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This 25-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome Is Helping To Transform The Fashion Industry


The early 21st century was a turning point for the fashion industry as a whole. They managed to make some amazing leaps forward when taking different types of models into consideration. But, either way, the ones that had some kind of disability continued to be underrated and underused in this industry. Not everything is black and gray though, a lot of fashion companies have made it their goal to introduce models with disabilities into the fashion world and people loved their campaigns. Chelsea Werner was one of these models, and she is actually the model that managed to prove to people that Down syndrome is not a liability when you’re trying to become a fashion model! Read on and find out more about her story!

Grabbing the Opportunities by the Horns

Chelsea Werner from Danville, California, was a shy girl in her early years, and she was constantly limited and underestimated by the world around her because of one disability that she had – the Down syndrome. But, despite the world trying to take her out of the equation, she managed to keep her confidence up, and with a little bit help of her parents, she managed to do something amazing! Her parents made sure that she was grabbing every opportunity by the horns and she was especially good at grabbing the ones that the doctors thought would be impossible for her!

Image Source: Forbes/Jen Lovely/Chelsea Werner

The first thing that doctors thought would be impossible for Werner – any kind of sports, but she defied those odds when she signed up for gymnastics. Not too long after she started with the sport she managed to become a competitive gymnast which allowed her to win gold on the Special Olympics National Gymnastics Championships. And if you think that this one is amazing wait till you hear about some of her other success stories!

Her Second Challenge!

After managing her gymnastics career, she decided that she was going to pursue something even more challenging for her. She tried to get into modeling, and every success story has its downfalls and here’s where they appeared for Werner. Her first couple of tries to get into the industry were pretty unsuccessful. She was told that modeling with her disability is practically impossible. But, she thought otherwise! She was ready for the challenge and decided to try and prove the agencies wrong!

Image Source: Teen Vogue/Mission Magazine

The first signing for Werner was by the amazing agency “WeSpeak”. Werner fit perfectly into the goal of the agency which was to introduce diverse and unique models into the fashion industry. And this was the first of many steps for the young girl. “WeSpeak” was the stepping board for Werner, and they helped her go forward into the fashion industry.

She Proved Them Wrong!

Werner found herself exactly in the center of the spotlight not too long after signing the contract with “WeSpeak”. Fashion shows, magazine spreads, and tackling runways was what she was doing now, and everyone wanted to sign a contract with her now that she managed to transform the fashion industry!  The cover of Teen Vogue was her first major success, and after that, she got to do runways for “H&M” and a couple of advertisements for “Aerie”.

Image Source: Mission Magazine/WeSpeak

To be honest with you, with her winning the Special Olympics National Gymnastics Championships and transforming the fashion industry, she wasn’t the only one benefiting from the situation. She was creating a path for other people suffering from Down syndrome and other disabilities, she showed the world that people with disabilities shouldn’t be underestimated and taken out of the equation.


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