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These simple things can help you fend off migraines


We all hate migraines, I am sure of it! They can be pretty defocusing at moments and take your ideas away. Migraines also have the ability to make you ordinary, normal life, hard and at times impossible. But, you won’t be experiencing that anymore after reading this article! These couple of tips will help you out in eliminating the migraines in no time. Enjoy!

Drink a lot of Water!

We have talked in a couple of articles on how helpful water can be for your body and your overall health. The same goes with eliminating migraines. You can use the water as your first defense against migraines. Namely, as soon as you feel a migraine coming your way drink some water. Doctors propose that spending more than 2 hours without any water can actually be bad for your health.

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Also, we know how tempting it can be to skip a meal when you’re suffering a migraine. But, regular meals also help out in eliminating the migraines as quick as possible. You can reach for some flavorless food that will just fill up your stomach, crackers are a great example.

Everyday Routine Helps out a lot!

People who have constant migraines know that by organizing their days and keeping themselves close to a set schedule can actually lower the chances of a migraine. We would recommend you to set a schedule and try to make it a routine for every day. Sleep should be the number one priority in your life because sleep is the best weapon in the fight against a migraine.

Black Out and Speed your Recovery

You’ve probably figured out by now that loud noise and bright lights can be pretty devastating for your migraine. In order to speed up your recovery, the best bet for you is to prepare a room, black it out and stay there for a while when you have a migraine attack. Blackout blinds can be a helpful tool for you because they can make the room really dark even in the middle of the day.

Once you get to your “safe place” the only thing left for you to do is to lay down and get some quality rest. Try to get as comfy as possible, practice breathing, and after some time you will be able to fall asleep, once you wake up a headache should be significantly decreased.

Don’t Push yourself

People with migraines oftentimes are trying to go through their days and continue as nothing has changed. If you feel a migraine coming your way the nest thing to do is to prepare yourself. Lay down, get some rest (if it is possible of course), get into a cool and dark room, and use a wet cold cloth in order to ease the pressure in your head.

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Make sure that you treat your migraines the right way. Because, if you lose a day by treating it the right way you might lose a couple of days if you don’t treat it right. Once you notice the symptoms take your medications cause it’s always better to stop it than to treat it.

Migraines are pretty difficult to fight off, and when you realize that they can make going through your regular day like going through hell, it would be best to use these tips and try and stop the migraines from happening!


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