These Photos Show You What North Korea Is Like Right Now


In this modern age of technological advancement and widespread telecommunication, access to information about virtually anything in the world should be commonplace, right? Well, not quite: one country which has resisted widespread documentation of its culture and day-to-day happenings is the East-Asian country of North Korea. Originally considered as one nation along with South Korea, political ties between these two countries were eventually severed after the Second World War with North Korea turning into a communist nation while South Korea adopted a democratic form of governance.

Due to strict censorship and even more restrictive laws implemented under the Kim Jong-un administration, there is hardly any available documentation on the daily lives of North Koreans in their own country.  However, there are a few Western photographers who have risked their lives to steal a few shots in order to show the rest of the world what it’s like living in such an impoverished nation. Continue reading to find out the jewels which have been brought back by these brave photographers.

The North Korean Army In Action


However, nuclear weapons aren’t the only forces of mass destruction in the army’s arsenal. The army also boasts a substantial number of chemical weapons, although, yet again, the exact number remains undisclosed. The army utilizes several weapons which are prohibited for use in many countries throughout the world, including various missiles and lasers. All Koreans who have passed the age of 18 are required to enroll in the army.

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