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This Boy With Autism Flew Alone With $10 And A Note For His Seatmate Ended Up Sitting Next To The Best Flying Buddy


There are things in life that we have to do for the first time. And, when it comes to sending your kids alone on a flight somewhere far away, it oftentimes can end up being pretty unsettling for you. And, it is even more nerve-wracking when your kid is suffering from some kind of disability. This is the situation that Alexa Bjornson found herself in when she needed to send Landon, her son, who is an autistic boy, on his first flight. He was going to visit his father over in Portland. In order to make things easier for Landon, Alexa decided to write a note for the person who was going to sit next to Landon. Luckily for Alexa and Landon, the person who was sitting next to Landon, a stranger named Ben, was a beautiful person who read the message and decided to do the right thing. Their meeting was about to spark a lot of good vibes all around the internet, read on, and find out why!

Finding Out the Truth

Back when she found out that her son was suffering from autism, the doctors told Alexa that Landon would have difficulties with his speech because of the nature of his autism. Namely, Landon was suffering from nonverbal autism. After a couple of years, ten years to be exact of love care and therapy, Landon is in a better situation. But, despite the fact that his condition is much more manageable now, his mother was still worried about sending him flying alone. Unknown and strange areas can oftentimes be a trigger for autism. And, heights, the noise and some other things about flying are stressful for regular children, let along for someone who is suffering from autism.

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Parents are full of worries when they’re sending their children on a trip. But, Alexa had more reasons to be worried about Landon’s flight. Firstly she was concerned about the triggers that we mentioned above, but she was more concerned about Landon’s seatmate. She was scared that that person might mistake Landon as a misbehaving kid, not knowing that he is suffering from autism. The only thing that she had left was to hope that Landon would get an understanding seatmate. But, she came up with a solution to this problem a couple of days before Landon’s flight. She decided to write a not for the person who was sitting next to Landon.

Thinking of What to Write

She was wondering what she should write at the beginning, but after she started the note, the words just came out without her even thinking. She started the letter by telling Landon’s seatmate that he is a beautiful kid, but that he is suffering from autism. She proceeded to write that autism is invisible and that she felt the need to tell this to the person who would seat next to her child. She explained the disease, the symptoms, and some of the triggers of autism. She even mentioned one question that Landon asks repetitively on long trips – “Are we there yet?”

Despite the fact that people should be kind to each other without expecting anything in return, Alexa made sure that she put a ten-dollar bill into the envelope with the note. She wanted to thank the person who was sitting next to Landon for understanding. The day to fly came, and after a lot of nervousness, she finally let her son board the plane, she instructed him to keep the note sealed and once he gets on the plane, to give it to the person sitting next to him. From now on, her son was on his own. Or at least that’s what Alexa thought.

The Travel Buddy’s Response

She sent her son on the plane, and she never thought that she would get a response to the note that she gave him. A couple of hours into Landon’s flight she got a notification on her phone. She received a notification from an unknown number. In the text she got, she could see her son and an unknown man sitting next to him, and the text read:

“Alexa, My name is Ben. I was Landon’s seat neighbor for his flight to Portland. He did ask if we were there yet several times but he was a great travel buddy. We had a good time and played a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors. He’s a great kid and you’re a lucky mom. I appreciate the $10 but it wasn’t necessary. I donated it to in honor of Landon. Have a great day!”

There are lots of kind people around the world who would do amazing things in order to make others feel good, and help them have a nicer day. The whole story was posted on Alexa’s Facebook profile by her, including the fantastic text she got from Ben. Thousands of people have shared the story and reacted to it, and it went viral almost instantaneously.

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