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Things you didn’t know about the Arc De Triomphe


With Paris’s huge palette of offerings when it comes to landscapes and sites to offer it’s almost impossible to run out of things to see when you visit the city of love! Despite its title “The City Of Love” this beautiful city also has tons of cultural and historical aspects that it can offer to its visitors. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and many other beautiful places that you can visit hide in the heart of this city. One of the lesser known attractions in this city is its cultural treasure named “Arc De Triomphe”.

Napoleon was the first to commission this amazing Parisian landmark. It was lifted up at the end of the Champs-Elysees on the West side of the city. It’s pretty important for both France’s and Paris’s history honoring the warriors that lost their lives, and the ones that fought for Napoleon while the French revolution was lasting. There are many people that haven’t heard about this important landmark, and if you are one of those people, then here are a couple of things that we think you should know about the “Arc De Triomphe”.

It should’ve Been Something Else

The beautiful Parisian landmark is one of the most important historical landmarks in the whole wide world. But, it became what it became by accident. The Arc de Triomphe should have been a three-story building shaped like an elephant. But, not too long after the start of the building, the project was scrapped and they started working on the Arc de Triomphe as we know it today.

He Didn’t get to See The Landmark

I mean pretty much all of us have heard about Napoleon at least once in our lifetime. He was one of the best generals that France ever had and he was one of the most well-known historical figures in the world. But, there’s one thing that he didn’t manage to do. See the Arc de Triomphe completed. This build was built because Napoleon wanted to honor the ones that fought and died for him. But, he didn’t live to see the day when the landmark stood tall in 1836.

It is Not the Only One

The Arc de Triomphe is not the only monument of its kind in the world. In fact, there are a couple of these laying all over the world. And, all of them were built for the ones that died defending someone’s causes. And, according to some facts, the Arc de Triomphe is the second largest monument of its kind. Which one is the largest you ask? Well, the Arch of Triumph build in Pyongyang wins that competition. This monument was erected back in 1982 in honor of the Korean Resistance against the Japanese.

Dark History Around the Arc de Triomphe

Besides its positive vibe that it gives out, the Arc de Triomphe has been surrounded by a couple of negative moments in the past. In fact, Charles de Gaulle was the target of an assassination attempt back in the days. And, another one of the dark moments around the Arc de Triomphe is the assassination attempt at Jacques Chirac’s life back in 2002.

Despite the fact that it is not one of the most well-known landmarks of Paris, a lot of people know this site as the best looking monument in whole France. And, if you’re one of those people that hasn’t visited this monument in their life then we’d ask you to go and do that!


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