans also agree with Stephanie’s opinion! For now, we can clearly see similarities between the singer and the girls, but it is uncertain if Megan and Morgan will still look similar to Rihanna when they get older. As of right now, Rihanna and the girls are influencing fashion trends and inspiring many people, so they have quite a lot in common!

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Unique Halloween Outfits

During Halloween in the year of 2016, Morgan and Megan were especially creative with their costumes. They dressed up as Rihanna did in her promotional poster of ANTI World Tour. Stephanie and the girls paid attention to every detail, from their makeup to outfits. The girls’ look was very accurate and when Rihanna came across the photo of the costumes they had uploaded online and said the girls looked perfect, the family was on top of the world!

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Disney Fans

Just like a lot of kids their age, Megan and Morgan love Disney films. The twins once had a cute Princess-themed sleepover along with the cousins. This sounds like an amazing sleepover to attend and even though we might be too old for that now, the idea of it certainly sounds tempting! Look at their cute little PJs! It sure looks like the twins receive some very adorable things from companies! We think a great idea for the Disney Channel executives would be starting a show with Megan and Morgan in leading roles. Imagine how adorable that could turn out!

Credits: Image by stephboyd24/ Instagram

Jacksonville Fashion Week

In October 2017 the girls had their first big fashion event. Megan and Morgan went all the way to Jacksonville, Florida and participated in the city’s Fashion Week. During the event, the girls made a lot of new friends among young models like themselves and got the chance to dress up as real pageant contestants. Judging by these photos, it looks like they had a very fun time working with each other and it is a  great opportunity for them as well! Meeting other kids with similar interests must have been very exciting for the girls.

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

America’s Next Top Models

The twins made a lot of friends their age but they also made some friends who are much older than them, such as Bianca Golden who is America’s Next Top Model contestant. We aren’t sure whether the girls are going to follow Bianca’s footsteps when they grow older or not, but the one thing we are confident about is Tyra Banks would absolutely love them!

Credits: Photo by megan_morgan_trueblue/Instagram

Dealing with Haters

When you are famous, no matter how kind and sweet you might be, there will always be people hating on you. Luckily, the girls have plenty of people who do their best to protect them and give wise advise. Their father is the girls’ number one fan who would do anything to protect his little princesses. Mr. Morris always tells the twins to ignore negative people and focus on positive, as 97 out of 100 people are going to be kind and polite, and the rest don’t matter at all. Focusing on the bad will definitely affect many aspects of life and we absolutely agree with his point of view.

Credits: Image by stephboyd24/Instagram

Future with “Empire”

Megan and Morgan’s mom truly believes and hopes the girls are going to be very successful later on. Moreover, she thinks they have a real shot at appearing on Empire. Unfortunately, the show will probably not be around by the time the girls grow up but perhaps one day we will see them on their own show!  Being famous at a very young age brings a lot of opportunities and we hope these adorable twins will continue to make this world better with their positive attitude and adorable looks!

Credits: Image by stephboyd24/Instagram

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