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These Mind-Blowing Photos Taken Before Accidents Will Leave You Speechless


With the surging developments in modern technology, digitally capturing a moment in time has virtually become the mainstream method of documenting events. What’s truly marvelous is that these captured moments are often times so succinct, a camera-shot can make you feel as if you witnessed the event with your own eyes. The same can be said about viewing an accident – we can’t peel our eyes away from seeing it, whether it is in person or even seeing a photo of it.

The following photos are snapshots of remarkable accidents taken just moments before they occurred.

Katara of the Southern Water Tribe?

Whether she thought she was Katara or Ariel the mermaid, it’s safe to say she seems like a fish out of water.

The New Michael Jackson?

It seems like this guy was inspired by the late “King Of Pop” Michael Jackson. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if he had a happy ending.

I Think I’m Falling, In …

Alicia Keys would probably think this climber took a page from her song “Fallin'”. However, he seems to have¬†interpreted the song too literally.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

The last thing you want to do is get distracted while you’re traveling – an accident is bound to happen.

Slip and Slide

A classic joke pulled by many pranksters. Looks like this gentleman will fall prey to the slippery hands of the dreaded banana.

Just A Day At The Office

Guess someone’s going to be late for work, right? By the way things look, that yellow truck is going to cause another accident in the house!

Humpy Dumpty Sat On A Wall, Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

While there might not be a wall, there is no doubt that a great fall is about to happen.

Watch Your Step

No need to see the needle in the haystack. Sometimes, you find needles when you least expected, and when you least needed them.

Baby Don’t You Dare Do It

I think it’s safe to keep sharp objects like scissors and knives away from babies – God knows what they could do.

This Is Going To Hurt

Just looking at this photo, you can tell this guy is in for a world of pain. May the force be with him!


This cyclist is heading face-first for the ground below. At least he has a beautiful view!

Don’t Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It’s Raining

I don’t think one of Judge Judy’s famous quotes will save this dog from the world of hurt that’s about to happen to him!

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

This eagle seems to have an interest in human flesh. No matter the size of prey, this eagle is determined to catch its prey!

Man Versus Beast

This crocodile attack looks like it’s about to go horribly wrong for this man.

Tony Hawk Gone Wrong

Tony Hawk is probably the kid’s hero. Sadly, he still has a lot of learning to do.

All Dogs Go To Heaven – Even Those Who Burst Balloons

This dog is about to go berserk on these balloons. Imagine if they were filled with water. That would be quite a disaster, wouldn’t it?

Ready, Set, Wham!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a baseball hitting you straight in the jaw!

Waterfall Fanatic turns Aquaman

It was time for this hopeful to dive in the crystal clear waters of this waterfall. It might not have gone as he had anticipated.

Showers of Blessing

Talk about being well prepared to get wet, it’s like he knew what was coming!

The One That Got Away

Most people who go on a roller coaster love the thrill a rough ride. This guy got a lot more than he had bargained for.

An Unexpected Stunt

When you’re a cheerleader, you have to know your routine. Sometimes, however, you might miss your step, and, well, the entire routine.

Would you like a drink?

We all need to quench our thirsts from time to time. Sometimes, our friends get the cue and, well, grant our wish in the perhaps the least practical way possible.

Ouch, that hurt!

There’s no doubt that this guy got the punch of his lifetime. Let’s hope that he has no fractured bones or missing teeth!

Sidewalk Blues

This guy is clearly not having a good day. Let’s hope he walked with a change of clothes.

Brace Yourself! There’s a Baseball Bat Coming!

Everyone’s nightmare when watching a baseball game live is that a ball will hit them in the stands. Who would have expected a flying baseball bat instead?

Let’s Take A Swim!

This guy decided to take a dip in the pool. Don’t you think he was a little, uhm, overdressed for some pool-action?

Winter Wonderland

Some people love to play in the snow. Others love to throw snowballs at unsuspecting people. I guess some people never get old.

Catch Me If You Can

There’s no way you’re going to catch me if you keep tripping over your teammates!

Catching The Waves

Sometimes, when you’re surfing, you have to expect the unexpected. Seeing a speedboat about to collide with you as you’re riding a wave definitely counts as unexpected.

Edge Of Glory

So many motorcyclists get that rush of adrenaline whenever they ride their motorcycles. For some, this euphoria tends to end when you crash and reality sets in.


It’s one thing to love a game. But getting hit in the face with a soccer ball can you reevaluate your love for it.

Wine anyone?

At a party, always be prepared to accept a drink. Even when you’re least expecting it.

Racing Against Time

This is just a collision waiting to happen. Then again, it’s also quite typical of soccer.

Baseball – A Contact Sport

Depending on your perspective, this is either brilliant or terrible aim. What’s absolutely true is that this baseball player is in for a world of hurt.

Losing Your Balance

It can be hard to maintain your balance sometimes. One would think that a chair would help, but for some people, it turns out to be horribly untrue.

The Human Bowling Ball

What happens when the bowling ball doesn’t get the job done? Sometimes, you just got to do it yourself.

A Storm is Coming!

Dust storms can be rare, and because of this, unexpected. Someone who has allergies is not the happiest of people during a dust storm.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Sometimes, we can be so focused, we don’t watch where we’re going until we end up in a wet situation.

I’m Going Down

Something about this bungee jump doesn’t seem very secure. An accident is brewing.

Were you hoping to eat that last bit of pastry?

It seems that your dog had other plans. Word of advice – don’t keep your food in places your dog can easily reach.

Having a Bad Day At Work?

I guess he didn’t take heed to the “Caution Wet Floor” sign.

Ready. Aim. Frisbee!

This Frisbee is going to cause a lot of hurt, and he knows it.

Straight To The Face

This blow from a ball directly to the face is going to make anyone suffer.

It’s a New Dawn. It’s a New Day

What a way to start the day.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Channeling his inner chi, this martial artist is in quite a tight spot.

Get Out The Way!

This bull’s got him hook, line, and sinker!

The Mountains Have Eyes

This is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to someone while mountain climbing.

Surfs Up

Windsurfing was his plan. Crashing with the waves of the ocean wasn’t.

Frisbee for a Doggie

This dog just wasn’t in the mood to fetch.


No swimmer wants to be within five feet of a shark in the middle of the ocean.

You’re Going To Hear Me Roar

Sea lions seem to have a thing for little girls.

Slip And Slide In The Snow

Let’s hope he has a good chiropractor.

When We Collide

People love to rub energies with each other. Physical contact, however, can be a bit uncomfortable.

For Better Or For Worse

Animals sometimes get a little too close for comfort.

Nothing Can Stop A Water’s Rage

I would hate to be the one standing on the bridge at a time like that.

Living On The Edge

Apparently, this car was too close to the edge of the bridge and came sailing into the murky waters below.

Runaway Golf Cart

It was like this golf-cart had a mind of its own. Wherever it’s going, it’s going to leave disaster in its wake.

There Goes Your Data

This is truly a horror story in and of itself.

Don’t Come Near Me!

This goat definitely was not in the friendliest of moods.

Unexpected Dive

He’s heading straight for the waters below. The sad thing is he doesn’t look dressed for the occasion.

X Marks The Spot

Would you bet on a black eye or a broken nose?

Can You Feel It?

What aim! What a strike! Surely he’s not thinking this, but whoever threw the ball had great aim!

The Ice-Bucket Challenge Gone Wrong

Lifting a bucket of ice can be challenging. Here is a real-life example of what can happen to you.

The Cake Is Falling!

Having your own cake fall at your wedding reception is not the happiest moment for the newly-wed couple.


The crash is happening in 3, 2, 1 …

Sleeping With The Fishes

The last thing you’d want is to be within 3 feet of a shark’s jaws.

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