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These celebrity pictures were deleted instantly after they were posted – but why?


The social norm today seems to be for us, lay people, to be overly obsessed with celebrities. And if I am honest with you, I am guilty as charged. I love scrolling their flawless social media profiles, watching their amazing boomerangs, videos, dinner nights, sport events, concerts etc. But, let’s be honest, don’t we all love watching them? But, my obsession (and my job partially) helped me notice something that I might’ve over looked instead! Celebrities are human too. They make the same mistakes we do… Whether being a simple typo in their tweets or a totally unwanted photo of them on their social media account! I have caught tons of pictures on their social media profiles just go “poof” and vanish. So, today, we decided to collect some pictures that celebrities decided to take down from their social media, and why they did that!

Justin Bieber

I remember when he was just starting out his career. Innocent boy that sung well and I watched him go from a Kid YouTube star to a fully grown guy. And if there’s one thing I never expected to see from Justin Bieber is this one photo that circulated the media!

We all know how aging can make us do some stupid things… I mean we’ve all done something stupid haven’t we? On this picture Justin is pulling down his pants and intentionally putting his rear end into the camera for everyone to see. I mean, yeah, he was quick to delete this picture after he posted it, but there are people who were much faster than him and a quick Google search will provide you with the full picture!

Anna Faris

These photos never get old… I mean how do you post something like this when you’re a superstar that rocks the Hollywood? Well if you want to know the answer to this question you can simply ask Anna Faris, she posted this photo of her in the backstage, in her underwear as she was getting ready for a show

And to be honest, her followers weren’t easy on her at all. They immediately started body shaming her for her skinny legs. And maybe because she couldn’t take it anymore, Anna took the picture down from her Instagram profile. But, we all know, once you make a mistake on the internet someone has already screen shot it and it is out there for the whole world to see it, as is this picture.

Joe Jonas

He is getting married with Sophie Turner, yes, that Sophie Turner, the little girl from Game of Thrones, the only thing is she is not a little girl anymore. But go back just a little bit and we can remember the days when he was dating Gigi Hadid.

Once he and Gigi broke up, Joe decided that there is nothing like a night out with friends after a break up. He posted this picture of him, Kanye West, and Zayn Malik in a club with the hashtag #SquadGoals. The worst part comes after he discovers that Zayn was secretly and behind his back dating Gigi Hadid at that time. Once he found out, he decided to take down the post along with the comment.


Riri, who doesn’t love her? She is one of the top female singers in the world, and she sure is one of the more beautiful ones. Well, back in 2014, she decided to go all in and decided to show “more” to the public when she appeared on the cover of “Lui” – a French adult entertainment magazine.

She decided that reposting this picture on her Instagram profile would be a good idea. But little did she know that she is going to lose her account later down the line because of breaking some of the biggest terms of use of the Instagram platform. The picture was flagged as an inappropriate content, it was taken down, and later her whole account got deleted. No one is safe in the social media world!

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna sure isn’t a name that you link to a successful celebrity, but, despite her controversy, we cannot deny the fact that she made a lot of money with her career. Even despite the number of critics that don’t really like nor support her.

Because of the large sums of money she accumulated with her career, she was able to go through a plastic surgery and completely change her looks. You could really notice the difference once she posted this #TB picture on her Snap Chat profile. And that maybe the sole reason why she decided to take it down, and delete all the traces from it…

Tina Knowles

Tina Knowles, despite the fact that she isn’t a real celebrity, you might have heard of her linked to the popular singers Solange and Beyonce Knowles. She doesn’t feel ashamed of the fact that she is their biggest fan, and that she is proud of them. You can notice that if you follow her on her social media because she posts lots of posts on there.

And, at the time when she posted this photo, it looked to her as a regular photo. But, if you’re informed on the Knowles – Carter family drama, you’re pretty aware that elevators aren’t their cup of tea. In fact, this photo was taken moments before the notorious elevator fight. And that is the reason why Tina decided to take this photo down.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, a lovely girl with amazing body. And we know that she isn’t ashamed to show that. She brags with it all the time on the runways. But, we think that she was trying out something new with this photo…

She decided to feel as cozy as possible with this comfortable looking hoodie, and the slogan written on it “I Have No Assets”. Her followers knew that she was just teasing herself, but despite that she decided to delete the post. We think that the filter she used was the problem? Or was it the pose she struck? We don’t know, what do you think?


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