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This Cat’s Rare Condition Has Transformed Her Beyond Recognition, And It’s Stunning


We all love our pet, that’s why we got them in the first place right? Well, how would you feel if you found out that your cat was going to disappear in front of your own eyes? Well, Nicole Böhm experienced this condition first hand. Namely, her kitten, Elli, was suffering from some kind of a skin condition that transformed the kitten’s fur from one color into a completely different one. And the adorable part is the fact that she got even sweeter when she swapped her color…

Everything Seemed Okay in the Beginning

Once Nicole Böhm wanted to get two kittens from a shelter a couple of years ago, she didn’t even expect that she was going to go through something even close to this. The kitties that she was rescuing looked like your typical cats, and she couldn’t notice any anomalies. Nicole decided for two kitties, the kittens were both tuxedo-coated. She couldn’t wait to get them back home and start raising them. After a couple of months after she got the kittens, she still couldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.  But, she never even thought that one of her sweet kittens might undergo such a drastic transformation in such a short period.

Image Source: @elli.vitiligo/Instagram

From Typical Tuxedo To Strange Spots

At first, Böhm’s kittens seemed to be perfectly typical cats. Both of them loved to rest, play, adventure, and explore. Additionally, the sisters shared nearly identical markings. They had similar black and white tuxedo coats. Yet, while one sister maintained her dark fur, Elli began to show some odd color changes.

Image Source: @elli.vitiligo/Instagram

Weird Discolorations in one of the Kitten’s Fur

In the beginning, she couldn’t even notice the discolorations in Elli’s fur. The discoloration actually started as a small white spot in the typical tuxedo colored kitten. Nicole immediately noticed the discoloration on the kitten’s fur, so she immediately started growing concern. Once Nicole took Elli to the vet, she found out something more about Elli’s condition and the stages that it’ll go through.

Image Source: @elli.vitiligo/Instagram

More Noticeable Discolorations

The vet realized Elli’s condition almost immediately, and after he conducted some research, he only approved his theory. Elli was suffering from vitiligo. He explained the condition to Nicole, and he told her that Elli’s condition was only going to increase until she turns completely white. He also added that some accompanying issues might appear in the cats that are suffering from this condition, but, thankfully Elli wasn’t suffering from anything else except the vitiligo. But, either way, Nicole still couldn’t get used to the constant changes that her kitten was undergoing.

Image Source: @elli.vitiligo/Instagram

The Amazing Change of Elli

After a couple of years, Elli’s fur went from pitch black to a completely bright white fur. And, the tuxedo kitten that Nicole got all those years ago was not a white kitten, speckled with black spots all over its body. And, despite the condition that Elli was undergoing, and all of the changes that she underwent, she still remained the same with her owner and her sister. Despite the condition, she still remained the playful cat that she was known to be before being diagnosed Nicole even decided to open up an Instagram profile for the kitten, and if you would like to visit it, write @elli.vitiligo on Instagram.

Image Source: @elli.vitiligo/Instagram

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