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The Unpredictable Story Of Ted Williams, Homeless Man With the ‘Golden Voice’


Social media made it pretty easy for lots of people to become viral on the internet and get a pretty big fan base there. Ted “Golden Voice” Williams is one of these people, and his discovery story was a question for life or death. When some person put up a video of him singing, the video went viral, and it turned the homeless man’s life upside down. But, what the “Golden Voice” is doing right now, and where is he? Read on and find out!

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The Start of the Man with the Golden Voice

They didn’t give him “The Golden Voice” nickname for nothing. He got the nickname after a video of his rich voice reaching the singer’s caliber went viral. And, what’s even more impressive, is the fact that he wasn’t using his voice’s potential at all before the video. Williams, from Columbus, Ohio, was a homeless man that was struggling to fight off addiction as well as to find some kind of work to bring himself back up on his feet. And, as always, the internet was here for him when he needed some help. Namely, after he became a well-known star on the internet, it quickly opened up some big doors for the homeless man. But, to be honest with you, this Rags-To-Riches story was not all that beautiful for Williams.

Take a minute and see the original video that got him his internet fame here:

Rags to Riches Story

He was lucky to get lots and lots of work pouring in front of him after his internet fame. And now, the man who was once homeless and was struggling to find a job was pretty happy with the income he was making. A couple of companies asked for his voice (and he lent it to them), and it was used for many ads such as advertisements for Pepsi, Mac, and Cheese, Cleveland Cavaliers, etc. He even managed to sign a deal for a book worth over 100000 bucks. But, his happy moments couldn’t fight off the struggles that the man had inside.

Running into Some Inside Problems

Drug and alcohol addiction were the two culprits that brought Williams to the point of being homeless and without a job. So, after going viral and getting all that money he got back to his bad habits, and believe me when I say, it didn’t take him long before he did that. But, after a couple of rehabs, Williams started getting a better hold of his life, but his efforts to staying sober were not the only thing that he had to deal with. In fact, there were lots of destructive people who wanted to see him back down and tried to crush his success.

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Stabbed in the Back by his Own People

There was even one point where he nearly got back down in finances because a lot of his colleagues, people he signed contracts with didn’t seem to care about his financial state and tried to play him. He also confirmed how his former manager, Alfred Battle, even tried to get him into a drug smuggling ring. But, Williams fought all of these people and managed to pull through and keep his fame.

Getting Back up on his Own

Williams was lucky to have landed an excellent job with his hometown radio show, “The Golden Voice Show.” Once he got back up on his feet, Williams started supporting himself as well as the shelter where he used to get food while he was homeless. At one point Williams was even ready to run for president. But, what we can get out of his story is despite the fact that not every journey is comfortable, there is a way to get through it with enough persistence and excellent work!


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