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This College Is Giving Stressed Students Service Dogs In Training


Do you remember your college experience, or if you are in college now, how is your experience, what are the feelings that you are feeling, and how are you dealing with it? Well, if your answer to any of these questions was stressful or stressed, then, you are just like most of the students. I mean, yes, you get all of the parties that are unique to the whole experience, and you start a lot of new friendships, but, most of the experience that I had going through collage was feeling stressed. And, that is probably your feeling too, it must be, unless you are there just to have fun and don’t want to get a degree, then you’re having a fantastic time! Today, we are going to be talking about the stressed students of one college, and the way that the college tried to solve the students’ problems.

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A Special and a Unique Place

The name of the place that we are going to be talking about today is Rutgers University. This is one of the most exclusive and unique places in America, and there is only one other place like this in the whole country. This place is so special because of the fact that it is a place where service dogs are trained to aid the blind. The entire thing is that the college pairs up the puppies with a student from the school, and the idea is that the dogs and the students are going to help each other. The dogs will relieve the stress from the students, and the students are going to prepare the dogs for the most relevant job that they are going to get.

Different Ways of Spending time with the Dogs

Being a full-time student is not an easy thing, and not everybody can take up the challenge of taking care of a dog. Being a student is hard enough on its own, let alone taking care of a dog. And for those students there is the opportunity of spending a bit of time with the dogs, if they decide to get a job as a dog sitter. They would have to do the things that a babysitter would do, but, they would be doing those things to a dog. As if being around the dogs was not enough, the students were getting to do that without any big commitments to the puppies.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Preparing them for Their Biggest Job

Yes, this program is meant to help out stressed-out students when they’re in need of a companion, but it is also suitable for the puppies as well. Once the puppies get old enough to work as service dogs, they might end up working for anybody. And, that is why the college is exposing them to as many students as possible. The more behaviors and mindsets they experience in their training, the better prepared they are for their job. It is a win-win situation for the students as well as the dogs!

What do you think of the approach that the Rutgers University took to train dogs for working as service dogs? They surely care about their dogs as well as their stressed-out students. Make sure to share this article with your friends on your social media to spread the word of Rutgers University’s amazing scheme for preparing service dogs and helping out their stressed students at the same time!


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