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The World’s 25 Most Incredible Beaches


Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Credits: TravelPulse

This rugged beach features a lot of beautiful rock formations which makes it a hot destination for photographers. It also a great place for surfers because of the “Soup Bowl,” which is a name for when the waves crash into the rocks and white sand, creating a beautiful, scenic phenomena.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Credits: Pinterest

Bora Bora is a beautiful island in the south of the Pacific Ocean. It’s northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. It is mainly frequented as a romantic getaway thanks to the beaches that steer clear of buildings, villages or cities. It’s also famous for its lagoons and coral reefs which makes it a hot scuba diving destination.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Credits: CNTraveler

Horseshoe Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda, but the Port Royal Cove (pictured above) is one of it’s best kept secrets. The beautiful rock formations and shallow water makes it the perfect spot for families with young children.

Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii


Credits: Pinterest

The Hawaiian Kauna’oa Bay which is over the shores of Kohala Coast is a gorgeous coast dotted by beautiful palm trees and sand. It is one of the most visited spots in Hawaii with visitors coming to enjoy the amazing beauty, ride boats and indulge in some sunbathing. However, much as it is a bewitching place to visit, the nighttime takes from it its visitors thanks to the mantra ray-a large fish with triangular fins.

Lake McKenzie, Australia


Credits: Pinterest

The Australian Fraser Island which is located in Australia is a beautiful sand island. Its sheer beauty has been relatively untouched as can be seen by the miles upon miles of natural landscape. In fact, quite a number of rain forests have been present in the area for quite a while.

Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles


Credits: Pinterest

Seychelles is the most photographed beaches in the world and its splendid beauty ensures it remains that way. It has impressive scenery with shimmering turquoise water that contracts with the black-grayish-pink rock at its front.

Hidden Beach, Mexico

Image Credits: Pinterest

The hidden beach is definitely one of the most unique beaches in the world with it’s shape. It’s been rumoured to have been a formed as a result of bomb tests conducted by the Mexican Military in the 1900s. If you visit this beach, you’ll definitely have a unique experience to tell your friends about.

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica 

Credits: Beaches Insider

Located in the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica, 7 Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the world. As the name states, the beach stretches 7 miles long! It’s also flanked with many beautiful cliffs to make it a breathtaking get-away.

Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

Credits: Pinterest

The name, being Mosquito Bay, probably scares many potential tourists away. However, this beautiful beach is also known as Bio-luminescent Bay because of it’s light show which can be seen after the sunset. The light show takes place when disturbed dinoflangellates emit trails of neon blue light. If you visit, you’ll definitely want to rent a canoe to get up close.

Maya Bay, Thailand

Image Credits: Flickr

Thailand is becoming one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and it’s because of their beautiful beaches, and affordability for westerners. Even though Thailand is halfway across the planet, booking a vacation their can also be cheaper than a vacation in America (flight included). Not to mention, you can easily find buckets of cheap beer on the beach her.

Rabbit Beach, Italy

Image Credits: Getty Images


This is one of the top beaches in the world ranked by Trip Advisor. Another great thing about this stunning beach is that it’s only accessible by boat, making it slightly secluded. So if you’re looking for a nice get-away to refresh, this is one place to put on your travel list. PS. this beach ironically has no rabbit.

Bahia Gardner, Galapagos

Image Credits: Pura-Adventura

Bahia Gardner is known for it’s wide variety of endemic species so if you’re a beach and an animal lover, this place is for you. This beach is packed with Española mockingbirds, red lava lizards, sea lions, Waved albatrosses and more.

White Bay, British Virgin Islands

Image Credits: SailChecker

This beautiful beach is located in the Caribbean on the smallest Virgin Island. It’s covered with beautiful white sand and it’s surrounded by a beautiful reef which makes it a great snorkeling destination.

Plage de St. Jean, St. Barths

Image Credits: Flickr

This beautiful beach is located at the end of a landing strip which also has one of the world’s shortest runways at 2,100 ft long. In fact, a plane ran out of runway in 2009 but fortunately nobody was injured. Although this beach might seem dangerous because of the airport, it’s still very beautiful and attracts many rich and famous celebrities.

Langkawi Beach, Malaysia


Credits: Go Vision Travels

Langkawi is a beautiful beach in Malaysia. Its name means ‘the land of one’s wishes’ in the Malay language. It is a beautiful blend of a pristine beach and beautiful Malaysian greeneries with clear water at its backdrop. Don’t let the meaning of its name confuse you though because once upon a time this land sheltered dangerous pirates!

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii


Credits: Flickr

The Hawaiian Lanikai beach is one of the most frequently photographed beaches in the world. This is no surprise because it is a gorgeous beach indeed. It comes with lushly green surroundings for wonderful landscape attractiveness.


Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Credits: Pinterest

The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean and about 642 miles (1034 kms) southwest of Sri Lanka. This tiny nation is comprised of over 1,000 coral islands. Their known for thier beautiful beaches, blue lagoons, and extensive reefs. It truly makes for the excellent vacation spot.

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