These Preschool Sweethearts Lost Touch, But 20 Years Later Everything Changed

Who here doesn’t know what high school sweethearts are? But, have you ever heard about pre-school sweethearts? This is what Matt Grodsky and Laura Sheel were. They met back when they both had only 3 years, they had a pretty strong bond, even before they met. And once they did meet, Matt told the whole class that he loved Laura. Anyways, as time passed by, and they got older and older, distance started taking part in their love, and set both of them apart. And, distance put an end on their friendship. Until their paths crossed again that is.

It All Started Back In Pre-School

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The kids have a great story to tell. And it all started back when they were both 3 years old. They met at their preschool in their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. But, the best part about their meeting is that they both had a strong bond even before getting to know each other.

Matt was the first one to notice Laura on the playground and that is when he knew, that he wanted Laura to be his best friend. So, he did what any 3-year-old would do, he started following Laura around on the playground. And, Laura did what any other 3-year-old would do also. She started warming up toward Matt. So this is how they became practically inseparable. They were constantly together. And despite the fact that their p[parents thought that their friendship was cute and adorable, they didn’t think that it would become, what it did today!

Matt Was A Goofball, and Laura Loved It

Image Source: YouTube

Matt knew that he wanted Laura to be his friend, so he kept following her around the whole day long. And in an interview he had for “Today” he said that he doesn’t remember when was the first time that he saw her, but he will always remember her as the girl that let him follow her around all the time.

In the beginning, Laura thought that Matt, was a goofball who did nothing else but follow her around the whole day, but not too long after, she realized how warmhearted and funny Matt actually was. And she started liking spending time with him. And, it didn’t take them too long to become best friends. As we said earlier, they were practically inseparable, they didn’t do anything alone. They played hide and seek out in the playground, and even skipped nap time in order to spend some more time together.

And, after a while, they started asking their parents to hang out outside of preschool. And they started hanging out all the time.

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