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Things Military Wives And Girlfriends Really Want You To Know


Knowing the sacrifices soldiers take when going out and defending our country we all want to just take a moment and shake their hands. But – and we probably all know this in the back of our head. The soldiers and military personnel are not the only ones we should be thanking… In fact, we should be just as grateful and supportive to their wives and girlfriends that they live at home. They get a first-hand feel of the pain and suffering when their significant other goes into combat! And that is why today we’ve decided to take a moment and share a couple of things that these military wives and girlfriends really want you to know…

Being the wife of a soldier!

Those heart touching and cute videos that circulate the web are the closest we’ve gotten to a military wife, and that is what most of us might be thinking when we hear “military wife”. But, reuniting and airport arrivals are not the only thing that military wives have to go through in their lives…

Namely, it’s easy to oversee the harsh truth when it comes to military wives simply because of those videos. Yes, they are heartwarming and emotional. But, the other half of this relationship, when they’re alone with their children or by themselves, all that time waiting for their boyfriend/husband to come back. No one seems to talk about that.

Everything is not rainbows and butterflies!

There’s not a person in the world who wants to be in a relationship where they aren’t the most important thing to their partner. But, these strong women have to live with those thoughts. Namely, their partners serve their country and sometimes they have to sacrifice time with them because they put their duty first!

In, fact lots of girls that are in some way or form connected to a soldier have said that they’ve felt like the third wheel in their own relationships. And despite the fact that their husbands and partners might love them more than everything else, they cannot show that love because of how demanding their job is.

The Numbers Are No In Their Favors:

Who marries and the first thing that they think of once everything is done is divorce… No one I’d say, but the problems arise further down in the relationships…

This is the case for the people working in the military. The fact that the numbers and rates of divorce are a lot bigger for people serving in the military come as a given. Because of the increased hours at work, the weeks and months that they spend apart, and because of the feeling of watching your partner go through that rigorous training, lots of marriages are done before the three-year mark. And making it past that number, it is a rare thing to see!

Communication is key

Having a partner who works in the military is not easy as we already mentioned. But, you oftentimes have to be pretty creative in order to spend some time with your significant other…

Namely, they oftentimes prioritize work, you would have to make sure that you set the time prior to the meeting and not just expect that they can give you the attention at the time you need it… There are cases where couples don’t see each other for days, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing them even if the meeting lasts only a few hours.

You become stronger

Separating from your partner is not easy, we know. But, doing that and knowing that they are going to be away for a couple of months is even harder. But, this is what makes military wives and girlfriends better persons. They develop patience, and independence is their strong side.

You learn to do things because there is no one else to help you do the things that your man would’ve done if he was here. So moving the house, fixing your car, decorating the house, fixing the walls and lots of other things, you will have to learn to do these things alone…

Life is constantly changing

Lots and lots of people think that the military wives and girlfriends have to learn the life that they have gotten, because of the fact that they know what they are getting themselves into. Even before marrying or dating the guy who works in the military.

The problem isn’t that they knew, they don’t know. The rules and regulations in the military change every now and then. And because of this, they don’t know what might happen tomorrow or the next day, and for how long they won’t be seeing their partner. They are split into two trying to live the life that they wanted with their partner and how the military sets the pace of their lives. They cannot predict what will happen next, and that is a big problem for them.

They also serve their country

As we mentioned before in the first couple of paragraphs, yes, the people who decide to go in the military make great sacrifices. But, they need to serve their country and keep their loved ones safe, and that is why they decide to do it!

But, despite the fact that they are going on missions and serve their country, their wives, girlfriends, and partners, in general, go through the same pains and feel the same feelings as them, and a lot of people just cannot realize that. They live in an unconventional marriage without their partners, and the biggest problem is that they don’t know when they’re going to see them.

You are married to different people

We’ve all heard the saying “Combat changes people”. And we all know that people working in the military see things that most of us cannot even imagine let along process them. But, none of us knows how they’re feeling. Yes, they look like they’re living a normal life, but are they really?

Often times this is one of the hardest things that a soldier has to do. And lots of times they don’t manage to achieve this and it changes them completely. They might even come back as a whole new person. And this is when the military wives and girlfriends have to get their partners and know that this is just a part of their work and nothing personal.


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