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These Preschool Sweethearts Lost Touch, But 20 Years Later Everything Changed


Who here doesn’t know what high school sweethearts are? But, have you ever heard about pre-school sweethearts? This is what Matt Grodsky and Laura Sheel were. They met back when they both had only 3 years, they had a pretty strong bond, even before they met. And once they did meet, Matt told the whole class that he loved Laura.

Anyways, as time passed by, and they got older and older, distance started taking part in their love, and set both of them apart. And, distance put an end on their friendship. Until their paths crossed again that is.

It All Started Back In Pre-School

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The kids have a great story to tell. And it all started back when they were both 3 years old. They met at their preschool in their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. But, the best part about their meeting is that they both had a strong bond even before getting to know each other.

Matt was the first one to notice Laura on the playground and that is when he knew, that he wanted Laura to be his best friend. So, he did what any 3-year-old would do, he started following Laura around on the playground. And, Laura did what any other 3-year-old would do also. She started warming up toward Matt. So this is how they became practically inseparable. They were constantly together. And despite the fact that their p[parents thought that their friendship was cute and adorable, they didn’t think that it would become, what it did today!

Matt Was A Goofball, and Laura Loved It

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Matt knew that he wanted Laura to be his friend, so he kept following her around the whole day long. And in an interview he had for “Today” he said that he doesn’t remember when was the first time that he saw her, but he will always remember her as the girl that let him follow her around all the time.

In the beginning, Laura thought that Matt, was a goofball who did nothing else but follow her around the whole day, but not too long after, she realized how warmhearted and funny Matt actually was. And she started liking spending time with him. And, it didn’t take them too long to become best friends. As we said earlier, they were practically inseparable, they didn’t do anything alone. They played hide and seek out in the playground, and even skipped nap time in order to spend some more time together.

And, after a while, they started asking their parents to hang out outside of preschool. And they started hanging out all the time.

The Cuties did Everything Together

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We said this before, but, hanging out only in the preschool wasn’t enough for the kids anymore. They started to ask their parents to hang out together even after preschool. And because of their previous bond, their parents knew each other, so they started taking them on playdates during the weekends too. They even went to the movies together on a play date, with their parents of course. And, during the scary parts of the movie, Matt would hold Laura’s hand.

They became closer and closer, and despite the fact that Matt had only 4 years, he decided to tell the world the feelings he had for Laura.

Matt Always Had A New Way To Impress Laura

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It’s always fun to think back on the time when we would do anything just to impress our friends. Even when it was something pretty basic like showing off our Pokemon cards collection, or jumping the furthest from the swing. Oh, what would I give to get those days back…

Anyways, back to the story… Matt was the one doing the things to impress Laura. And one of his best ways to achieve this would be to start quoting parts of his favorite Disney movies to Laura.

Matt Learned a Lot of Things From Laura

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Despite the tons of things Matt did to impress Laura, and the efforts he spent trying to achieve this. Laura managed to impress him without doing anything all the time. He learned a lot of things from her. He learned how to swing on the swings, he even learned how to create the best rolling hills drawings from her, and their favorite, she taught him what is the “right way” of eating string cheese.

And even though these things might seem like nothing, they were bringing the kids closer and closer. And these moments stayed in their memories from all of the times they spent together.

Cute Little Lovebirds

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Their friendship wasn’t a secret, and everybody knew about it before they were four years old. And it wasn’t a hard thing to notice. All you needed to see is how they were spending the days in preschool, and you would guess about the part that happened on the weekends yourself. Some even thought that the two cuties were love birds. Matt was one of these people.

He even stood up in front of their class one day and said some day he will marry Laura. Everybody started laughing at him, some from disbelief, and others, well others laughed because they were kids.

And Matt wasn’t really far off with his promise!

Best Preschool Friends

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No one seemed to take Matt’s promise seriously, but the two preschool friends kept their bond strong all throughout preschool. They were setting up play dates for the weekends, they attended each other’s birthday parties, and never missed the opportunity of spending some time together.

Despite them being only 4 years old, they had some special bond together. They were truly inseparable. And this is why Matt gave that promise, and why it seemed plausible to the little fella. But, they were in for a big surprise once preschool was over, and they started kindergarten. Their lives would turn upside down. And their strong bond would be tested for the first time!

Play Time For Whole Day Might Be Over

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They spent the whole summer time together, and before even thinking about it, the day when they had to start kindergarten was there. They ended the first part of their long life journey with a success. But they didn’t even realize what life had in store for them.

Starting a new chapter could be a terrifying thing for anybody, let alone a child. But, starting kindergarten wasn’t their only worry. Namely, the kids didn’t know if the two of them were going to be in the same class and this is what made the start even harder for them. Slowly but surely their parents started preparing them in case the “spending their whole day together” might come to an end.

They Even Separated Into Different Elementary Schools

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And, being in a different kindergarten class was only the start of their worries. In fact, they just started. After kindergarten ended the two close pals were even enrolled into different elementary schools. And no, their parents didn’t make this choice. This was decided by the area where the kids lived.

The little friends weren’t pleasantly surprised and they didn’t like the fact that they were further cutting down the time spent together. And, no one actually understood them, not even their parents, they were not aware of how strong their bond was, and how attached the kids became. But, they managed to assure them that they were going to spend some time together during the weekends.

They Were Spending Some Time Together

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Thanks to their parents, the two friends got some time together during the weekends. But, this got decreased even further simply because of how busy their parents were. They slowly got to see each other less and less, and in the end, it got down to see each other whenever their parents were free.

But, the two best friends were still trying to keep their bond alive as much as they could by playing together when they had the opportunity. They even managed to snap this cute photo for a Christmas card along with two other friends. And, with the progression in their lives, they started seeing less and less from each other.

Eventually, Christmas cards became the only way that they could communicate!

Christmas Cards were their Only way of Communication

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Eventually, as time passed by, and they were growing, once two best friends were not spending even that little time together. And from being practically inseparable and spending whole days together, day, after day, after day, they came down to only communicating when their parents send out Christmas cards in their mailboxes.

And despite the fact that the two missed the times when they were spending the days together, they were busy with their school, new friends, family, homework and simply living their lives.

Distance can Make or Break a Bond

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

If what they say is true, the distance can sometimes make a bond stronger, and other times it can break even the strongest bonds. And the case for the two best friends has a great ending, but we’ll talk about that later. As time passed by, Matt and Laura were not waiting for the Christmas cards from each other, and, they entirely stopped spending time together. They were both growing up and learned how to live a life without each other, separately.

Forgetting our past is an easy thing to do when we’re constantly evolving, and meeting new people, experiencing new things, and simply growing up. And from what it looked like, Matt’s and Laura’s friendship was a great thing to remember, but it seems as if they completely forgotten about it, as years passed by.

They Both Enrolled In High School

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After a whole 10 years, they were both ready to start a new chapter from their lives, yet again. And they were once again enrolled in different high schools. They even stopped thinking about each other, so this wasn’t really a problem with the two of them anymore. I mean, how could they? Nearly a decade has passed since they were very close.

But, a bit more into her freshman year, something amazing happened to Laura. As she was going through her friend’s phone, a number popped up, and she immediately recognized and remembered the name.

The name that popped up was Matt Grodsky. Yes, the same Matt Grodsky from ten years ago!

Memories and Feelings from the Past Come Flooding In!

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

As soon as Laura saw Matt’s name pop up on her friend’s phone, she first was pretty amazed to see it there, and then a flood of emotions and memories from the childhood started flooding her. After she got herself together, she asked her friend how she knew Matt, and the friend answered that they met in middle school. The world felt like a tiny little place to Laura at that moment!

Laura uncovered the preschool romance she had with Matt to her friend, but decided it would be best if she doesn’t overthink this and leave it… But, fortunately for Matt and Laura, Laura’s friend had something much better in mind, she just didn’t tell Laura immediately.

Let’s Match You Up

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After Laura’s long story about the history, she and Matt had, her friend had an idea pop up in her head. It was a crazy one and she decided to keep quiet until she decided what she was going to do. Namely, she wanted to match up Laura and Matt. And after a short thought process, she realized that they would actually make for a great match!

Not too long after, she decided to talk to Laura about her idea. And Laura was feeling a bit hesitant because she didn’t know anything about what was happening in Matt’s life. It was nearly a decade since they last spoke. She thought that things were never going to be the same. But…

The Matching Up By a Mutual Friend

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The idea of setting her up with Matt made Laura pretty nervous just by thinking about it. And that was not the only thing that was really bothering her. Namely, at the time she didn’t even know if she wanted to have a boyfriend.

But even with Laura telling people that she was a freshman and the idea of having a boyfriend at the time sounded like a bad one, their mutual friend thought that they had something special, and she felt like they could make it work. And after a bit of talking with her, she gave Laura Matt’s number.

The reaction from Matt really surprised Laura. She didn’t expect that from him!

He got Back to Her Message Right Away

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As soon as he got her number Matt texted Laura back. After a little bit of chatting and getting back to memory lane, they decided to meet. They set up a date, and even though this was not a typical date like they had back when they were kids, it had something they both remembered doing and liking – The two of them watching a movie!

Once they met up, they had a bit of talk, in fact, they had a lot to talk about. But, it seemed as though they were together the weekend before, they didn’t feel like they were separated for nearly a decade. Matt that even back in preschool he knew that it was love at first sight.

Started Dating

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Yes, they were preschool best friends, but who would’ve thought that they would start dating now that they grew up?! Well, in all fairness, Matt did. On their first date, everything went according to plan, and no one felt like they were away from each other for a decade. And, not too long after their first date, they officially started dating and became boyfriend and girlfriend.

And, despite the fact that they were in a different high school, this time, they could drive. This made everything easier for them and their relationship. They started doing everything together, just like the good old times. They were together all the time. But this time, they were the ones who were responsible for themselves.

But, they might hit another bump in their relationship, with college time getting closer and closer!

A Hard Decision, Once Again!

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Time was passing by, and they were in their senior year of high school. College was right in front of them, so they had to make a decision. And as they were once separated, they weren’t going to let that happen once again. They didn’t want to go through it all over again. This time, they had to go to different colleges, and despite them going to different schools before this time it was different. They were going to colleges that were in different states.

In an interview, Laura said that both of them were pretty hesitant about whether they should go to the colleges they wanted to and separate once again. Or, stay together and miss an opportunity to go to the colleges they would like to go.

Second Time is the Charm

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As time passed, and the day for decision came closer, the couple decided that they are going to try and make them being a long distance apart work. Columbia College, Chicago is where Matt decided to enroll, and Laura on the other side decided to go to NAU (Northern Arizona University), Arizona. This was the biggest challenge for them because now they were more than 1500 miles away from one another.

And even though they didn’t manage to fight the distance when they were younger and they ended up splitting up, this time they were determined that they were going to make it work. The second time is the charm!

They Were Up for the Challenge

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It was a pretty challenging thing being that far away from themselves, but this time they actually knew what they were doing, and they were determined to make it work. They were decisive that they were going to immerse themselves into college life completely, but that they were also going to try and keep their relationship alive by constant conversations and meetups.

When you take the distance into consideration, you will immediately notice that it isn’t an easy thing to do. But, “FaceTime”, social media, and some frequent visits sure helped them out. Not saying that it was easy for them, the different time zones were especially difficult for them.

Love to Spend Time Together

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Yes, social media and facetime sure helped them out to keep in touch, not being able to see each other in person for long periods of times was not easy at all for the two of them. One time they went 6 months separated and not being able to see each other.

During their college time, they further confirmed the thing that they already knew. They really wanted to be in each other’s presence. And both of them started to feel the need to decrease the distance. Matt was especially bothered by the distance and he knew that he had to do something about it.

College Has Nearly Ended

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Not too long after, they were in the senior year again. But, this time they were in college. And Matt had something in mind for the celebration of the start of their last college year. And he planned it all out while they were both homes.

He decided that they were going to have a romantic date that would help them relax from all the work that they did in their college. So, he planned the perfect romantic date for the two of them.

Not just any Romantic Date

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

With Matt’s plan of a romantic date on the horizon, he was also hiding something else that would melt Laura’s heart away.

He said to the Huffington Post that he tried and convinced her that it was going to be a romantic picnic date for relaxation at the end of their college junior year. And even though they were together for a long time now, he had this planned out so that Laura wouldn’t have any idea what would happen!

A Romantic Gesture for a Great Reaction

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

Laura was aware of the picnic date, but she wasn’t even dreaming of what was about to happen. Namely, for their 20 years of friendship anniversary, Matt had something special in store.

He sure was excited to take Laura back to the place where it all began, in the preschool where they met, on the playground that they spent most of their preschool years. He loved the way that their story unraveled and he wanted to try and take Laura for a  romantic trip down through memory lane!

Excited and Nervous at the Same Time

Image Source: Matt Grodsky / Facebook

Upon arriving at the secret location, Laura could notice how Matt was shuffling in his car seat all the time. She knew that there was something happening, but she figured out that it might be because he was taking her to a surprise location.

When they got there, at the preschool, on the playground where it all started, she was at a loss of words, and she was touched by Matt’s gesture and how thoughtful it was by him. She really loved him before that moment, but now she could just sense that she was lucky to have him. She was flooded by all of the memories and emotions.

Something More than just “the Perfect Date”?!

Image Source: Matt Grodsky / Facebook

She was already touched by the thoughtful gesture her boyfriend just did, but it was going to get even better for the couple. Matt was about to do something that would turn their relationship upside down. He was about to take their relationship on a whole new level…

He got down on one knee, took out the ring from his pocket, and he popped the big question… “Will You Marry Me?”. Laura was shocked and she even told people how she reacted at the moment. She didn’t believe that Matt just did that. She said yes of course, but she was just shocked by the moment.

He had Planned this Long Before

Image Source: Matt Grodsky / Facebook

Despite the fact that Matt proposed to his girl on May 24th, 2015 he has definitely been planning this move for months before. The engagement ring was just amazing, and he has purchased it months before the event.  He even went to Laura’s father and asked him for blessings. And only after all of this was done he popped the question on the romantic picnic date!

He even went as far to get his brother to hide in the preschool with a camera so he can catch Laura’s reaction and the whole event on camera. And the best thing is the fact that Matt actually used the old basket that his dad actually used to propose to his mother. In fact, his parents already had the basket prepared with wedding magazines and some sparkling cider.

He did the Same Thing 20 Years Ago

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

They were both still in college, but despite this, Matt still didn’t like the idea of waiting until they finish school. He was sure that Laura is the woman of his life, and after all, he still wanted to finish the pledge he made back in preschool in front of his class…

He proposed to her in the same place where he made that pledge 20 years ago, back in preschool. He knew he liked Laura, and he knew he wanted to marry her. That is why he took on the final step in their relationship and made it official.

They Seal the Deal

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

The official time of their wedding was on 12.30.2016. They got married at the Arizona Historical Society. The wedding song of their choice was “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John. This was also a take of Matt’s attempts of looking smart with his countless Disney references back in preschool.

Matt’s uncle described their love story perfectly when he said that most preschool kids are looking for their snacks and sleeping mats, but Matt and Laura actually found their soul mates.

Celebrating True Love

Image Source: Matt Grodsky / Facebook

The wedding day was a special thing for both Laura and Matt, but what made it even more special was the fact they got to seal the deal in front of all the people they cared about and loved. Seeing everyone bunched up to celebrate their love sure meant a lot to them. And being able to dance the night away was the cherry on the top.

They even said it in an interview for the People…“Our favorite part of the wedding was the dancing and having everyone we love there to celebrate with us. We tore it up on the dance floor and it was great being surrounded by everyone who played a part in bringing us together,” they also added.

The Honeymoon from their Dreams

Image Source: Matt Grodsky / Facebook

After they officially got married, they decided to go off for a bit of party after the hard couple of months before the wedding. After their “Yes I Do!” they went on to have some fun on their honeymoon. They decided to go to Maui. And there, they decided to stay for a couple of weeks so that they have the time needed to see everything they wanted to see. And, what’s more, important than that, they got to spend some time alone together.

Laura was overwhelmed by the events that took place in her life over a short period of time. And, she decided to find some way of sharing their love story with the world. They never knew what would happen to them after they shared the story!

“The Way We Met” – Where they Shared their Story

Image Source: Instagram

They couldn’t remember the first time they heard the sentence “Your relationship is special”, everybody that knew their story has told them this at least once. And even though they knew that they had something special, Laura wanted to share it with the world, now that she officially was Grodsky.

“The Way We Met” was the site where Laura decided to post a picture of their preschool years next to a recent photo from them along with their story. This site shares the best stories on their Instagram account. And as soon as they read the heartwarming story of Laura and Matt, they simply knew that they had to share it.

Their Story Goes Viral

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

In the post on the site, she explained how their story unfolds and the ups and downs that their relationship went through. She also wrote about how their love story started from just when they were 3 years old. Matt said that he was crazy about her back then, and he still is to this day.

Their story got shared on “The Way We Met” as soon as they saw it. And the moment that it went up on their Instagram profile, their story started going viral. And despite the fact that they knew people would probably love their love story, they sure didn’t expect to blow out of proportion and to go viral…

Millions of People saw Their Story, and Hundreds of Thousands Reacted to it!

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

At the moment when it was shared the story immediately got nearly 30 000 likes, more than 1000 comments, and all that by 400 000 people who’ve seen it. Once Laura received the message that their story has been posted she was overwhelmed by the way people reacted to it. After a couple of days, they started getting media attention, and before they knew it, their story was all over the social media and TVs.

They were interviewed by tons of amazing media outlets such as the Huffington Post,  People, The Today Show etc.

Their Next Move?

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

You’re trying to think of the next move of the Grodskys? Well, the fact that they have been married for more than one and a half year, moved to Arizona for Matt’s work tells us that they are not planning on separating ever again. He is working in a digital marketing agency in the role of an account executive. Laura, on the other hand, is working in a non-profit organization so that she could help out kids in foster homes.

They have just purchased a new home for them, and for the time being, they are still enjoying making the house by their taste, with all the decorations.

They Expanded Their Family for One More Member

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

There is some news about the couple. They expanded their family with one more member. They became proud parents of Kirby. Well, kinda! Namely, they bought their first furry pet friend as a married couple. Kirby is the name of the dog.

I would say that they have their hands full, including all their work, decorating the new house, and their puppy. And if you take the fact into consideration that they are planning a baby in the near future… You’d be amazed!

They Would Like Some Kids Running Around in the New House Someday!

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

Despite them having a lot on their plate right now, they sure want some children to go along with the new house somewhere in the near future… They even stated that sure that they would love to have kids someday. But, at the moment they said that they were more focused on their new puppy and the new house.

We can cut them some slack. I mean, they did a lot in the past couple of years. They graduated from college. They started working, got engaged, got married, bought a house and a puppy… They should have a bit of rest for sure.

Going With what they Own

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

It all started with them playing in the preschool playground, it went to them not meeting for nearly a decade, to re-sparking the same old spark and falling in love and marrying. This is the short story of the couple, and I know that it is the first time I’ve heard about this kind of a story. And believe me when I say, I have heard about a lot of love stories. But, this is just one of a kind.

They are happy, and it’s mainly because of the fact that both of them are kinda goofy, and they love it. They learned how to value their time as a result of the long distance relationship, and know how to appreciate each other.

What’s the Favorite Thing about your Partner?

Image Source: Laura Scheel / Facebook

Sure, they are a newlywed couple, but the fact that they have been together for such a long time, they sure know what makes their relationship tick. The thing that both of them love about their relationship is the fact that they are both thorough when they start something.

Laura knows Matt pretty well, and one of the favorite things is the fact that he is one of the most driven people that she has ever met. Matt’s favorite thing about Laura on the other hand, is the viral smile she has, also the desire to help people in need. All in all, Matt explained Laura as the person that represents good deeds. He also added that he feels inspired to do good when he’s around her.

You think this one was a nice love story? Wait until you hear the next one that shows us how true love never ends!

Janice Rude and Willson Willson are the main characters in this story. When they first met each other they knew it that it was love at first sight. They spent times and times again glancing down the cafeteria halls and immediately shying away if the other one looked in their direction. They met, started a relationship and were ready to take it to the next level, but, something bad happened and they ended up breaking off the engagement. But, after some time has passed a tragedy will get them back together, and an amazing thing would happen at the meeting… Read on, and find out what!

The Start Of Something Special

Image Source: CardboardSoyuz/Reddit

The early sixties were full of love stories. But Janice Rude and Willson Wilson’s story would be something out of the fairytales… They would end up falling in love with each other in the Occidental College located in LA, USA.

Rude was trying tom get her biology degree as a sophomore, and, Willson on the other hand, was a freshman who was just entering the college life. They weren’t even aware of their existence, until, one day, Willson finally saw Rude in the cafeteria of the college. And, he could never take his eyes off of here since that moment. He wasn’t even dreaming of the romance they were about to start.

Yes, They Fell in Love as Soon as They Saw Each Other

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The young students had their first encounter in the cafeteria of the college as we said earlier. Rude was there working a shift in the cafeteria while Willson went in for a bite.

None of them had known what would happen next, but once they saw each other, they felt something. What they felt was love being born, and not just any kind of love… Love at first sight. As a result of both of them being shy, neither of them said anything. They blushed even at the thought of looking in the other’s direction… They were that shy!

An Important Lesson from An Important Man in Her Life

Image Source: LifeBuzz

Let’s take a step backward and take a look at their history. Before starting the Occidental College, Janice, a nicely raised girl from Reno, Nevada was thought a great lesson by her father that would serve her for a lifetime. The lesson was that you need to work so that you could be successful in life.

She had great respect for her father, so Rude took that lesson seriously, and she even entered adulthood with that lesson. She wasn’t pushed by her parents to go to college, but they were sure supportive when she decided to start college. She thought that a college degree would go great with her father’s lesson. So that’s what she did, she enrolled in college.

He Had It All, it was up to Him to Make it Work

Image Source: Pinterest

Willson, on the other hand, had his future in his hands. His parents were a wealthy family and they had even planned out his future and how his life would go. When enrolling into Occidental College the first thing that Willson did was entering into the Kappa Sigma fraternity. This was due to his plans for a brighter future for him.

His parents expected a lot of him, and in some cases, it really was too much for him. But he tried and exceeded their expectations. Not too long after joining the fraternity, he became the president. And it seemed as though life had dealt him a hand, and he was playing the cards just right.

Willson Succeeds in his College Life

Image Source: LifeBuzz

Willson started off well, and it was really going great for him at his college. He started to make a name for himself. This started happening when a black student wanted to join his fraternity, and the fraternity union decided to refuse Grigsby’s (the black student) place in the Kappa Sigma fraternity simply because of the color of his skin.

Willson saw the injustice in this step taken by the national fraternity union, so he decided to take his fraternity out of the union and make it its own, independent fraternity. This helped Grigsby to join into the fraternity. It was going great for him before this event, but now he finally started making waves in his school.

Willson Wanted to see Janice as Frequently as Possible

Image Source: Denver Post via Getty Images

In the meantime, Janice was working shifts at the cafeteria. Her humble beginnings mean that she was ready to spend some earnings for her college. Her father gave her some money. But it was far from enough to pay off her tuition.

She needed to come to school early because of her job, and by now she had seen Willson a couple of times already. Once Willson realized that Janice was going to work pretty early, he started getting up earlier in order to see her and be the first one in line in the school café.

Their Meetings Started Meaning Something More to Them

Image Source: Pinterest

After a while, they started getting over the shy moments, and not too long after that their glances started to grow into talking, the small talks evolved into long conversations between the two. Willson even now remembers their glances as love at first sight. He would get up early each day in order to see Janice for a bit more time!

He says that he remembers thinking that she’s the one for him. He even said that he remembers the first time when they locked their eyes together. Eventually, their morning met ups started evolving into a routine, so when Willson wouldn’t show up, Janice would start to get concerned about him.

Their meet ups evolved into an everyday routine, but they were missing one really important part from each other’s lives.

They Couldn’t Wait for the Morning to Come so that They Could See Each Other Again!

Image Source: Pinterest

Willson’s feelings started growing for Janice, so he would go to the cafeteria even when he wasn’t planning on eating. He said that he would go there every day just to see Janice, and have a small conversation with her.

What he didn’t realize was the fact that Janice also couldn’t wait for him to come over and have that same small conversation with him. And every time she would find herself in the changing room before her shift started, she would think about how much she wanted Willson to be in her line again. The cereal bar was where they have met the most, so that’s where she always waited for him to show up.

She Motivated him

Image Source: LifeBuzz

Despite the fact that Willson was a freshman, he was doing well in the college life side of things. He was a law student, a fraternity president, in fact, he was already having a full plate for a freshman at college. And with him going early in the cafeteria he would even avoid the Freshman 15.

The early runs that he did before going to the cafeteria were a product of him hoping to see Janice later. He planned his day so that first, he would go for a run, and then, he would go and pay his crush a visit. Believe it or not, this “thing” went on for more than a couple of weeks, and none of them knew each other’s names.

Willson didn’t Think that he had Any Chances With Janice

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Willson made his name well-known around campus along the freshmen there. But, this wasn’t making him any more confident that he could “score” a sophomore… Namely, he thought that he didn’t have any chances with Janice.

He even said it in an interview that he didn’t think he had any chances with Janice, because of the fact that she was a sophomore. He didn’t even think about her liking him back. Janice was falling for Willson just as much as he was falling for her, if not more… despite the fact that their meet-ups weren’t more than a couple of minutes.

A Month Later, They Finally know Each Other’s Names

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After almost a month of their shy glances, they finally started flirting a bit. Willson finally found out the name of his crush, Janice. And, as it turns out, he was going to remember that name until the end of his life, he also hoped that she would remember his name too!

But, as it turns out, Janice already knew Willson’s name. In fact, she learned about her crush once she saw the story about Willson helping out Grigsby get into the Fraternity. The act that Willson took on to help Grigsby only made Janice fall in love with Willson more than she already was. And, as it turns out, she fell for him so much that by Thanksgiving break Janice decided to do something no one thought she would do.

Women don’t actually do this often, lucky for Willson, Janice had the guts to do it…

The Thanksgiving Dinner That Ended In Disappointment

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Thanksgiving is usually the first time when students have the ability to catch a break of all the classes, and their school in general. The college that they went, the Occidental College has a party before Thanksgiving which allows the students to get to know each other before heading for the break.

Janice knew about this, and she was really looking forward to the party. She was particularly excited because of the fact that this is the time when she could get to know Willson, her crush. She started her shift just like every day, hoping she would see Willson. But, this time she noticed that something was missing. Willson didn’t show up on the pre-thanksgiving party the school was hosting.

She was Dedicated to Finding Out Why he Wasn’t There

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She was actually so surprised by Willson missing the party, she decided to try and find out why he wasn’t there, or if maybe something happened to Willson. Not too long after, she met his friends and they told her that he went home earlier so that he could spend Thanksgiving with his parents and his family.

She decided that she was going to look for Willson’s address and go and see him. Once she got his address she started feeling like she shouldn’t do it. What was she going to do? What was she going to say? She thought that she should wait and see him after the break was over.

She Went to his House

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Janice was decisive, she fell in love with him and she was going to see him at any cost. Willson lived far away from campus. In fact, he was located 160 miles away, in Santa Maria in California. She entered her vehicle and decided to drive there.

160 miles were nothing for her when she was going to see Willson. And she didn’t even notice the 3 hours that it took her to get there. But, her head started clearing by the time she got there. She started feeling like she is not doing the right thing and this was happening just in front of Willson’s home.

Janice just Went for it!

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As we already said, she completely froze in front of Willson’s house. She felt like she was some crazy stalker for driving that far away just so she could see him. After all, they only exchanged a couple of conversations in the cafeteria and she didn’t even tell him that she was going to visit him.

And this much doubt would probably make anyone turn around and walk away, but not Janice. In fact, she finally went to knock on his door and decided she would see what happens after that. And, once the door opened she was surprised at the fact who opened it.

She got to Know Willson’s Parents

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Once she knocked on the door, Willson was the one who opened the door. She was totally surprised by the fact that he opened the door. Willson was shocked too, but the thing that matters is that he was glad that she traveled all that way just so she could see him.

In fact, he even said that he was thinking about her when she knocked to their door. This might’ve seemed like a bad idea to her at first, but as it happens it was a great idea because his parents even asked her to stay over for Thanksgiving dinner. It looked as though everything was going amazing for the two, but soon everything was about to change.

The Prentiss Family Loved Janice!

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Rude felt much better when she noticed that Willson’s parents really liked her, and to be honest, she liked them too. In fact, they liked her as much as Willson, his mother told him that she felt a connection with Janice. Willson felt relieved.

Janice didn’t want to overstay her welcome so she decided to head back to campus. After a couple of days, Willson returned too, but they didn’t even dream that the visit would be that huge of a turning point in their relationship.

They were about to do something that nobody thought they can do, and it shocked a lot of people.

They Loved Each Other and That was All That Mattered

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When they met back on campus after the Thanksgiving, their relationship got on the next level. In fact, their crush just evolved into a real relationship. All those days that Willson spent in the cafeteria finally paid off, and his crush finally was his girlfriend.

They were together all the time, they spent days and nights together. And nothing could separate them. They made sure, everyone on campus knew about their relationship. They were constantly smiling at each other. They knew that they were meant to be with one another and soon this made them do something that no one was expecting them to do.

He Decided to Propose to his Girlfriend

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Prentice Willson loved Janice Rude so much that at one point he decided that he should do as his heart tells him, and proposed to his girlfriend. And, even before Willson got down on his knee, Janice knew what she was going to say!

Young people oftentimes end up doing some crazy things. They were together just for a couple of months before Willson got down on his knee, and Janice said “YES”. I mean, yes they loved each other, but they knew each other for a short period of time most of which they spend not even knowing their names.

Going down on his knee and proposing to her was easy, now they should announce to their parents, and one of them is not going to like it.

They Decided to Announce their news In the Paper

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Their engagement got so big, that it was even decided to announce it in their local newspaper. They knew they were meant for each other, despite the fact that they didn’t know each other that well.

They started spending as much time as they could so that they could get to know each other better. And further down they dug in their personalities, they fell in love more and more. They seemed that there’s nothing that could separate them. But, not for too long, Janice’s father found out about them in January and decided that he should get involved in their relationship.

Which one Does She Like More?

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Janice’s father didn’t like the idea of his daughter getting married. She thought that she was pretty young and that their engagement wasn’t the right thing to do. This was especially bad for him because she was working towards her biology degree.

So, he decided to make Janice pick between the two things that are most important to her. He made her pick one thing that is more important to her when he said that if she doesn’t break up the engagement, he was going to cut off the money he was giving her for the college tuition.

He obviously didn’t like the idea of them getting married, but there was someone who would try and help them out.

Big Decisions For Janice

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Janice was torn apart by the decision that her father made. After all, she couldn’t pay for her full college and when she finally found her love her father going against her will, it was so annoying for her. She didn’t know what she was going to do…

And what made the whole story even more awkward was the fact that they already announced the engagement in the newspaper. But, once she took one last look at the announcement she saw that the last words were telling people that the date for the wedding wasn’t set, so this made her think even more.

Follow your Heart or Follow your Brain?

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The couple was pretty devastated by the decision of Janice’s father. It was important for Janice to get her degree, and she still loved Willson enough not to break his heart, and she really wanted to get married to her.

She was crazy about him. And everyone who has ever felt that feeling knows how hard it is to give up on the person you’re crazy about. She was broken apart. She still didn’t have any idea of what she should do. And just before she decided, her mother came in with a great solution to the problem.

The suggestion that Janice’s mother gave was a good one, but Willson’s mom came with an even better suggestion.

Even her Mother Couldn’t Help her

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Janice’s mother tried to help her daughter by taking out another mortgage on their house for the money that her daughter needed to finish college, and so that she could still follow her heart and be with the man she loves.

The bad news was, that even the money that they got from the second mortgage wouldn’t be enough for her finishing her degree. So she was once again torn apart between following her heart or following her brain. And, once she thought about it hard enough she decided to go and follow her dreams and call off the engagement.

Janice’s Dilemma wasn’t Understandable for Willson

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“My father forced us apart from the following January by refusing to pay my tuition if I didn’t ‘stop seeing that boy.’ Willson and I should have taken his mother’s advice at the time, which was to elope. I became fearful that Willson would be attracted to smarter women if I didn’t get a college degree. He did not understand my angst, and so we went our separate ways.” Janice remembered.

Once she realized that Willson couldn’t understand her dilemma, she decided that she needs to end it with him and finish her degree. But, despite her decision, she knew that she is not going to forget him, ever.

Brokenhearted, they moved on with their separate lives

They Moved on with Their Lives

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After calling the engagement off, they further separated from each other. And once she got her degree she moved on to running the family business. They had a company for diving boards. Janice’s success in introducing herself into the Hall of Fame for the USA Diving Association, their business started blooming even further.

And, after Willson finished in Occidental College, he went to Harvard Law School. And, he became a tax attorney. He went back to the west coast and bought a house in the Bay Area. This means that both of them followed their dreams and achieved their dream careers. They didn’t even expect that life had something more in store for them.

Kept on Living Their Lives

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After they broke up, they still saw each other around campus and in the cafeteria, but they played it cool and acted like friends. They’ve hidden their engagement under the rug. And, after they finished with their college they separated even more.

After achieving their goals, they ended up marrying other people and got divorced. And, more than 40 years later, they have not seen each other since they finished college. But, one day, a sad moment in their lives would bring them back together, and the finding that they would realize then is going to turn their lives upside down

The finding is going to make them meet again, and is sure going to turn their lives upside down…

Both of their Mothers Had Held on To Their Engagement Announcement from The News

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In a short period of time, both their mothers passed away. So both of them had to go through the things their mothers owned. And, both of them found something that let all the memories and feelings flooding back in their lives.

They found out how both of their mothers kept the engagement announcement that they made in the local newspaper back in college. They didn’t even think of each other that much once they broke up, all those years ago. But, this had zapped them back in time, and all of their memories and feelings came back. “The mothers got it. The mothers simply knew, and I think we also knew,” they would remember.

They Wanted To Meet Once Again

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Their finding got them to remember those beautiful times, so Willson decided to find Janice’s number, call her and ask her to meet again. Luckily, Janice also wanted to meet. So they set up a meeting in San Francisco, in the “Cliff House” restaurant. The meeting was set for June 20th, 2010, and this is when they made their reunion.

Janice simply knew that there is a small flame burning in there somewhere, since the moment she saw him for the second “first” time. Willson felt that same flame so they continued their love story from where Janice’s father stopped it. They started seeing each other again, and after six months they decided to try it out for the second time.

They Sealed The Deal Where It All Started

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The second time around they decided to set a date for the wedding. They kept it going as smooth as possible. They didn’t want any bumps along the road this time around. The day was set for August 19th, 2012. They decided to make the wedding at the place where their first relationship started – The Occidental College campus. The wedding wasn’t a big one, they only had their friends family and their classmates.

“We lament every day that we missed being together. That’s about 17,500 days – but who’s counting?” Janice Stated for an interview. Despite the fact that it took them nearly half a century, their love found a way and made it happen!

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