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These Photos From Cruise Vacations Will Make You Think Twice Before Booking Your Trip


If you have ever been on a cruise ship before, then you know how fun the experience can be. If you have never been on one before, then it is definitely something you might consider doing in the future. These days, the building-sized ships offer absolutely everything you need. A cruise ship is more than just accommodation with a pool on water. Now the guests can enjoy live shows and concerts, different restaurants, and even movie theaters. Besides, you can quickly get involved with various fun activities offered on the ship.

However, we can’t always trust advertisements. There is always going to be at least a small degree of exaggerating, a bit of false marketing, and anything else that will get a customer to purchase a package. Of course, some cruise ships are quite luxurious and spacious, but others are way less glamorous than we would like them to be. Those who have been on a cruise at least once in their lives know that often expectations don’t live up to reality. No matter how optimistic you try to stay. So, before you consider booking a cruise, have a look at the images below and avoid picking the wrong kind of a ship.

Time To Board

Let’s be honest; no one likes packing. It’s always stressful as we try not to forget anything important that we need for the trip. After all of the electronics, clothes, shoes, and other items are placed in a suitcase, there is just one more thing we need to do before finally arriving at the ship-wait in line for the boarding. Waiting in line is never fun, though somehow the ladies on the picture below got lucky.


As we can see, the three friends look thrilled, standing in front of the ship. They make boarding seem like a very relaxing experience. But how could it not when there is absolutely no line ahead of them? Well, let’s not trust this image too much, as boarding on a cruise ship is usually nowhere near close to an enjoyable experience.

The Sad Reality Of Boarding

Yes, unfortunately, boarding the cruise ship often looks like in the photo below, instead of the one above.  It’s hard even to imagine that both of these photos are taken during the same process of boarding. But let’s face reality.


This shot demonstrates that boarding on a cruise ship isn’t always peaches and cream. In fact, it’s far from a pleasant, calm experience. The look on these people’s faces shows tiredness, stress, and boredom. But how could it not when you are forced to wait in a long line under the hot sun? Patience is the key to a situation like this. Though taking group photos while waiting in a long queue won’t be a priority for most passengers.

Relaxing In The Hottub

What could be better than a relaxing session in a hot tub under the clear skies! You are surrounded by sun, warm air, and friendly (hopefully) people.


The person in this photo surely had enough space to show off their tanned legs and feet to the world. While in the privacy of your own home, this relaxing position might be a good idea, the rest of the passengers on the cruise ship might not appreciate this view as much.

Sharing Is Caring

Having your own hot tub at home is fantastic. You get to hop in and enjoy yourself whenever you want. Nevertheless, on the ship, you are forced to share it with a bunch of strangers. Not so convenient, is it?

Credits: Shutterstock

The worst part is that sometimes you won’t even be able to use it as there are so many other people around. And as we all know, only a few people can fit in the tub at once. Even if you do get to secure yourself a spot in a jacuzzi, sitting in a circle with a few random people might be a little bit awkward. So if you’re a jacuzzi lover, make sure you pick a ship with multiple hot tubs to avoid waiting in line for that too.

A Picture Is The Key

The colors of this photo are truly vibrant. Just by looking at this shot, we can already imagine ourselves walking around, laying in the sun, or swimming. But let’s keep in mind, this shot was taken with the sole purpose of selling a vacation package to individuals. Do you notice anything weird about this capture?


There are only a few people in this photo. In reality, there would be at least a few hundred others taking up space. In the end, we wouldn’t even notice the amazing colors and design of the common area. Can you imagine what it feels like to share a swimming pool with dozens of other travelers? Bear this in mind next time you catch yourself falling for a marketing trap.

The Sad Truth About Pool Area

Unfortunately, the pool area on a cruise ship will never be similar to the photo above. Why? Because there will always be many people hanging around, no matter what time of the day it is.


In fact, the poolside will look similar, if not worse, to this image. There are so many people that you can’t even notice the colors and design of the area after all. This pool, however, is quite small so it can easily get crowded. Some cruise ships offer more than just one pool, which is a good idea if you enjoy spending your time sunbathing or swimming. Next time you’re planning a cruise, make sure you check out the pool area first to avoid any disappointments after.

Real Or Not?

Those who have never been on a cruise before are not aware of what the rooms actually look like. Some people argue the rooms are similar to the one displayed in the photo; spacious and luxury. But is that so?


This room looks almost too good to be true…Sure it looks modern and beautiful, but can we really expect the actual place to look like in this image? If you scroll a little bit down for the next photo, you might be disappointed.

What The Bedrooms Really Look Like

Sadly, this is just another marketing trick, similar to the poolside display. Cruise ships are meant to accommodate hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people. Therefore, not all rooms in the ship will be as big and luxurious as in the previous slide. Also if you do book the biggest possible bedroom on the ship, it won’t be nearly as spacious as the ones offered in hotels. You can expect something similar to the image below when you book a room on the ship:


Often the rooms won’t even be big enough to hold a queen sized bed, so don’t expect anything miraculous from your room on the ship. If the size of the bedroom is essential for you, then we recommend checking the actual size of the room instead of the advertisement photos.

What We Think the Bathrooms Look Like

While this bathroom is not huge, most would consider it to be quite luxury. But can we expect to have this luxurious bathroom in a cruise ship?


This bathroom includes marble countertops, a shower with a glass door, and even a private hot tub. What more can you wish for on a cruise? And again, this is too good to be true. Take a look at the next image before you make any assumptions.

What The Bathrooms Really Look Like

Get prepared for a little reality check, what you are about to see below looks nothing similar to the image of the bathroom above. There are no marble countertops, glassdoor, and a jacuzzi here. It appears plain and simple.


What we see here looks like a bathroom you would expect to have in a youth hostel or a cheap Air BnB. Sure it looks clean and has everything necessary, but does this bathroom look anything remotely similar to the image we saw before? Definitely not. Let’s keep in mind that not all of the cruise ships include bathrooms identical to this one, but they are definitely common.

What We Assume Ocean Sightseeing Would Be Like

Who wouldn’t like to see the beautiful aquatic life in action during the cruise! Ocean sightseeing is indeed one of the main attractions offered to the tourists during their stay. Since we are already sailing in the ocean for days, why not check out who actually resides under us?


Watching dolphins or wales in action can leave pretty much anyone speechless. Many visitors are expecting to see at least a little bit of aquatic life in action during the trip. While they imagine noticing something similar to the image above, unfortunately, most of the time, their view will be different.

What Ocean Sight-Seeing Is Really Like

We are sorry to disappoint you, but you will most likely not witness any marine life performing aerial acrobatics next to your cruise ship. After all, this isn’t Sea World. You can always hope to get lucky and spot a dolphin or two jumping out of the water, but we can’t promise that.


The view you should be expecting is mainly just the ocean, lots of it. And of course, the sky as well. Such a view can also be quite beautiful, although those who are expecting to see some marine life may be disappointed.

What We Think the Employee Life Is Like

A lot of people believe working on a cruise ship is a luxury fun experience. Well, it’s hard to assume otherwise when you see a photo like this one.


Just by looking at this image, we almost feel like quitting our jobs and giving working on a cruise ship a try. What could be better than being on a cruise, earning money, and meeting new people from all over the world at the same time? But let’s slow down a bit…It’s not all fun and games. Check out the image below to find out why.

What Employee Life Is Really Like

If you were already disappointed by the guest bedrooms, then the photo below will make your jaw drop. The life of cruise ship staff is not that magnificent after all.


The employees obviously shouldn’t have the same kind of luxuries as the guests, but look at the size at these bunk beds! How can anyone even fit in those? Let alone have a good sleep…Think again before considering working on a cruise ship, unless, of course, you don’t mind these living conditions.

The Destinations You Think You Will Visit

The main reason we consider going on a cruise is obviously all of the destinations that we would have the opportunity to see.


Of course, the cruise ship itself is full of fun activities, restaurants, shops, but different destinations are the end goal of every cruise ship guest. Often many tourists tend to overlook the negatives of the cruise ship itself because in their opinion it’s the destination that matters the most anyway. The land waiting ahead will always be beautiful, no matter what. We are sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately, this won’t always be the case either…

What The Destinations Are Really Like

The land in the photo below is far from being tropical and beautiful. As we can see, this is one of the stops for these poor visitors of the cruise ship. This piece of land is indeed far from being pretty.


Besides, the weather looks quite gloomy and rather cold. If you don’t mind spending your day at a destination that looks like this, then it’s all good. Otherwise, make sure you carefully study all of the places you will visit before actually booking the trip.

What We Think The Music Is Like

Music plays a major role while you’re enjoying yourself on vacation; it can make or break your evening. Here we can see a popular rock band Rascal Flatts performing for the guests. This definitely looks fun!


While some cruise ships host popular performers, the majority, unfortunately, do not. People often mention how famous artists perform concerts on cruise ships, though they never seem to clarify precisely which type of cruise ships offer this luxury. If you don’t want to be disappointed later when your favorite artist is nowhere to be found on the ship, we advise you to do your research first and find out exactly which cruises host celebrities.

What The Music Is Really Like

The picture below proves just how important it is to do your research before making the final decision regarding the cruise ship. If this is not the type of concert you want to see, then, again, please, research before you book your vacation.


In fact, most cruise ships don’t even offer any professional music arts. Instead, you are likely to see a karaoke stand which is available to anyone who wants to show their skills. After a few drinks, many people feel like singing on stage, but not everyone has a good voice, do they? Of course, this can very well be a fun night, but definitely nothing close to a Rascal Flatts concert.

What We Think the Dining Experience Is Like

Restaurants that offer various delicious cuisine on a cruise ship will encourage pretty much anyone to book a room and try it out. Eating in a luxurious atmosphere surrounded by the ocean sounds almost too good to be true. This photo looks like it was taken in a modern five-star hotel restaurant. Who wouldn’t want to dine there!


It surely looks like these guests are dining in heaven, and not on a cruise ship. While it does look perfect, don’t believe everything you see. As we mentioned above, marketers do know all of the latest tricks to get you interested. You will see what we mean after taking a look at the next image.

What The Dining Experience Is Really Like

As you can see, most of the time, you will be eating food from a buffet instead of the five-star restaurant in the previous image. The good thing is that the ocean view will always be there for you no matter what.


In reality, only the most expensive cruise ships have luxurious restaurants in them. So prepare to be getting the food yourself while waiting in line, unless, of course, you don’t mind paying double for a much expensive cruise experience. But, hey, these kinds of arrangements can be fun too!

What We Think The Age Range Is Like

A lot of people, especially young adults, go on cruise vacations in hopes of meeting new people the same age and have fun all together.

Credits: Cruise Critic

Meeting like-minded people, spending a week in paradise together is a dream of many young adults. But is it always the case? According to the image below, you might need to face reality once again.

What The Age Range Is Really Like

While you probably will run into at least a few people in the same age range as you, there is no way to know for sure how old the majority of the passengers will be.


Chance are you will be stuck on the ship with people either older or much younger than you unless you signed up for a “specialty cruise,” where all of the passengers are in one particular demographic group. Therefore, if your choice of the cruise was a regular one, then be prepared to be around the elderly, couples, and families too. But don’t worry, you can always make the best out of every situation. If not, then there is always alcohol.

What We Assume Sea Sickness Is Like

Seasickness is very common, and the most tricky part is that you never know when it is going to happen to you while traveling by ferry, boat, cruise, and other methods of transportation on water.


None of the promoters are going to mention seasickness while selling a trip, and why would they? This is something you must remember and consider before booking a trip. Because once you are on board, there is no turning back.

What Sea Sickness Really Feels Like

Not only seasickness feels absolutely terrible, but it is also extremely common. It can happen to anyone at any moment, and you never know when it’s coming…


There is also a possibility of a cruise being canceled in case of many people getting seasick at once. It has happened in the past and can surely happen again. So keep that in mind, especially if you have never traveled by ship before. Nothing would suck more than having to return home because of the seasickness.

What We Think The Ship Is Like

You have probably seen an image similar to the one here at least once somewhere. The reason for that is because the promoters always choose the best of the best to use in their advertisements. It almost looks fake, doesn’t it?


We can’t argue that this ship looks absolutely amazing covered in pearly white color. And look at the water! But don’t get too excited, most of the cruise ships don’t look nearly as perfect as this one. Photoshop can do miracles; let’s not forget about that.

What The Cruise Ship Really Look Like

Wait, don’t get upset yet. While there is always a possibility your cruise ship can look similar to the image below, the chances are that it won’t. But you should always be prepared for the worst.


More often than not, the cruise ship of your choice will look somewhat between this image and the one created by the promoters above. But keep in mind that ships, like any other items, wear off too. So if it has been around for a decade or more, it might not look as good as you would hope it to be.

What We Think the Drinks Will Look Like

Sipping pretty, exotic looking cocktails on a cruise ship is a wish of many. Promoters are very well aware of that fact, that’s why you can often notice different colorful drinks being displayed on the advertisements.


These delicious drinks will make you want to escape somewhere tropical as soon as possible. A cruise ship can make that happen in no time, but do they really serve these yummy cocktails on the ship? Unfortunately, it is not always the case…

What The Drinks Are Really Like

Forget about the exotic looking cocktails and consider yourself lucky if the bar of your cruise ship looks at least somewhat less messy than in this photo. In reality, cruise ships offer a limited variety of alcoholic beverages. Wine and beer would be a safe bet. After all, the staff has to serve hundreds of people at once. No one is going to have time making special cocktails.


It looks like a frat party was happening here just a while ago, things are misplaced and the overall the place looks rather messy. Whoever was hanging out here probably had a lot of fun, though you can always check out your nearest college dorm for the same kind of experience.

What We Think Meeting Girls Will Be Like

We can’t deny that almost all single people are secretly hoping to meet someone special during their trip.


Sometimes all men really need is to have a girl they can occasionally meet and flirt with on the ship. While this wish can probably become a reality, one shouldn’t expect to meet a nice girl as soon as they board on the ship. The chances are about 50/50, but we can always hope, right?

What Is Meeting Girls Really Like

If you are lucky enough to spot a pretty girl on the ship, chances are you will also notice a bunch of guys trying to pursue her as well. Be prepared for some competition.


Sure you can always make friends with the same gender as well, there is nothing wrong with that, but when these “friends” become your competition, things might get a little complicated…

What We Think The Casinos Are Like

A casino is an exciting part for many travelers, primarily when it’s located on the cruise ship. Even those who usually don’t gamble are likely to give it a shot on their cruise vacation.


This casino looks quite spacious. Gamblers would appreciate the existence of a poker table and a wide variety of slot machines. Of course, for those who are used to playing in places like Atlantic City and Vegas, the casino offered at the cruise will not be nearly as satisfying.

What The Casinos Are Really Like

Let’s remember the ship has minimal space, so don’t expect a wide variety of games in a cruise casino. You should be expecting something similar to the image below.

Credits: TripAdvisor

There are, however, a few cruise ships that offer decent casinos with all of the important games for the gamblers to play. But the majority of cruise casinos include just a few slot machines, and that’s about it. So, if you are one of those guests for whom having a substantial casino on the ship is essential, make sure you do your research before.

What We Think The Titanic Scene Is Like

Some cruise ship guests wish to recreate the scene from the award-winning movie Titanic. It does look very romantic, but is it easy and, most importantly, safe to do so?


This scene is truly iconic. Leonardo DiCaprio is holding Kate in a tight embrace while she is spreading her arms as if she was flying. Cruises quickly gained popularity after Titanic came out, many people actually want to repeat this particular scene, as if they were Leonardo and Kate.

What The Titanic Scene Is Really Like

The sad truth about the movies is that in reality, things almost never look the same. But the woman on the picture below didn’t want to give up, she recreated the scene from Titanic on her own, without a partner to hold her.

Credits: Worldnation

A lot of others attempted to recreate the scene as well, but many end up miserably failing. But as long as she is enjoying herself, who cares if it looks nothing similar to the scene from Titanic.

What We think The Romance Is Like

Cruise ships are probably one of the most romantic places, thanks to Titanic. Look at this couple holding each other while watching the sunset! This is what we call “couple goals.”


This photo pretty much convinces us there is no better place to stay with your loved one for holidays than a cruise ship. Going on a cruise would be suitable for different kinds of occasions, including a honeymoon, birthday, a tenth anniversary, and many others.

What Romance Is Really Like

Is a cruise ship really the most romantic place, though? The photo below made us think twice. Some pictures online can easily convince just about anyone how lovely going on a cruise with your significant other can be. However, there are also some photos that prove the exact opposite, including the one below.


There is absolutely nothing remotely close to being romantic in this picture. Instead, we can see a crowd of people having the time of their lives by the pool. Nothing is wrong with that as long as everyone is having fun, right?

What We Think The Weather Will Be Like

What is more important for a good cruise ship vacation than the weather! Can you imagine being stuck on the ship with thousands of others when it’s constantly raining? While it may be sunny on the image below, sadly the weather does not always remain great throughout the whole trip.


Promoters are never going to display cruise photos with the bad weather, ever. So the only precaution you can really take is to check the weather for the planned dates of your vacation. Otherwise, your trip will look nothing like in this image.

What The Weather Is Really Like

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. Sometimes it is hard even to predict what the weather will be like tomorrow, let alone in the nearest future. Even after checking the weather, you are still at the chance of being caught in the rain.

Credits: Cruise Critic

The rain can ruin all of the pleasure, even if there is a hot tub, sauna, casino, restaurants…The only way to avoid such let down is by checking the weather forecast in advance.

What We Think The Beach Will Be Like

The most exciting part about the cruise itself is, of course, all of the tropical destinations that you get to see. So, the moment the ship stops off at a local beach, it’s time we change into our swimsuits and jump in the clear blue water.

Credits: Cruise Critic

Cruise ships allow us to visit several tropical destinations in one week, and most importantly, we get to relax and enjoy the beach. Nothing is more tempting than finally leaving the ship and rushing to the nearest beach to sunbathe.  Though, in reality, you might have to fight for the best things in life. How? We think the image below describes this perfectly.

What The Beaches Are Really Like

When you finally arrive at the beautiful beach destination, you will likely face a few challenges. The experience itself won’t be as relaxing as you imagined as everyone else will also be rushing to get the best spot, jumping in the water, and doing lots of other things out of excitement. Credits:

Now, imagine hundreds of people on the same beach.  Definitely not so relaxing, right?

What We Think The Port Terminal Is Like

Before arriving at the cruise ship, first, you have to go through the port terminal. The procedure is always the same, and you can’t avoid it. The terminals’ systems are similar to the airport ones; the staff checks your passport, luggage, and, of course, the booking confirmation to make sure you actually paid for this vacation.


While the airport terminals often look neat with high-tech gadgets and polished floors, it is not always the case for the port terminals, no matter how nice they may look like in the photos.

What Port Terminals Are Really Like

We are sorry to break it to you, but port terminals are not as glamorous as you think they would be. There are no comfortable chairs or polished floors there, and definitely, no tropical cocktails waiting for you.


Instead, what you are likely to witness is a crowd of people gathered around, waiting in line to be checked. Far from enjoyable, if you ask us…

What You Think The Tours Are Like

There are actually some people who go on a cruise ship with the main goal of just staying on the ship, laying around near the pool, and gambling. While the rest pays for the room to see different destinations.


Excursions are also available for those who go on a cruise to see all of the amazing places. You can book a boat trip, a vineyard tour, or snorkeling while spending your day at one of the destination spots. It sure is a once in a lifetime experience.

What Tours Are Really Like

Promoters never forget to mention every excursion available, though what they never tell you is that you first have to somehow get to the excursion destination. But how do you get there? Let’s have a look at the image below then.


In order to arrive at your destination, you have to go through a long coach journey. It is almost always hot and crowded inside, and you are forced to listen to a long speech about the location, each house, and tree you pass on your way.

What We Think The Captain Is Like

As we all are aware of, having a good captain is crucial as they are basically responsible for every single person’s life on board. The captain is the person who will take you from one destination to another, and make sure you make it to the land safely.


The captain of a cruise ship has more responsibilities than we can even imagine. He works long, tiresome hours, often involving standing on feet for hours looking out for any potential threats with the telescope in one eye.

What The Captain Is Really Like

As much as we want to believe the captain operates the ship in the same manner as we see in the movies, sadly, now everything is done through a computer.

Credits: Framepool Stock Footage

Bummer, we know…However, most ships still have the telescopes and the giant steering wheel for their crew to use. But as we can see, the technology did take over. Let’s be happy for the captain, though. Now he can sit back and relax instead of always being on his feet watching out for threats.

What We Think The Activities Are Like

Cruise ships are always competing with one another, trying to offer as many activities as possible.


Each year, there are more and more exciting activities being offered to the guests. We can especially notice the sudden increase in those in the past decade. Some ships have huge movie theaters and even surfing stimulators! One cruise ship also offers an opportunity to skydive. How can one stay bored when there are so many activities to choose from?

What The Activities Are Really Like

Unfortunately, you will not necessarily get the chance to try the fantastic activities offered on cruise ships. But you can always occupy yourself with another rather unusual activity.


Surfboarding is fun, though you can’t just get on a surfboard immediately whenever you feel like it during the trip. Also, it usually costs extra too. Sure you can convince yourself it’s worth it and wait in line to ride the waves for five minutes if you want… Instead, you can always just make fruit animals for free. Doesn’t it sound fun?

What We Think The Spa Is Like

Nothing beats a relaxing day at a Spa! It is the place where you can forget about all of your worries for a little while and just enjoy yourself.


You can forget about your texts, emails, bills, kids. Everything is already covered. It’s time for some “me time.” Many passengers pick a cruise ship that has a Spa, because what can be better than going for a dip in the jacuzzi, or having a massage?

What The Spa Is Really Like

The photos always look fancier than reality. The cruise ship’s spa might look similar to the advertising photos, but it’s almost always less luxurious in real life.


Luckily, there are always maintenance teams ready to fix anything that goes wrong in the Spa, let’s be happy for that.

What We Think Tender Is Like

Often there is not enough space for the ship to dock at the port, so instead of the passengers are transported to the land by small lifeboats that are attached to the boat. In the meantime, the ship will drop its anchor to the sea.


These are called tenders, and they are frequently used for the transportation of passengers to the land. You would probably assume it includes having your own speedboat while looking stylish on your way to the destination spot. Oh, you might wrong…

What Tender Is Really Like

Not to disappoint you again, but tenders look nothing like private speedboats. They are also used for emergencies and definitely do not have anything luxurious about them.

Credits: Cruise Critic

What makes everything even less exciting is the fact that you will spend the next half an hour making awkward eye contact with a bunch of other passengers. But don’t feel too relieved after you finally make it to the mainland, you will still have to use the same transport back to the ship later.

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