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Things that successful people do over long weekends


Elongated weekends are one of the more popular things among the working class people. When you find out that you’re going to be free for 3-4 days not only 2 days opens up your schedule for all the things that you couldn’t find time to do before. But, the problem is the fact that not everybody knows how to use their extra free time. No matter if you got a free elongated weekend because of some kind of a holiday or you simply asked for the Friday off, using the three free days to their maximum is the best thing you can do. In the following couple of paragraphs, you’re going to find some of the best tips to help you get the most out of your elongated weekend, enjoy!

Make a Schedule and Plan!

Procrastination is a real problem on elongated weekends. So, make sure that you preoccupy your weekend in order to use it to its maximum. And, the thing is not about just making the plans, try and be as proactive as possible. Book tickets for the events, make the appointments you need to make etc. With these activities in mind, you will never find yourself in a situation where you won’t know what you need to do. Buy, make sure that you leave a couple of hours free for flexibility as well as rest. This is in the off case that some kind of an interruption happens. You are not going to work the whole elongated weekend, but you will have a couple of spare hours that will allow you to finish some important thing for work.

Don’t Leave your Work Unfinished

Yes, for you it might be fun to look ahead in a full elongated weekend off, when you can do whatever you want to do, but you should be sure that you have finished all of your work before you start your relaxation. Make sure that you’re leaving the office without any tasks for the day you come back to work. Try and clean the office up before going to relax on your weekend off, also, make sure that you’ve done everything that’s important for the weekend so that you won’t have any interruptions.

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Recharge your Batteries

Everyone and I mean everyone, even the hardest working people get some time off every now and then. Make sure that you switch off for a day or two in order to fully charge your batteries and prepare your mind and body for the upcoming week. In order to achieve this, you will need to make sure that you have turned off all of your tablets and mobile phone, and you have distanced yourself from any kind of distraction that might come your way. This way, you will be freer to spend some more time with your loved ones and let your mind rest.

Some Attention for your Loved Ones

With three or four free days on your hands, you must separate some free time in order to spend some with your friends and family. Have this in mind when you’re planning for your weekend off. Make sure that you separate as much time as you think is possible for your weekly bonding time.

Relaxation is the Key to Everything

And, last but definitely not the least important one. In fact, when we’re talking about alone time, this one is one of the most important tips. With the fast and stressful pace that life passes by these days, it’s almost impossible not to spend some alone time and relax your body and mind. Meditation and yoga are a great way to improve your focus and prepare you for the week that’s coming. By spending some alone time and relaxing you will get into the next week with a lot of happiness and recharged batteries.

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Elongated weekends are not a thing that happens all the time. So try and take the best you can out of the ones you get. These tips are going to help you out be more productive and manage your time better when you’re free. Once the weekend finishes, if you’ve followed all of these tips you will get back in the office with full batteries.


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