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Things learned in the military that can be applied to life


A lot of people oftentimes look up to our soldiers, and many of them actually think that we should all be taught the way that soldiers are taught. It really would be a good practice to start learning more about ourselves and the limits that we can break with just a little bit of willpower. And that is the first thing that soldiers learn in the military. And small things that we think are irrelevant for us, give a big advantage to soldiers when they come back in the civilian life. We decided to reveal what makes the soldiers better than us, the regular people!

Their Sleeping Habits

I don’t think I should even tell you this, but the war zone isn’t a place where you feel safe and can keep a shut eye. And once they find themselves in a safe, cozy bed outside of the war zone they start feeling how tired they actually are. They learn how to fall asleep fast, because they don’t know when they will need to get up again. They also learn how to sleep light and get up as fast as possible when they’re needed to! Falling asleep fast is a great trait to have, and a lot of people would love to master this.

When you take a look at it and start practicing it, the technique seem pretty ordinary, and now we’re going to reveal it to you! Start off by relaxing each face muscle this includes the tongue, the jaw muscles, and we mean literally every muscle on your face. Then, move on to relaxing your shoulders by letting them fall down as far as possible, go down to your upper arms, relax them and move to the lower arms. Next, start off by relaxing your thighs and the upper and the lower legs. Spend around ten seconds and try to clear your head. It is scientifically proven that if you spend 6 weeks of practicing this technique it would work for you too! I mean it worked for 96% of the people who’ve tried it!

The Devil Hides In The Details!

Another thing that soldiers are great at is discipline. And it can help them go a long way for sure. This includes everything from their weapon maintenance, throughout the uniform maintenance, keeping their beds tidy and many more things, they are known for their high standards. They make sure the details are okay first, and after that they move on to the bigger things. And the truth is that you can achieve this too, you only need to focus your time and energy in the details!

Decisive but Careful!

Not being able to decide about certain things oftentimes puts people on the backseat of life. Whether, they’re overthinking stuff, or just not being able to decide about one thing or another can make them miss a perfect opportunity. This is why military people are taught to be opportunists, and if they see an opportunity they will decide instantly if they should take it or not!

The traits that we talked today are an important part of the tools that all soldiers possess. But, they can also help ordinary people a lot if they use them wisely. So, start training these traits and you will start seeing the results pop up in no time!


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