The World’s Beautiful And Richest Female Billionaires

Ever read reports of the world’s richest people and be amazed at how these megamillionaires amass so many riches? When you do a little digging, most of the millionaires who grace these lists are extremely successful business-owners over the age of 40. In fact, in the 2018 edition of Forbes magazine’s list of richest people, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, occupied the top position standing at a mature age of 54. Therefore, when a young person, especially a young female, attains billionaire status, it is a remarkable achievement. Here, we document the youngest female billionaires in the known world and how these powerhouses accomplished such extraordinary feats. Some of these women worked hard and by the sweat of their brows, gained success. For others, their billions came much easier, namely through the inheritance of family businesses. Keep reading to learn about these extraordinary women.

Lee Seo-Hyun


Starting off our list is 41-year-old South Korean Lee Seo-Hyun who, as of January 1st, 2019, is worth $1.6 billion. How did Seo-Hyun amass such wealth? Well, for starters, Seo-Hyun is the president of a textile manufacturing company known as Cheil Industries. The company eventually grew, now handling fashion-related business as well as chemicals. She subsequently purchased Colombo Via Della Spiga which is a luxurious Italian-based brand specializing in leather products. At some point, she, Samsung Everland and Samsung SDI joined forces. Currently, the group produces the most energy storage solutions in the world.

Amanda Hearst


Next up is 35-year-old Amanda Hearst, proud owner of the Hearst Corporation. Hearst inherited the company from her late great-grandfather., the original founder. The company specializes in business information and mass media. This American woman is worth $8.7 billion, although it must be said that Hearst has a lot more going for her than just Hearst Corporation. A busy-bodied woman, she is also a fashion model and socialite. She also founded her own company Friends of Finn which tasks itself with stopping the abuse of puppies in puppy mills. She also prides herself on collaborating with other non-profit entities to promote animal rights and end animal abuse.

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