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These Photos Of Things Found In Dubai Will Leave You Surprised


For many people, the novelty of Dubai as a cosmopolitan center and major tourist destination is almost impossible to believe. It just seems as if this city in the Persian Gulf gained so much worldwide recognition and attention almost overnight, and by the looks of things, Dubai only seems to be destined for more growth and expansion. The city is known for being extremely culturally diverse given that apart from being a huge tourist destination, the bulk of its population comprises foreigners. Make no mistake, some of the typical stuff which happen in Dubai will leave you speechless, especially given that it may not be what you expected.

Given that Dubai is located in the Middle-East, it’s easy for someone to fall into the trap of believing that the city is just like all other Middle-Eastern cities portrayed in Western media: dangerous and rife with humanitarian issues. However, Dubai just isn’t one of those places. Fasten your seatbelts for an insight into Dubai in a way that you may have never expected. We’re sure that after reading this, you’re probably going to make Dubai your next tourist spot!

A World Of Fashion

Dubai is beginning to establish itself as a leading nation in fashion and clothing designs. It was already highly regarded for being a haven for fashion among Middle-Eastern nations. However, now, Dubai is beginning to make a statement on the international scene, possibly even giving Milan and Paris some serious competition as a fashion capital. The city is known for having several high-profile fashion shows in which local designers with creativity and flair showcase their work. There’s even an entire district in Dubai dedicated to the art of fashion.


The work done by designers from Dubai is making quite a statement internationally. In Paris and New York, for example, it’s not uncommon to see looks designed by creative minds from Dubai sauntering down the runway. This is quite impressive when you take into account that both Paris and New York are two fashion capitals of the world. Naturally, the designs seen tend to differ from those seen in the Western hemisphere in order to reflect the nation’s conservative culture. Nonetheless, they are beautiful pieces which deserve to be showcased on an international level.

Women In The Elite Force

Another surprising thing about Dubai is that they actually have an elite police force squad comprising exclusively women. Quite a shock, given that Middle-Eastern states are usually portrayed in Western media to have rife gender inequality. The purpose of the squad is to deal with issues related to crimes of theft in Dubai. Additionally, the squad also handles issues related to gender. Some incidents are gender-sensitive, therefore, officials from the United Arab Emirates feel that in such cases, having a male officer resolve the matter might not be the best option.


This team is no pushover: all the members selected were previous officers who were tasked with guarding convicts and protecting important officials. Another thing is that it is mandatory for these officers to speak English and Arabic fluently. Considering that this is the Middle-East where Islamic faith and culture reign, the fact that such a squad exists is a great indicator that women are making headway in that part of the world.

Even The Police Vehicles Are Posh

Virtually everything seen in Dubai is high-class and posh. If you thought that their police vehicles were excluded from that description, think again. Some of Dubai’s patrol cars are branded as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and even Ashton Martins. These are some of the most luxurious brand-names in cars in the world. Then again, if you’re chasing a criminal in a moving vehicle, it does help to look good while you’re at it.


As expected, these vehicles aren’t cheap. To put things into perspective, it costs just as much as tuition for a college student in the US as it is to buy a patrol vehicle in Dubai. Funnily enough, these vehicles are all just for show. Dubai has such a low crime rate that these patrol vehicles are virtually never used. Actually, Dubai is one of the safest states in the known world. However, if anything were to go amiss, the patrol vehicles are waiting to be used in style!

A Haven For Diversity

Due to the fact that Dubai is filled with so many foreigners and tourists, the nation is a place where diversity reigns, both in its population as well as in its culture. The contrasts are so obvious, yet absolutely acceptable. In the photo below, you will see traditional Middle-Eastern garments contrasting heavily with more European-styled/Western-influenced clothing: and that’s totally fine! It’s also normal to see a woman chilling at the beach in Islamic wear as well as a woman tanning on the same beach in a bikini.


That said, there is a certain level of tolerance exhibited in the culture of Dubai. For example, non-family beaches are completely accepting of women wearing bikinis. In any other forum, it’s best to ensure that you are fully clothed, lest of course, you want to run the risk of offending someone. Whatever the case may be, Dubai is still a place where respect, tolerance, and acceptance for cultural differences reigns.

Lax Dress Code

As suggested previously, Dubai has a relatively lax dress code (at least in comparison to other nations in the Middle-East.) It is completely fine to wear European-styled clothing which is typically seen in Western states in public, especially if you’re a foreigner. No need to worry about having to buy a hijab or another traditional Islamic garment if you’re planning on visiting Dubai! Furthermore, women aren’t obligated to cover their heads when out in public. Those who do so do it out for religious or personal reasons, not because they are required by law to do so.


Having said that, in Dubai, you shouldn’t wear anything that’s too revealing. That is if you don’t mind people staring at you incredulously in the streets as you walk on by. Depending on how revealing your outfit is, some persons might actually go to the police in protest, and in some cases, you may be forced to change into something which is a bit more appropriate. Of course, if you’re visiting a mosque, you can’t walk in with a bikini. There are different modes of dress which stipulate how you should dress when going to a mosque, all of which typically lean to the more conservative side.

Dubai Was Just A Barren Desert

It’s always interesting to take a look back on your past to recognize how far you’ve come since then. In the case of Dubai, it’s come a very, very long way from where it started.


It was only in 2005 that Dubai was a mere desert with a few scattered towers here and there. To some, the possibility that Dubai would have turned into what it is today must have been a far-off dream. They were clearly mistaken!

Dubai Today

This is a photo of Dubai today. Quite a remarkable difference between how the nation was during its development stage and how it is now. There isn’t even a trace that this city was a barren desert only a few years before. Skyscraper, towers, and lavish architecture abound.


The city is so colorful and home to some of the most beautiful hotels in the world. The city is a true gem in the Middle-East: no wonder so many tourists want to travel to see its splendor!

Waiting In Luxury

If I told you that this was a photo of a bus stop in Dubai, would you believe me? Well, it’s the truth. Dubai is an extremely luxurious city. If the patrol officers have Ferraris vehicles, why can’t people fabulously wait for a bus? Dubai is known for doing everything in a classy manner.


The government clearly believes in investing in the finer things in life. This is a standard bus-stop in Dubai. It features seats enclosed by a glass frame. If you think that that’s posh, wait till you find out what’s the other feature of this bus stop!

Air-Conditioned Bus-Stop

This bus stop is actually air-conditioned! Quite a nice feature, actually, considering that the weather in Dubai tends to get a little hot depending on the time of year. That said, was an air-conditioned bus stop necessary?


This just goes to show the extent to which Dubai has gone to ensure that visitors and locals alike live comfortably. It’s an extremely fabulous and lavish city. If you think that you’ve seen all there is to be seen in Dubai, this next photo will knock your socks off.

Lavish Hotels

If you ever get the opportunity to stay at one of Dubai’s best hotels, believe you me when I say: you’re staying at one of the best in the world. Because Dubai attracts so many high-profile celebrities, its hotels have to be premium: mediocrity is not an option. Going above and beyond the call of duty to provide exemplary service and accomodation is the motto of practically every hotel there, and hotel managers work hard to ensure that all their guests have an exquisite experience.


For instance, the hotel pictured above is one of Dubai’s most lavish hotels. It’s called Burj Al Arab, and it is the epitome of posh. It is one of the tallest hotels in the world and is constructed on an artificial island. Several celebrities have stayed at this hotel, including non-other than Justin Bieber. Without a doubt, one of the five-star hotels which means business when it comes to pampering and spoiling their guests.

The Cayan Tower In All Its Splendor

There aren’t that many buildings as tall as the Cayan Tower. Located in Dubai, actually, when it was built in 2013, the tower was recognized as being the tallest high-rise building in the world to be constructed with a twist. However, that record was subsequently broken by Shanghai Tower when it was constructed in 2015.


In terms of the tower’s design, each floor was rotated a little over 1 degree around a service core and an elevator shaped as a cylinder. The tower also has a parking area covering five floors. Whoever gets to the top has an amazing view of the city, although it must be said that reaching the top is not for the faint-hearted.

A Day At Aquaventure

Up for an adventure? Do you like water and fun? If you’re visiting Dubai, one place which you absolutely need to go to is Aquaventure. Words can’t express how exciting and exhilirating this park is. Considered to be the Middle-East’s number one water park, Aquaventure has it all: the craziest water slides you could ever imagine, the nicest swimming pools you’ve ever seen, and some really, really great restaurants.


What’s more, the water park also features a slide where at the end, you end up in a pool with sharks. Quite scary, isn’t it! Sometimes, you got to bite the bullet and face your fears! If you’re coming to Dubai, don’t miss it!

Gold In Abundance

Dubai is home to the largest gold market in the known world. Unsurprisingly, given that the country has a reputation for being so lavish, the citizens aren’t reserved when it comes to flashing their gold. To own gold in Dubai is commonplace. Actually, it’s actually quite normal to see people gold-plate practically everything that they own. What’s more, the citizens have become extremely proficient in their ability to craft gold.


Dubai is definitely the place to plate anything in gold, therefore, if you need something gold-plated, go to Dubai. That said, don’t think that because gold is common in Dubai means that it’s any cheaper than in any part of the world. Dubai is still considered to be one of the most costly cities in which to live.

Playing Tennis In Mid-Air

“Whatever you do, don’t look down!” These are probably the words of advice spoken to anyone who dares go to this masterpiece of architecture found in Dubai. It’s a tennis court built over 1000 feet above the ground. It is bound to a hotel there called Burj al Arab.

Understandably, given its design, there’s no question that several tennis balls are lost up there. Players probably have to bring many balls to avoid the hassle of going down to collect more. Of course, losing a few tennis balls would be the least of anyone’s worries.

Death Match

Thankfully, it’s quite rare to see people playing tennis on this court. Actually, in 2005, it was opened as a court in preparation for the Dubai Duty-Free Men’s Open tournament. That was just for publicity, though: it wasn’t as if it was going to be opened permanently.


Shortly thereafter, it was returned to its original state: a helipad! Of course, this was after Roger Federer and Andre Agassi got to take some stellar pictures during their match.

Upgrading Camel Racing

In 2004, Dubai took things to the next level with their camel racing. Dubai officials decided that it was time to do away with human jockeys riding camels, replacing them with none other than robots. Gone are the days when humans would line up and ride their camel in a battle against the swiftest. Move over humans, make way for robots! This is really taking digital technology to a whole new level! What could have possibly inspired such a decision?

Human Rights Issues

The reasoning is strictly due to possible human rights infringement. Apparently, in several countries in the Gulf, children were used as human jockeys. As a result, both the UAE and Qatar decided to discontinue the use of children as jockeys, instead, electing to use robots in their stead.


Of worthy mention is the fact that the UAE, to which Dubai belongs, was the first among many to have instituted such a ban. Officials felt that it was a step in the right direction against child abuse and slavery. Today, this sport has created an industry which makes millions of dollars from organizing racings.

The Grandeur Of Dubai

In Dubai, everything just seems to be bigger. The buildings seem taller, the skyscrapers seem to be touching the skies: everything about this place just seems magnified! As expected, Dubai doesn’t hold back when it comes to producing exemplary architectural models. One can truly say that this city is built for the Gods.


The world’s tallest tower, also known as the Burj Khalifa is found here. It stands at nearly 3000 feet: absolutely incredible! Also, in Dubai, you can find one of the biggest malls in the known world. Not surprising, I suppose, given that apart from the fact that everything is done big in Dubai, fashion is also an integral part of this nation’s culture.

Beach Segregation

While it’s not exactly a new concept, some people are still shocked at the fact that there are beaches in the world designated specifically for both women and family. In other words, a single male cannot go to one of these beaches. These types of beaches exist in Dubai, with signs clearly stating that certain groups of people are not allowed. At said beaches, those who are allowed to go must always dress in decent beach-attire. For example, females who go to these beaches must cover their entire bodies. There is no exception.


Based on accounts from locals, they seem to support the idea of segregated beaches. Some have voiced their opinions indicating that for them, it’s nice to go to a beach and not have to worry about bothering others. They further state that the dress code is in keeping with the nation’s spiritual and cultural belief-system. While it may seem a bit bizarre for someone who is not of their culture, to the locals, it’s a good initiative.

Dubai And PDA

Most Middle-Eastern countries are particularly strict when it comes to most humanitarian matters. Whenever you travel to visit one of these countries which is situated in a region which has a reputation for being rather strict, you should always lean on the side of caution, lest of course, you’re willing to step on someone’s toes.


Therefore, when it comes to PDA, you can easily run the risk of offending someone without even realizing it. Eager to know what the laws are like relating to PDA in Dubai?

No PDA Around Here

In case you were wondering, public display of affection isn’t exactly considered acceptable in Dubai. In fact, it’s heavily frowned up, going as far as being offensive to some locals. A married couple is allowed to hold hands if they are in a public space. That said, a non-married couple cannot do the same. In fact, any type of contact between persons of the opposite sex can lead to a huge social issue.


Kissing in public is not tolerated. Similarly, in order to shake a woman’s hand, that woman must first offer her hand to you. Then, and only then can you shake her hand. Definitely different from most Western states.

They Keep Exotic Animals As Pets

How often do you see people owning cheetahs as pets? Well, in Dubai, it’s pretty standard. After all, the country has a GDP which has consistently exceeded $100 billion since 2015: clearly, its citizens must be living life lavishly! Therefore, people tend to enjoy the finer things in life, and pets are definitely no exception to that rule.


In Dubai, at one point, it was normal to see people with all sorts of exotic pets, such as baboons, cheetahs, lions, and even chimps. In other parts of the world, owning any of these animals is almost unheard of, let alone thought to be normal. However, in Dubai, owning an exotic pet is a status symbol. A bit surprising: after all, wealthy people in Dubai are a dime a dozen, no need to flaunt it, right?

Riding The Lion

Apparently, the more exotic an animal is, the more wealth the owner is perceived to have. Clearly, in Dubai, some people are focused on living lavishly and impressing others with what their money can buy.


However, with the growth of the trend as well as the outcry of various animal rights group worldwide, in 2017, the government of Dubai had to put a stop to the practice. If someone were to own an exotic pet in Dubai today, that person can either be fined well over $100,000 or is looking at half a year’s stay in jail. Not exactly attractive options, to say the least.

Dubai And Architecture Go Hand In Glove

As is expected, Dubai is known for its marvelous architecture and brilliant constructions. The construction industry in Dubai is at an all-time high. In light of the industry’s success, a lot of human capital, money, and material is constantly invested in construction in Dubai. It has been stated that you can find more construction cranes in Dubai than in any other place in the world.


Actually, it’s estimated that 25% of the world’s construction cranes are located in Dubai. Interestingly enough, Sydney, Australia is considered to be runner-up in terms of cities with the most number of construction cranes. Not a surprise, especially when you take into account that Sydney’s architecture is nothing short of impressive.

Ski Resorts Built Indoors

Can you believe that Dubai is home to an indoor ski resort? It seems as if everything defies such a statement. Dubai is located in a barren, hot desert. How could such a thing possibly exist? Well, when you’re in Dubai and you’ve got money, anything is possible, and that includes creating an indoor ski resort in the desert. Ingenious, right?


Welcome to Ski Dubai, the country’s indoor attraction themed after a mountain covered with snow. This is an attraction which features snow-covered slopes, a penguin exhibition, and even a snow park. If you’re ever feeling to try your hand at skiing in Dubai, or looking to get away from the heat, this is the right place to go. It also doesn’t break the bank: a day-pass costs only $83. The park also has organized packages for persons looking to take skiing lessons, and even includes meals. Organizers have definitely done their utmost to make this park as attractive a site as possible.

Gold To Go

These days, vending machines are all the rave. They’re great if you’re on-the-go and forgot to purchase a bite to eat, or if you need something to quench your thirst. The Japanese are famous (or maybe notorious is the right word) for selling just about any and everything possible from a vending machine. That said, Japan doesn’t have a vending machine which sells gold: Dubai does.


That’s right folks: Dubai has a vending machine which dishes out gold, believe it or not. The process is quite simple: you can either pay with cash, or with a credit card. You insert your preferred form of payment into the slot, following which you can select how much gold you’d like to buy. You can purchase from as little as 2.5 grams of gold to a whole bar. There is a computer device installed in the vending machine which monitors the rate of gold as the prices fluctuate, ensuring that you get an accurate rate for your money.

Even The Camels Are Involved

There is always one animal which comes to mind whenever someone thinks about the Middle-East, and that’s camels. Why is this the case? Maybe it was Disney’s 1992 film ‘Aladdin’ which made us strongly associate Middle-Eastern culture with these humped-creatures. Whatever the case is, the people of Dubai have definitely incorporated camels into their day-to-day affairs. It is quite common to see people riding camels in the desert, enjoying the scenery and experiencing the culture.


In some restaurants in Dubai, you can also get a meal made with camel or, or even rarer, camel meat. It must be stated, however, that camel meat is not frequently found, although it is offered. Clearly, locals have found several uses for camels.

Dubai’s Got Islands

Another truly remarkable site to behold in Dubai is the islands located on the nation’s coast. These islands are known collectively as Palm Islands because they are shaped in the form of a palm tree. They are named ‘Palm Jumeirah’, ‘Deira Island’ and ‘Palm Jebel Ali’ respectively. It must be stated that these islands are by no means man-made: they are artificial islands constructed by the government of Dubai.


Based on reports provided, a little over 200 million cubic metres of limestone, rock, and sand were used to construct these islands. While they are beautiful, there are issues affecting the islands’ sustenance. All of the islands experience erosion through strong winds and water currents, both of which gradually wear away at the sand. This is a major problem considering that the bulk of the islands’ composition is sand. There are also several other environmental concerns surrounding the islands, particularly as it relates to water pollution and endangerment of marine ecology. Still, you got to admit: these islands are gorgeous!

Beautiful Landscape


The Palm Islands aren’t the only set of islands owned by Dubai. Currently, there is a massive project underway right off of Dubai’s coast to construct an archipelago known as ‘The World Islands.’ As the name suggests, the goal of this project was to create islands which collectively form the map of the world. Each cluster of islands would represent a region on the world’s map. Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis in 2008, plans to construct this masterpiece were put on halt. Nonetheless, the goal is ambitious and many (including myself) are eager to see the finished product!

Stuck In Traffic

Bearing in mind the fact that the residents of Dubai are known for being extremely lavish, it comes as no surprise that a large percentage of the population owns vehicles. This begs the question: what does a traffic jam look like in Dubai? No, not everyone stuck in traffic is driving an Audi or a Jaguar: but it’s definitely not uncommon.


People who live in Dubai pride themselves on living with class. In the photo above, you can spot three Mercedes’ luxury cars, a sight which is pretty standard. Some people live by the motto ‘if you can buy it, then you should.’ That seems to hold true for most living in Dubai.


As we know, Dubai is a haven for all people who love gold. It’s easily accessible: after all, you can buy it from a vending machine? Where else in the world can you buy gold from a vending machine? People definitely take advantage of the accessibility of gold and flash their possessions everywhere they go. They also ensure to gold-plate practically everything they own.


That includes vehicles. If you end up visiting Dubai, don’t be surprised to be the license plates of vehicles framed in gold. Sometimes, you might see a lot more than gold-plating, as some people take it to an extreme to plate their entire vehicles in gold! These are people who love to show their wealth and let the world know that they can afford certain luxuries. Sometimes, it’s not so much a matter of whether they love gold: in Dubai, gold is a status symbol. Some people would do anything to impress another.

Dubai And It’s People

When visiting Dubai, a major concern for foreigners is the dress code. What can I wear in Dubai? Would it be a problem if I wore a skirt, or do I have to wear clothes which cover my body? Whatever the concern, rest-assured that Dubai is a country which has a fairly-lax dress code in comparison to other Middle-Eastern states. That said, obviously, the most common form of dress you will see is the traditional wear.


In the photo above, you will see businessman Mohamed Alabbar seated spotting what is probably a Kandura. This type of garment is worn by men and is also called a ‘thobe’ or a ‘thawb.’ It is a loosely-fitting ankle-length cloth which covers the man’s body. Typically, if a robe is longer, it indicates that the wearer is someone of a particularly high-class. Shorter kanduras are worn by more modest folk.


Another typical garment which is seen in Dubai is the ‘abaya.’ This article of clothing is worn exclusively by women. It is a loosely fitting dress styled like a robe which covers a woman’s body all the way down to her feet. However, it does not cover the head, hands, and face. These garments tend to be black-in-color, although it isn’t entirely uncommon to see women wearing a white ayaba.


Although it’s not obligatory, a woman may decide to wear a niqab (a veil which covers every part of a woman’s face except her eyes) along with an abaya. This is also something which is commonly seen in Dubai as women have the right to express their image and identity based on how they feel. Unlike other Middle-Eastern states, women have more freedom to dress as they feel. Why shouldn’t they take advantage of that?

Women Rocking Fashion

Speaking of taking advantage of the freedom to dress how they want, some women are definitely serving up a strong fashion statement! Although the abaya is traditionally a simple, black, loosely-fitting robe, some women have decided to glam it up! Recently, some designers have been experimenting with the abaya.


Recognizing the potential for the garment, some have been fashioned into spectacular wedding dresses. Such dresses are an alternative way to look beautiful. Surely, there is a lot of versatility with Arabian wear and both women and designers alike are taking advantage of it. Don’t be surprised if, in the future, a high-profile celebrity decides to get married in an abaya!

People United

Apart from being known for being posh and lavish, Dubai is also a city with a lot of cultural diversity and tolerance. This photo below captures the essence of life in the nation. People of different cultures, creeds, walks of life, and beliefs coming together as one in a great melting pot. Although laws in Dubai are a bit more restrictive than in most Western states, for the locals, that’s ok. They see it as a way of preserving the authenticity of their culture and their way of life.


Furthermore, because there are so many tourists living there, the city becomes more and more diverse as the years go by. Dubai welcomes visitors with open arms. Furthermore, considering that the country receives a steady flow of tourists, locals tend to be warm and friendly, always willing to lend a helping hand to a stranger in need.

A Time For Giving

Another observation which any foreigner would make upon visiting Dubai after a while is that the people there are very giving. Charity is a huge part of their culture, and there is no better time to give than during Ramadan, also called holy month. During this time, it’s pretty regular to see people handing out plates of food to homeless or unemployed people. These tend to happen in the malls, something which you will hardly see in any other part of the world.


In preparation for charitable events, organizers prepare loads of foods and drinks which are subsequently dispersed to those in need. For locals, it is a customary tradition which needs to go on. It is definitely a way to show love to your fellow neighbor and to let him or her know that you care. Everyone’s life is valuable, including someone who is homeless: they need to feel appreciated just like all of us.

Important Visitors

Over the last ten years, Dubai has really become an important destination for travelers looking to experience Middle-Eastern life and culture. Of those travelers, even A-listers feel that Dubai is worth visiting! This is the same place which was a vast sandplain just under fifty years ago. For it to have gained so much recognition almost overnight is incredible! Of those A-listers, reality television star and public figure Kim Kardashian graced the streets of Dubai with her presence. She was seen riding camels: she wants to make sure that she’s getting a thorough introduction to the nation’s culture.


However, she wasn’t alone: not only did her family members go with her but also some of the cast of the popular Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She went to give a masterclass in makeup. As expected, during her stay, she paid a visit to some of the most spectacular malls found in Dubai. She also spent time with some children housed at a center for special needs.

Lewis Is In On The Action

Ever heard of Lewis Hamilton? If not, he’s a British racing driver who has won five Formula One World Championships. Due to his success and skill, he is oftentimes heralded as being one of the best drivers in history, as well as the best driver of his generation. What’s more: he frequently visits Dubai!


That’s right: Lewis normally comes to Dubai, and when he does, his preferred place to stay at is the Hotel Jumeirah. Actually, in 2010, Lewis gave a press conference which was held by one of the hotel’s partners, namely, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team. Lewis is one of those celebrities who definitely loves Dubai: if he didn’t, he probably wouldn’t keep coming back so often!

Even Nicole Loves Dubai

Does anyone remember those hit songs from the Pussycat Dolls? We’re talking about numbers like “I Hate This Part”, and “When I Grow Up.” Well, even if the group’s lead singer eventually decided to part ways and pursue a solo career, she has been living her best life. Nicole Scherzinger has gone on to sell over 14 million records as a solo artist, establishing herself as one of the world’s best artists.


Apart from her love for singing and fashion, Nicole also happens to love Dubai! Initially, she went in 2012 for one of the episodes of the X Factor. After, she decided to return to bask in the splendor of the city. She was so enamored by its uniqueness and sheer beauty. Definitely a crowd favorite among celebrities.

Tennis Star In Dubai

Novak Djokovic: one of the greatest tennis players of all time hailing from the beautiful country of Serbia. Apart from his skill on the court, perhaps what this great tennis star is also known for is his wit, humor, and funny personality. Not many stars can crack a joke quite like Djokovic can!


This tennis-pro has gone to Dubai on several occasions, both for professional reasons as well as for pleasure. He has been seen enjoying the lavish lifestyle in Dubai, particularly the hotels. Something about Dubai just keeps making all those who have gone to visit the country want to come back, and Djokovic is no exception.

The Greatest Mall Of All

Guess where the biggest mall in the world is expected to be located? That’s right folks, there are plans to build the world’s biggest mall in none other than Dubai. Of course, this comes as no surprise, especially given that this is the land of luxury and beauty, as we all know. What’s also expected is for this mall to be grand.


It’s expected to be around 8 million square feet in size. What’s more, the mall will also feature a built-in hotel which is expected to bring in around 80 million guests yearly. Even more impressive is the fact that this mall is supposed to have a park which is even bigger than London’s Hyde Park. Now is that cool or what? The plans for the mall were announced in 2014, and it has an expected completion time of 10 years. Therefore, those looking forward to the mall’s opening will have to wait another five years for its grand unveiling, which would be yet another reason to visit the wonderful city of Dubai.

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