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This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Refined Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible


Shannon Cooper, a health and wellness coach, is a new mom and she decided to raise her baby in a way that some parents might think is not “the right way.” But, what we learn about life is that there isn’t a user’s guide for how to raise kids, and if you think that you’re doing the right thing, then you probably are doing it. But, the health and wellness coach decided to do something drastic. She wanted to keep any kind of sugar and carbs away from her daughter, Grace.

In fact, she was decisive that she wasn’t going to give even a gram of sugar or carbs to her baby girl. This surely got the media’s attention, and she was immediately covered with both positive and negative feedback on the plan that she had. And, given the fact that she’s a health and wellness coach Shannon Cooper knows what she’s doing. So, using her knowledge and all of the observations of her daughter growing, she was going to silence all of the people that were saying that this wasn’t good for her baby. Read on, and find out how Shannon managed to do that!

Good and Bad Foods for Our Bodies

We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat haven’t you? And Shannon Cooper, a great health and wellness coach knows this best. She has been working her entire adult life on finding out which types of food are suitable for the human body and which ones are not that good, and she has spent most of the time doing that in her hometown of Brisbane, Australia.

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Shannon says that the foods that we are consuming can be the fuel that drives our bodies or they can be the poison that kills it. And this is her quote that she tends to live by. This in term would lead her to do something that would have a significant impact on other people in her life, and some people might see this as an incompetent decision altogether.

The Diet of the Food You Ate

Yes, I know you’ve undoubtedly heard the previous saying, but this next saying, the saying that drives Shannon Cooper is you are what you eat ate, this is a concept that she really believes in. Let me explain it to you. She believes that you should also be careful about the foods that your food consumed, and this seems to be pretty accurate. I mean, if the fish that you ate had eaten something poisonous before you ate it, then you’re also consuming the same poisonous thing that the fish ate before.

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The foods of our foods also have a significant impact on the way that our body functions. Namely, the eggs of a free-range hen can have more than nineteen times of Omega 3 than the ones of a caged hen. So, with this on her mind, Shannon wanted to put this theory to the test with her wild idea.

A Decision that Surprised Everybody

As we said earlier, Shannon is pretty experienced when it comes to healthy foods and healthy living. She started working in this field while she was pretty young, and because of her love for food and healthy life she decided to pursue a degree in agricultural science, this is a branch of biology that’s focused on the growth and treatment of plants for human consumption.

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And, once she got pregnant with her baby girl, that she decided to name Grace, Shannon had tons of decisions that she needed to make on the way that she was going to raise her baby girl. Shannon was decisive that she was going to raise a healthy daughter and feed her the stuff that she was sure were healthy, but this thinking lead Shannon to make a decision that would surprise everybody.

She Knows what is Best

Health and wellbeing are topics of expertise for Shannon, and what makes her even more credible is the fact that Shannon also works as a health and wellness coach. So, this would mean that she knows what a healthy lifestyle is, and when it comes to the food that she and her family are consuming she surely wants the best. After all, she spent her whole life studying the human body and the things that we consume to feed it.

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So, once she decided to start a family the only thing that would make sense was to put the health of her family in the first place and to improve their lifestyle in a way that only she knew how to do it… with food. The problems started rising when she decided that she was going to do the same with her newborn daughter, Grace.

Diet for Her Baby

After a couple of months, she wasn’t only a health and wellness instructor. Now Shannon was also a mom. The idea that she had in mind was to cut out any carbs, sugars, and preservatives out of her daughter’s diet, and this is the thing that made her far from the ordinary mom.

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Shannon Cooper’s daughter, Grace, was not going to have a normal childhood like any other child. Namely, Shannon decided to make some strict choices on the foods that she and her baby girl were going to eat. And, what was even more controversial was the fact that she decided to put her own daughter on a restrictive diet.

Wanted a Healthy Daughter

And, no, if you think that Shannon decided to put her daughter on a diet because she had some kind of weight issues, you’re wrong. Grace wasn’t overweight, and she didn’t have any problems with her weight. Shannon wanted to put her daughter on the Paleo diet for entirely different reasons. Shannon was also on the Paleo diet for most of her adult life, and she knew that it was great for her.

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Shannon thinks of herself as a gut health enthusiast, so that was why she didn’t want to feed her baby the processed foods for babies out of a jar that you can get from the shelves in a supermarket. She thought that these foods are over-processed and she knows for sure that there are a lot of preservatives in them. So, she decided to feed her baby girl something much healthier than processed baby foods.

The Diet for Her Baby Girl

Cavemen diets, Paleolithic diet, stone-age diet, are all names for the same thing – The Paleo Diet. This diet is pretty strict, and it allows the people who are on it to eat only foods that the Paleolithic people were able to catch and pick for themselves. So, there was lots of meat, fish, veggies, and fruits on the menu for little Grace.

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Her mother found out about this diet in the year 2010, and since then she has completely transformed herself and improved her lifestyle as she puts it. This diet is based around eating natural and unprocessed foods. But, Shannon made a lifestyle out of this diet, and now, she was set on implementing this lifestyle for her baby daughter too!

Problems with her Health

Shannon Cooper had been suffering from some kind of health problems before in her life, and that’s the main reason why she decided to go the Paleo way. Shannon was suffering from all types of food allergies, for almost all of her childhood, and she felt like she couldn’t eat anything, because of the fact that a lot of foods made her feel sick. Shannon felt like the food was the poison for her body, not the fuel…

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She was feeling sick from the foods that she was consuming. Shannon felt like she was doing something wrong, and she decided that she was going to make it right. That is how Shannon decided to try and change some aspects of her lifestyle that might affect her body. The first thing that she decided to change was her diet. Shannon wanted to have more energy and to feel good when she consumed her food and knew that she had to consume healthy meals, but the problem now was that the things that work well for some couldn’t apply to everybody’s diet.

Eliminate the Sugar from Your Diet

The Paleo diet was pretty successful for Shannon Cooper. She quickly started feeling better and started feeling more energetic. She also started feeling that her overall health was improving. This diet revolves around avoiding sugars, carbs, preservatives, processed foods, and all kinds of other additives that might harm your overall health. But, some of the more controversial foods that the Paleo diet avoids are the dairy products as well as some grains and veggies.

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Shannon said that she was starting to hate the feeling of not feeling good, it started feeling like this were her norms, and she decided that she wanted to stop feeling bad and that she wanted to change what her normal felt like. But, what are the experts’ thoughts about this diet, and do they approve of it? Read on and find out!

What do the Experts Say?

So, medical experts think that this diet actually has its fair share of both pros and cons. The base of this diet revolves around us eating like our caveman ancestors. And, there are lots of experts that think that our cavemen ancestors sure ate much healthier foods than the foods that we consume today!

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A well-known fact is that our ancestors were eating three times more produce than what a typical American eats. This includes more proteins, more omega-3 fatty acids, more unsaturated fats, more fiber, more vitamins, and minerals. And they sure ate less saturated fats and sodium. And, despite the fact that this diet worked amazingly for the cavemen, Shannon Cooper would soon find out if it would be suitable for growing and the development of modern babies.

The Drawbacks of the Paleo Diet

So, when you notice how fired up Shannon actually was about this diet, you might think to yourself, are there any cons to the Paleolithic diet? And, frankly, there are a lot of cons. But, one of the things that Paleo enthusiasts such as Shannon oftentimes end up overlooking is the fact that our Paleolithic ancestors were not actually the definition of good health either.

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Our cavemen ancestors have actually been susceptible to lots of infections, parasites and in some cases even hardenings of their arteries. And, even though we all know that processed foods are not great for us, we need to remember the fact that the Paleo diet actually stops us from eating dairy products, veggies, and grains. But, how did Shannon Cooper’s efforts stack up in front of her baby daughter?

It Is Going Good

With all of the experts being split between the benefits and the drawbacks of the Paleo diet, Shannon undoubtedly benefited a lot from it. She got back her gut health, she is feeling energetic, and her overall health is much better now. So, that’s what she decided to do with her daughter too if it didn’t harm Shannon, it won’t harm her baby girl, right?

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Well, to answer this question, we must ask another one… Is the Paleo diet a healthy diet for a developing modern baby? And, how the science stacks up for raising children on this diet? Well, in order to find out the experts’ opinions on this you need to read on!

Are there Any Problems?

Trying to find the answers, Shannon decided that she was going to consult a doctor if the diet would be suitable for growing her daughter. The bad news was that there is no information on this topic, and the doctor couldn’t advise her what to do, but he cautioned Shannon to be careful with putting her daughter to the Paleo diet.

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Despite all of the negativity, Shannon decided that she was going to raise her daughter on the Paleolithic diet, from the day she was born. But, no matter what she decided, there was one critical exception that she needed to do. This exception allowed her daughter to receive all of the nutrients that her body actually needed in order to develop and grow properly.

Grace Surely Needs this!

As we said earlier, Shannon was pretty sure that she was going to put her daughter on the diet, just like she grew and improved her health with it. But, she had to make one exception in her daughter’s case. She needed to include breast milk into her regiment. She decided that she was going to breastfeed her daughter for the initial couple of months, and she would decide whether she should continue doing that or not.

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The fact that babies are not able to consume lots of the foods included in the Paleo diet such as raw veggies, meat, etc. made Shannon decide that she was going to breastfeed her daughter. Yes, at first this might seem like a pretty obvious thing to do, but once you get deeper in the Paleo diet for babies, you will find lots of cases where the mothers didn’t breastfeed their babies. This was the exception that she decided to make, but, she still needed to consult her doctor in order to find out if there are any other serious risks of the Paleo diet for her kid. What is going to happen? Read on and find out!


There are tons of DIY Paleo diet recipes for baby food out there on the internet. But, as most of the experts on this topic put it, not too many if any of these recipes are safe for babies and newborns. There was even one expert nutritionist who stated that the DIY formula made by a celebrity chef, Pete Evans, can actually cause some permanent damage to the infant, and in the worst case scenario it might end in the worst way possible – Death!

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Fortunately, the chef needed to make some changes to his book in order to meet the legal standards so that it could be called a recipe. And, the fact that the prior form of the recipe was not safe for babies delayed the book even more.

What to Eat?

When the parents are done breastfeeding their babies, they oftentimes turn to the mass-produced baby food, the ones that are found in jars in nearly every market. But, Shannon decided that her baby, Grace was not going to eat peas and apples in a jar. Instead, Shannon decided that she was going to make Grace’s food herself in order to meet some of the Paleolithic diet standards.

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Shannon didn’t think that she could ever feed her baby girl, Grace the processed food that companies put in a jar. She wanted to feed her daughter healthy, nutritious food that would naturally give her the nutrients that she needed instead. She was determined that she was going to prepare Grace’s food because she wanted to know the exact ingredients and nutrients that her baby was consuming. This would make it easier for Shannon to keep count of the nutrients that her daughter consumes in a day. Now, you’ve probably seen and heard that lots of parents actually cook their babies’ food instead of buying the processed ones but, Shannon was going a step further. She was only including Paleo ingredients in Grace’s food. Would these ingredients be healthy enough for Grace?

Keeping it Paleo

Grace’s mother had set guidelines and meals that she wanted to meet and cook when she was preparing Grace’s food. She was trying to meet as much of the Paleo guidelines as she could. But, she was feeding Grace with some Paleo foods even while she was breastfeeding her. Namely, she was giving Grace small portions of organic veggies and chicken.

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Shannon Cooper made sure that the food that she was making would be free of any kind of unnatural processing ingredients, she didn’t add in sugars nor preservatives. Shannon was trying to make this baby food much healthier than the ones that you can get off the shelves in supermarkets. Shannon never even thought that she and her daughter would suffer this one unexpected side effect from the Paleo diet.

Quite a Unique Baby

Shannon Cooper was continually uploading photos and videos on social media, of her daughter as well as the foods that she was making for her in their kitchen. There was this one photo where you could notice how Grace is munching on a piece of broccoli. And, you know how most of the younger kids feel about broccoli…

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When she was one year old, Grace had already gotten into the habit of eating foods that are much healthier than the ones that most of us, adults eat. But, there was one question on Shannon’s mind, was her daughter getting all of the needed nutrients? And, were there going to be any long-term side effects from the diet that would affect Grace?

What about Candies, Chocolates, and Snacks?

By the time Shannon’s daughter got to 1 year, and one month, she was already consuming Paleo meals such as quinoa porridge, sauerkraut, and chia pudding. Most of these foods are young children’s worst enemy, and what left me in even bigger awe, were the foods that Grace never tried once in her life!

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Crabs, candies and chocolates, some of the children’s favorite snacks, are foods that Grace has never tried once in her life. But, what’s Grace’s opinion on the foods that she’s consuming? Well, her mother said that Grace loves the food that she consumes and has never tried to sneak candy or something that she shouldn’t be eating.

How does Grace feel About the Paleo Diet?

As Shannon Cooper puts it, all of the effects from the Paleo diet that she has noticed on her daughter were just great! Shannon added that her daughter has fallen sick only once in her life, and it was nothing serious. It was just a cold. This is amazing given the fact that most of the children her age are more prone to falling ill.

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Her mother said that she doesn’t keep her away from kids that are sick, she said that Grace is always around children with a stuffy nose, coughs, and colds and she was happy to tell us, that her daughter never seems to pick it up! She is sure that the excellent health that her daughter is experiencing as well as the improved immune system is all thanks to the Paleo Diet!

Improved Immune System

Some of the non-believers might think that Shannon is one of those overprotective mothers that are continually protecting their kids from other, sick kids. And as Shannon said earlier, it sure isn’t because of that, and she has never done anything to protect her from bacteria or children with colds.

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She actually thinks that this is because of the fact that the Paleo diet that her daughter is on is improving her immune system. She is thankful to the Paleo diet, and she has gone so far as to write a couple of cookbooks in which she explains some of the healthy recipes that she has been cooking for Grace.

DIY Diet

But, to be completely honest with you, Shannon was not as strict as you might think she is. She says that she is not entirely Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, carbs free, or any of the diets or food denominations. She said that she actually takes small pieces of each and every one of the ones that we mentioned and creates her own DIY diet.

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In an interview, she said that she tends to take bits and pieces that she likes from a variety of food approaches and diets, and takes out the ingredients that she doesn’t like and puts in some of the ones that she thinks would be good for her daughter. And, even though this might seem like a pretty tough thing to follow for a longer period of time, Shannon is planning on achieving just that. But, the real question would be, has Shannon Cooper prepared for the time when her daughter, Grace, decides to break the diet at some kind of an event such as friends’ birthday parties?

She Knows that her Plan isn’t Perfect

Yes, Shannon might be raising her daughter on a pretty strict diet, and she knows for a fact that her daughter will break the diet at some point, and consume some of the foods that she shouldn’t. But, she is completely okay with that fact. Shannon said that she’s okay with her daughter consuming foods that she shouldn’t and she doesn’t get upset with that fact.

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She said that she wouldn’t forbid her daughter to eat a piece of bread, and she would not keep Grace from going to birthday parties and eating the things that are there. But, when you come to think about it, this wasn’t the only thing that Shannon was overlooking. What’s going to happen when Grace decides that she is grown up and she wants to make her own dietary decisions?

Prepare her with Knowledge and Health

Well, as it turns out, Shannon has thought about this problem too, and she decided that she will educate and raise her daughter on a diet that will make her joyful and healthy. And, when the moment of Grace wanting to decide for herself comes, Shannon Cooper will let her daughter make her own dieting decisions.

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She knows that at some point of time her daughter will get home not feeling well from eating lots of cupcakes, chips or drinking too much soda. And she hopes that this will be a learning experience for Grace. That time she will know to eat less sugary treats at the next birthday party. With every decision in our life, we will be facing both good and bad opinions and feedback. The problem was that Shannon was collecting a lot of negativity with hers.

The bad Social Media Feedback

Grace’s mother was decisive and knew that her parenting tactics were working out well for her daughter. But, because of the fact that she was posting a lot of her life on social media, people quickly found out what she was doing. That’s when a lot of the criticism started going her way. A lot of the people that were following her there were not happy with the fact that she was putting her baby on a pretty strict diet.

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There were some positive comments and feedbacks but the bigger part of the feedback was pretty negative, it seemed like everybody was criticizing her decision to put Grace on the Paleo diet. Shannon couldn’t believe that people would criticize someone that would want to give only healthy foods to their kid, and praise the parents that are feeding their children all the processed foods.

Why are They Criticizing me?!

She was in disbelief, and couldn’t understand the reason behind people’s criticism. She knew that she was giving her daughter healthy foods and people were criticizing her about that? Why are they okay with feeding their children fast foods and foods that don’t have any nutritional value then? She started questioning her decisions, and the negative feedback wasn’t helping her at all!

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Shannon said to people that if they would like to feed their kids some of the unhealthiest diets ever, then they’re welcomed to do so. But, she stated that she doesn’t understand why would people protest about her feeding Grace a plate of fresh vegetables. But, this was nothing close to the media storm that she was about to enter with her parenting decisions.

Growing in Popularity

The media quickly saw potential in the story of Shannon raising her daughter on the Paleo diet, and they quickly started working on it. And, soon enough people from all over the world knew about these unusual parenting tactics. There were also some experts that decided to speak up on the way that Shannon decided to raise Grace.

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There was one dietician named Rosemary Stanton who decided to speak her voice in this fiery discussion. She said that she wouldn’t recommend people to put their children on this restrictive diet. She added that putting youngsters on a restrictive diet is not a good idea, especially for newborns. And without any valid grounds to do it, it’s even more unusual… Stanton also recommended Shannon to add in some grains and legumes in Grace’s diet. She said that foods like alfalfa and chickpeas would be great.

Grace is as Healthy as She can Be!

But, Shannon was sure that she was raising her daughter right, and took the advice of Stanton with a grain of salt. She knew that her daughter was pretty healthy and she was okay with continuing the Paleo diet for her. She also added that the foods Grace eats are healthy foods and filled with nutritional value that helps Grace’s immune system, and that’s why she isn’t going to change anything in her diet.

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She knows that the food that Grace is eating is healthy and is just like the food that every other person eats. She is sure that (for now at least) Grace loves her food, and she doesn’t need cereal, toasts or something that might be unhealthy. Shannon is sure that these foods are not going to kill Grace, and she would be totally okay if her daughter ate a piece of bread. But, there’s one more fact that helps Shannon fight all of the people who don’t believe in her parenting tactics.

Healthy and Happy Life

She can see how healthy and happy her daughter is with the current food that she is consuming. And she knows that in Grace’s three years she has only been sick once. Something is undoubtedly helping Grace’s immune system to fight off all of the diseases. This is how she knows that she is doing something right, and this is what helps her cope with all of the negative feedback that she gets.

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One thing is for sure. Shannon doesn’t want her daughter to develop some kind of eating disorder. Mainly because she knows the situation and problems that females in this society have with eating disorders. She surely wants the best for her daughter, and she wants Grace to eat what makes her feel good. And, given the line of work that Shannon is in, she is the right person to be deciding that.

Shannon’s Website Helps other People

Shannon works in Australia. She is a fantastic health and wellness coach as well as a great nutritionist. She has started her own website, and she named it Her background in science and animal health only help her in the quest of improving the quality of life for everyone.

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Shannon holds private tutorials and workshops where she helps out people to learn to prepare healthier foods for them as well as their children. Shannon helps her students find out more about the things that they put in their bodies, and she points out the things that they should always avoid. So, how’s life for Shannon and little Grace today? Read on and find out!

Grace Started going to Kindergarten

As time passed by and Grace grew older and older, she started going to kindergarten in the summer of 2018. Shannon shared with all of her fans and followers on her social media accounts how she felt to see her kid grow so fast. And, the fact that amazed her the most was how healthy and happy her daughter was from the foods that she was consuming. She gives all the credit to the Paleo diet.

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In one post on her social media, Shannon wrote about how fast her daughter grew and that she couldn’t believe that she was going to kindergarten soon. She also added that despite the fact that her daughter drives her crazy lots of the times, she knows that this is just a period and it will all be gone in the blink of an eye… But, what would Grace think about this when she grows older, and will she continue the Paleo diet once she can make her own decisions?

Paleolithic Diet even on Vacations

As we mentioned earlier, Shannon doesn’t want to force her daughter to do this, but until this point, Grace is following her mother’s footsteps. She is following the diet even in Mykonos, Greece. In this post, you can see the duo munching down on strawberries on their vacation. They look so happy!

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Shannon is sure that life can be fun with the Paleo diet too! You just need to learn how to make it fun. There are tons of recipes on her blog that you can try out, and assure yourselves. And, the funny thing is, that her dishes look so tasty that anyone would like to try them out!

Sharing her Dishes on Instagram

She is happy with the Paleo diet, and she loves encouraging people to try this diet out. That’s why she has her Instagram account. There she shares all of her recipes that she has made, and these “Nut Free No Bake Fig & Quinoa Bars” are the perfect example of how fun the Paleo diet can be. They will satisfy your cravings in no time!

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Shannon is sure that healthy foods are as good, and in some cases can be even better than the processed foods that we buy from the supermarket. And, to top things off, these Quinoa Bars don’t have to be baked at all. Here’s one fact about Shannon that uncovers a lot about her cooking… She doesn’t like standing in front of the oven baking things! But, Paleo is not just about the food. There are other principles that need to be followed!

The Paleo Lifestyle

The Paleo is not just a diet! In fact, it is a way of life! Shannon Cooper explained this all over her social media. The food is an essential part of the Paleo lifestyle, yes, but, there are also other things that you need to do! One of those things is meditation, and this is because of the fact that eating healthy is not the only thing that helps with your health. In fact, sleeping can have even better health benefits!

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Shannon uses her social media to promote the Paleo lifestyle as well as to share tips and tricks for living the Paleo lifestyle. You can find out a lot of things from just following a passionate Paleo person like Shannon.

Sharing is Caring

Shannon wants to share each and everything that she could with her daughter Grace. This is because she knows how powerful sharing can be, and if she wants her daughter to make an informed decision, she doesn’t have any other choice.

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Shannon Cooper knows that her daughter needs to understand why she fed her Paleo foods from the beginning of her life. This photo was a screen-cap of a video when Grace unboxed a box full of products from Goodnessmebox. Goodnessmebox is a company that shares their latest healthy foods to its monthly subscribers. This is how Shannon keeps on finding new products to try in order to share her thoughts on them later on her blog. In the next couple of paragraphs, we’re going to talk about some of the other things that Shannon wants to share with us about her daughter and her lifestyle.

Some of the Favorite Health Brands of Shannon Cooper

Shannon makes sure that she doesn’t’ approve each and every health brand out there. In fact, she reviews and tries the products from health brands and then shares her opinions on her website. She also loves to experiment with the products that she gets. All of this is just a fun experience for her!

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Here are some of the health brands that Shannon Cooper firmly stands beside Primal Thenics – a fantastic home workout program. Crema Coffe Garage – a great company that makes excellent coffee that Shannon loves. Cleanse Skincare – The best natural skincare brand without any toxins and chemicals according to Shannon. And these are not all, and there are tons of other health brands that Shannon enjoys using!

Other Hobbies

Shannon Cooper has lots of talents, nutrition, blogging, cooking, and recipe creating… But she also loves to write and share her stories and recipes in some of the eBooks that she personally wrote. She loves coffee, she is a bacon addict, a mom and as we already know, she is an excellent health and wellness coach!

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Yeah, you read it right! Shannon has written a couple of ebooks filled with amazing and delicious Paleo recipes that Shannon Cooper developed herself. She loves sharing her recipes that will help people find a way to eliminate all of the dairy, gluten, sugar, and grains out of their diet. And, what’s even better, is the fact that she makes her dishes look amazing!

Spreading her Message

Shannon Cooper loves to travel around her motherland, and she is now on a mission of spreading love as well as her fantastic message about health and wellness. She collaborates with tons of fabulous health bloggers and loves to chat about the Paleo lifestyle.

Image Source: InstagramShe knows that the Paleo lifestyle changed her life by cleansing her gut and eliminating her health problems. And she hopes that this would be the case with her daughter too, she hopes that Grace will live a happy and healthy life filled with joy! There are a lot of people that have tried to go up against her message, but she has the experience that shows how significant the potential of the Paleo lifestyle can be. And that’s the main reason why she wants to share every little thing about the Paleo diet that she knows!

Matching in Everything

Grace loves it when she and her mother wear the same outfit, and they look amazingly adorable with these cute unicorn pajamas. They tend to match in each and every aspect of their lives, from healthy eating all the way to their sleeping outfit and Shannon’s followers sure love to see them like this.

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One of the main reasons why Shannon Cooper shares her life on social media is because she wants to show people how happy her little daughter is. She wants to show the non-believers that the choice that she made for her daughter is a good one and that she doesn’t force her daughter to do it. And, the best thing about their story is the fact that Grace loves following the Paleo diet too, she is happy and as healthy as she can be. And, there are a lot of people that believe in this too!

Testimonials from her Website

There are a lot of people that believe that Shannon Cooper’s decision about growing her daughter on the Paleo diet was the right thing to do. There are tons of positive testimonials on her website of people who loved the Paleo diet and would love to raise their children on it. Here’s one person’s testimony from “My Food Religion.”

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She even decided to share her fans’ encouragement messages and testimonials on her website because she knows how helpful and motivating these can be. She stands for one thing though… She doesn’t believe that you should force anyone to do anything, but she is sure on one thing. People need to taste only one of her recipes in order to fall in love with the Paleo diet, and this is what keeps her going in the quest of spreading the word for this fantastic diet that helped her a lot!

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