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Things you never knew about insomnia


You are continually experiencing problems in your sleep, and you want to find something else to blame other than yourself? Well, the scientists are on your side! They found out that you can actually blame it on somebody who’s already dead – someone from your ancestry!

Explaining Insomnia

As many of you may already know, Insomnia is a pretty well-known sleeping disorder that affects people of all ages and sexes from all around the world. The people who are suffering from this disorder explain that they cannot fall asleep and that if they fall asleep, they can’t sustain an extended session of sleep. So, as you can imagine, it is pretty hard for these people to relax. Symptoms of insomnia might include something like not sleeping during the night, waking up early, struggling to fall asleep, always feeling tired, and constantly feeling irritated. Scientists say that adult teenagers and adults actually need anywhere from seven up to nine hours of sleep in order to “recharge themselves” and prepare for the following day. Known factors that might cause insomnia are drugs, stress, drinking, shift work, a room that is too hot or too cold. Some pharmacists might prescribe medicines to help you sleep better if you’re suffering from insomnia. But, some of the side effects of the sleeping aid are that they leave the people consuming them unable to operate heavy machinery one day after their consumption. And, a lot of people think that it’s best to avoid drinking the medications in order to be able to work the next day.

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The Genetic Links for Insomnia

Scientists have proven time and time again with studies done on lab mice that some of these problems might be passed genetically from one mouse to another. After the initial research, the scientists have tested some twins, and they got similar results that they got previously, from the mice. Today, numerous studies further strengthen this theory. These researches show that the genetic links are not only for a disorder such as insomnia, but they’re also for some physical disorders like Type II Diabetes and Depression.

The Results from the Research

Military veterans are one of the top people who are diagnosed with Insomnia. So, scientists from all over the world decided to do significant research consisting of 33000 newly recruited soldiers and 8000 veterans. All of the soldiers were told to fill out a questionnaire. And, the answers from the survey and the blood analysis of the soldiers showed how likely they were to suffer from specific mental characteristics from their ancestors. But, the study also showed something even more interesting to scientists. They found out that there is a correlation between two of the biggest disorders people face – Insomnia and Depression. We all know that insomnia and depression are not the same things, but what we don’t know is how the two of these disorders can be passed genetically.  Scientists also found a link between Type II Diabetes and Insomnia.

Image Source: The Kiwi Report

Why This Study Might be Considered Inaccurate

The problem with the study was that it only considered soldiers working in the U.S. Army. So, a lot of people were criticizing it because of the lack of diversification. Another problem with this study was the fact that the majority of the subjects were men, so it also eliminates gender neutrality from the occasion. And, one of the biggest blows that this research has taken the fact that the answers were self-reported. So, it cannot be considered as particularly accurate research.

But, the bright side of the study is the fact that it has given some solutions to the sleeping problems that a lot of veterans are facing. And, the best thing that this research has done is that it helped scientists understand the whole problem better. So it allows them to find a permanent solution to this everlasting problem!


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