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This 7-Year-Old Sprinter Pitted As ‘The Next Usain Bolt’ Is Going Viral For His Lightening-Fast Clips


Despite the fact that you might not have heard of Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram, this seven-year-old boy runs at amazingly fast speeds. And as a lot of people already called him, he’s the next Usain Bolt. To be honest the world record holder might be endangered by Rudolph because he has run faster than Bolt. Yes, Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram might be one of the fastest kids in the world, and yes, the dedication and constant training will help this kid reach great results. But, as with everything in life, dedication is just the first thing he needs!

Young Child’s Dreams!

Rudolph Ingram, a seven-year-old boy from Tampa Bay, Florida has already started being noticed by people for his incredible speed and agility. That’s why he actually got his nickname – “Blaze”. And what’s even more incredible than his speed and agility is the fact that he actually started training to run track at the age of only four.

Image Source: DXTV / YouTube

By the age of seven Rudolph has already reached certain heights like being crowned an AAU champion a couple of times already, he has won more than 36 medals, and he constantly upgrades and keeps getting better and better, with the dream to achieve new heights! Running track is not the only thing that this kid can do. In fact, he is a Heisman winner, he is an amazing running back and safety in football.

Achiever on and off The Pitch

Training is not the only thing that Rudolph has been focusing on. Despite the 7 years he has, he is constantly striving to be a better person all together. He is working on his work ethic and patience, and he constantly tries to set the bar high for his achievements. And he knows that as he practices more and more he will continue to grow better!

Image Source: NewsHub

His father is really proud of him ( I mean who wouldn’t be?!). And as he puts it, Rudolph is working hard on and off the field. He is an achiever in school too, his grades are only As and Bs.

Becoming An Influencer

Well, known athletes have recognized that Blaze has and some like LeBron James even decided to share some of Blaze’s videos to show the world the kid’s athletic abilities. Coaches and fans try to place the kid on the path of Olympic greatness, but the kid himself has a dream to hit the NFL stage someday.

Image Source: @blaze_813 / Instagram

The ability to sprint 100 meters in less than 14 seconds is great, but the kid is also growing as an Instagram sensation because of the videos that some of the athletes have shared of him he is becoming a growing viral sensation on the platform. When he’s not on the field training he is actually focusing on his Instagram profile and his 400000 followers.


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