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They called them the world’s most beautiful twins 9 years ago – but now look what the girls look like today


Everybody loves their own child. Each and every parent would react the same when they get a baby because it is the best and most amazing gift that people can get. But, how would you react if you are not the only one that thinks that your baby is the most beautiful baby in the world? Well, that’s precisely what happened to Jaqi Clements when she gave birth to the two most beautiful twins in the whole wide world!

But something extraordinary happened eight years ago, when Jaqi Clements from California, gave birth to her two baby twins, everyone was saying that these two little baby girls, even only seeing them as babies, were very beautiful!

Image Source: En News Ner

Even when they were just babies, a lot of people were saying that they were going to become one of the world’s most beautiful twins, the two baby girls also got many other compliments, as the Daily Star puts it.

This year, the girls will be nine years old, and the people who were predicting that they are going to become the most beautiful twins in the world were right. The two girls are getting more and more beautiful as time passes by, and today hundreds upon hundreds of modeling agencies are asking the twins to model for them.

Image Source: En News Ner

Ava Marie and Leah Rose, born on the 7th of July, 2010, and as every mother would, Jaqi immediately fell in love with them. She knew they were gorgeous babies. But, what she didn’t expect to happen was the whole world to react to her kids as she reacted. She never expected her daughters to grow into the most beautiful twins in the world. She also didn’t expect that they would go into modeling so soon in their lives.

As they grew up, people just couldn’t fathom how beautiful these twins were. With their long blonde hair and their big blue eyes, Ava Marie and Leah Rose just became to look as they were two little princesses form a fairy story.

Image Source: En News Ner

Large modeling agencies all over the world recognized the two girls and were immediately trying to get the two girls to model for them. So, their mother decided that her best bet would be to open a modeling agency for the girls, so everything would go according to plans when companies would like to photograph the twins.

In 2017, their mother created an Instagram account, and since then, the girls have more than 1.3 million followers, not just on Instagram but on other social media outlets. Nike, Disney, Target are just some of the enormous brands that Ava Marie and Leah Rose have modeled for.

Some other news outlets have said that even though they are constantly busy with modeling, acting, and going to school, the twins are very happy and enjoy every moment.

Their mom Jaqi has said that they enjoy being the center of attention and always are dancing and singing wherever they go.



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