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This Benevolent 103-Year-Old Beggar Selflessly Donated Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Alms


Good intentions and good deeds are not that common today. That’s what makes them even more enjoyable when they happen. Good people still exist, they’re not extinct, and they’re here looking for people that need them. Today we’re going to be talking about one of the biggest donors in monasteries and churches in Bulgaria. His name is Dobri Dimitri Dobrev, and, believe it or not, he is a homeless man. He has always been putting everyone else’s needs in front of his own, and he has been doing this for long now, collecting donations from people in front of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. And as time passed by grandpa, Dobri became one of the most iconic figures in whole Bulgaria. He showed all of the non-believers that good people still exist, and that good deeds are always respected the same.

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Who is Grandpa Dobri?

Before his “job” as a donation collector and dedication to the church, grandpa Dobri was married, and he had four kids with his wife. After WW I was over, and he outlived two of his kids, grandpa Dobri decided to detach himself from materialism. He believes in his church, and as you would expect from a man like Dobri, he is a religious man. As an Orthodox Christian, he decided that he was going to live a modest life and donate all of his belongings for the church. Today, he is considered a saintly figure in Bulgaria.

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Since his decision, Dobri is living a humble life in a small church in his home village, Bailovo. He owns a bed there, but oftentimes Dobri preferred to sleep on a floor. He has been collecting donations for the church for more than twenty-five years. Bulgaria is known as one of the poorest, if not the poorest nation in the EU (European Union), and Dimitri’s collections were a great achievement for him as well as for the church.

Loves to Help Others

Dobri means “good” in Bulgarian, so maybe it was faith doing its work. And, in the times when Bulgaria was one of the most corrupted and poorest countries in the world grandpa Dobri was the glimmer of hope. But, churches are not the only place where Dobri’s money went. Namely, he loved children, and orphanages were another place where he liked to spend his money. He left all the money that he got by the people passing by to churches or orphanages, and he lived off of a stipend not bigger than $100 per month.

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There were lots of places where he spends his money. He was helping monasteries churches and orphanages that were in need of funds for repairments, and all of the people in those places are thankful for Dimitri’s work. The Cathedral Alexander Nevsky is one of the places where Dimitri spent most of his money. There he donated more than 22,500 dollars, which translates to 37,700 in Bulgarian money.

Living Saint

There aren’t a lot of people like Dimitri. He would wish them a good day, and speak to them about Jesus, no matter if they gave him money or not. And with all the buzz around him in Bulgaria with people making pages on Facebook and Instagram profiles that promote the work of the modest beggar, he stayed away from all of the Internet stardom. A lot of people believe that he is a living saint, and he lived to the age of 103. But, sadly, people don’t live forever, and on February 13th, 2018, the 103-year-old Dimitri passed away.

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Not a lot of Bulgarians know about the work that Dimitri did, but he sure touched the hearts of many people worldwide. People who loved Dimitri have drawn an amazingly lifelike mural with him holding a candle on the side of his apartment. The Cathedral didn’t have a vigil in Dimitri’s honor, as one of the places where most of his money went. But, a small church in his native village Bailovo honored the work that the old man did. A lot of people that were passing by the place where he oftentimes gathered donations knew that something was wrong when they didn’t see the old man there.

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