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These Young Boys Stopped Pokemon Hunting To Help Elderly Man


Pokemon Go, the game that was a big obsession for a lot of children around the world. This game made its debut, and it started taking the world quickly spreading with youngsters like a virus. The main reason why this game was so successful was the fact that it let you turn your surroundings into a living hunting ground for one of my generation’s favorite species – the Pokemon. All those kids needed to play this game were smartphones and somewhere to go hunting for Pokemon. These two boys were playing their game and minding their own business when they noticed that an older man is in trouble. That is when they decided to get out of the fictive world and do something to help the real man that was in trouble!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

The Two Boys

The two boys in question were the 13-year-old teenagers named Daniel Coyle-Smith and Blake Ockleston. They were minding their own business and playing the addictive game Pokemon Go in their hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. Suddenly, they noticed an older man who had trouble passing the street, and when a lot of the younger boys wouldn’t even notice that while playing the game. The two boys did something a lot more than just noticing him!

What’s More Important?

In an interview, Blake spoke about the moment, and he said that he and his friend, Daniel, noticed that the man was shaking, and he obviously was having trouble passing the street. They could notice that the man was having difficulties walking. And that was the moment when the two teenagers decided that catching Pokemon is not as important as helping the older person pass the street, so they locked their phones and started heading to the older person.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

We will do it together

Despite the fact that the two boys were having a blast hunting Pokemon, the two decided to stop their fun and help the man who was clearly having a problem. The two boys went to the person and asked if they could help him. When he said yes, they held onto the man and helped him pass the street. But, as the boys and the man got in the middle of the road, the lights turned green for the cars. There was no going back now, so the two boys decided to work together to get the man to the other side of the street. So, Daniel stopped the cars while Blake was taking the man across to the other side of the road.

Coming Up With A Solution

They didn’t know what the problem with the man was, and they didn’t want to hurt him so, they decided to sit him in his walker and push him through to the other side of the street. After they finished helping him get to the other side of the road, the boys found out that he was heading to the train station, so they helped him get there too, and found a security guard who was going to take care of the old guy throughout the trip. After they left the older man in the train station, they got back to their game of Pokemon Go.

Despite the fact that they had the Pokemon to chase, they decided to stop and help the older man across the street, and they even took him to his last destination. Thanks to their teamwork, they helped the man cross the road and safely got him to the train station where they found a person who would take care of him throughout the trip, and they got back to hunting again!


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