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These Electric Bandages Can Speed Wound Recovery Times


How would you feel if some electric bandage is used to cure your wound or some scuff that you have on your skin!? Well, technology is constantly moving forward and it came to the point that we can use nanotechnology and electric pulses in order to recreate parts of our body, so why not use them to cure some of them!?

Scientists have stated that this new breakthrough will help people who have injured themselves to reduce the time that it takes them to heal the wound. They say that from the three weeks that it usually takes for a wound to heal, this bandage would reduce that to only three days… Isn’t it amazing!? The bandages are created so that they would use some of the energy produced by our bodies in order to pulse small electrical pulses that are going to speed up the time it takes the wound to heal!

Even the scientists were surprised when they saw the results that they got from the healing time of the bandage. The lead scientist I Xudong Wang and she a professor at the UW Madison school of materials science and engineering. They stated that despite the fact that all of the scientists were expecting to see some improvement at the times provided by the bandage, they sure weren’t expecting these numbers to pop up!

And if you feel like this is something that came out straight out of a sci-fi movie, then I think that you should know that this is pretty natural, more natural than most of the healing treatments we’ve been using. The bandage is only used as an amplifier of the effect that your body takes in order to heal the wound, so you can look at it as a helping tool!

But getting faster healing times wasn’t the only goal that the scientists were trying to achieve. Namely, the also said that they were also aiming for helping the healthcare systems carry the burdens that the regular wounds and scuffs bring them. Angela Gibson is one of the scientists and she collaborated on the report of the bandage, she said that the acute and chronic injuries are still a big burden for the healthcare systems and that they were trying to change that with the bandage. She is a well-known professor at the UW-Madison school but she also works as a burn surgeon and is the director of wound healing services there!

All in all, this sure was a great starting point for the scientists that worked on this project. Not only that they were successful in their mission to find a way to speed up the process, but they also found out even more things that would help them in further research for other types of wounds.


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