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These Are Some Of The World’s Cheapest Cities To Add To Your 2019 Travel List


Once you have tasted the sweet taste of traveling, you won’t be able to stop coming back for more! Namely, with the holiday breaks on our doorstep, and the new year practically breathing down our necks, we know that everybody is thinking of doing a bit of traveling… The number one problem that stops both younger and older generations from going out exploring the world is low income. But, worry no more! Because in today’s list. We’ve decided to show you a couple of cheap options for traveling.

Namely, we’ve gone ahead and calculated the daily costs of food and over-staying in these cheap towns and created this list by comparing them and taking out the cheapest ones that we’ve found. So, take those passports out of your cabinets, pack up your bags, and get to explore what is like to visit these amazingly cheap yet, surprising places and cultures. All you’ll need to do is to be a bit careful where you stay and where you eat…

1. Cape Town, South Africa

First on our list is a town which might not be the first thing that pops in your mind when thinking of traveling. But, be sure that once you get there, and discover the prices in Cape Town, you’ll be grateful to us for talking about this! Despite the fact that it isn’t as cheap as some towns in Africa, you sure can experience a lot and don’t break the bank! You’ll also be able to enjoy lots of activities that don’t include anything more than just sight-seeing and walking around!

The Table Mountain – Mostly known for its breathtaking views of the city, can also offer lots of advantages to plant lovers. Namely, it can offer lots of plant species that are unique for that area and it has been shown that it has a bigger range to offer even than the whole United Kingdom. You can also enjoy breathtaking views of whale watching, the Xhosa arts, and crafts, as well as the amazing beaches some of which might even have penguins!

The best daily budget is: $104

2. Prague, Czech Republic

This is one of those towns which have to offer tons of activities for a pretty low budget. Prague can give you the pleasure of visiting tons of places like the Prague Castle or even the Opera in which Mozart played Don Giovanni for the first time! You can also see the chocolate museums, Franz Kafka and more amazing sightings in one of the cheapest locations in Central Europe!


You can take a look at the iconic medieval astronomical clock in the Old Town Square or, you can see the John Lennon wall mural. And for all of the beer lovers out there, you can find amazing prices for tons of sorts of beers!

The best daily budget is: $89

3. Naples, Italy

Nepal, a cheap town that isn’t the daily target of tons and tons of tourists that will make your visit hard to cope with… This is mainly because of the bad word about the history of organized crime. The thing that not a lot of people take into consideration is, the word history! Today, you won’t have to worry about those things. What you will have to worry about, is the size of your belly. We all know that Nepal is one of the birthplaces of pizza…

The Independent

And, given the fact that Italy can be one of the pricier places that you can visit today, Nepal seems like a great option where you can go to have a good time and it won’t hurt your wallet at all! You can also take a taste at the Spanish Quarter and their delicious dishes, and you will also have the ability to experience Mount Vesuvius and the lost city of Pompeii as a beautiful one-day excursion!

The best daily budget is: $83

4. Athens, Greece

The Acropolis selfie – one of the main reasons people go to visit Athens! Just kidding, there are far more interesting things to do when you visit this gorgeous city! It has been the capital of Greece both in the ancient times as well as today, and that is why this is one of the best site-seeing places you can visit! You will go through the mixed ancient and modern structures and it looks amazing!

Athenian Taxi

And, as a cherry on top of this beautiful cake… You can get a combined ticket and visit all of these monuments at a cost that is amazingly low. By getting a combined ticket you will be able to visit the Acropolis and its environs, the ancient market or agora, the massive pillars of the Temple of Zeus, and much more. As we mentioned before, Athens will not just feed you hunger for sites you can see. The amazing garlic stuffed mushrooms, the tasty cheese pies combined with the black coffee will be a feast for your stomach and all at an affordable price!

Suggested Daily Budget: $82

5. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This is one of the hidden gems of the Balkans. The fact that Sarajevo is one of the cheapest cities for people who love traveling isn’t the best fact about this city! All of the historical sites and the cultural aspects will blow your mind! Did you know that this is where the First World War actually began? YES! And you will find museums of those times everywhere around you! And the ski resorts, as well as the hiking trails, make this one of the most enticing places to visit on this list!

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This town is where all the cultures meet, you will find different religions and influences on the territory of Bosnia & Herzegovina which shows you just how friendly the people here actually are! There are Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox, Ashkenazi and Sephardi, holy temples and they are placed next to each other! The people here live together no matter what their religion or nationality is! If you ever have a chance to visit Sarajevo, one of the dishes that this town is known for is Cevapi. It is both cheap and amazing to visit this amazing town!

The best daily budget is: $65

So these are the top 5 places you can visit if you’re on a tight budget or you don’t want to spend as much money on traveling as you would if you’re visiting some other more expensive places! If you loved this article share it and help your friends decide which place they’ll visit for the holidays!



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