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Gardens by the Bay in Marina Bay, Singapore

Credits: Pinterest

The Gardens by the Bay is found in Singapore, and it is among the top ten gardens around the entire world.  These gardens have been designed to become a premier urban outdoor space for recreation, and they have become the symbol for the nation of Singapore.  The Gardens by the Bay have three large parts, the east garden, the central garden and the west garden. The gardens include two conservatories, a Cloud Forest and a Flower Dome.

The dominant feature in the Garden by the Bay is the supertree grove.  This is a large structure that looks like trees, and it is around 25-50 meters in height. They also appear as vertical gardens and they help in offering shade and shelter to different plants.  The supertrees have environmental technology and they mimic the ecological function of natural trees. There are solar panels that help in providing the supertrees with the energy that lights the area, and they collect the rainwater used in these gardens. The garden also has a children’s section that includes an adventure trail and treehouse.

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