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This Cop Left A Big Tip and Heartfelt Note For Pregnant Waitress


Strangers do kind things all the time, but have you experienced it first hand? We are oftentimes too taken by our own responsibilities, so we forget to try and improve people’s days. This pregnant waitress was grateful to find out the unique nature of giving, and the kindness of this one stranger!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

The First Baby is on Its Way

The 23-year-old Courtney English was expecting her first baby to be born while at the same time working at the Lamp Post Diner in her hometown of New Jersey. She was working at the place as a waitress, and at that place, she found lots of regular costumers who became familiar faces to her. Each and every person that has ever come to the restaurant knew Courtney as a cheerful person who was trying their best to make everybody’s day as perfect as she could. But, this time she was going to feel how she made everybody else feel with her acts of kindness.

Waiting Tables and Talking to the Guests

Courtney was a hardworking person, and that’s what she was doing that day too. She was busy waiting tables and talking to the costumers that were asking her about her pregnancy. After one table asked her how was everything going for her, and she was more than happy to talk to them and tell them that she is feeling excited because this was her first baby. And the fact that she had entered her 7th month, it meant that she was slowly approaching her due date. She felt like everything was finally falling into place for her!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Did he Really do That?

There were lots of tables that day, and she was trying to give equal attention to each and every one of the tables. She was also serving a police officer at that moment, and he was there for a glass of water and a salad. His bill was $8.75, and this was when he wanted to express how he felt. He was pleasantly surprised by the excellent service he got from Courtney, and he decided to leave her a tip. And, it wasn’t until the officer left the restaurant when Courtney noticed that the Police Officer had left her a big tip. Namely, he left her a tip of $100 and a note that read: “Enjoy your 1st you will never forget it.”

Sharing it on the Internet!

Courtney was pretty happy and couldn’t believe that the officer had left her a tip of $100. Soon after she found out, she called the dad. The truth was that the pair was saving and collecting money in order to prepare for the new addition to their family. And the tip that she got that day helped them immensely. They were amazed by the officer’s kindness. And despite the fact that they don’t know who the officer was, they sure will keep remembering this event for a long time. They will never forget this amazing gift of kindness from the officer!

There are times in our lives that we are in desperate need of moments like this one. And sometimes, our acts of kindness can drastically help out other people, even if it doesn’t look like much. So make sure that you do good, and you might also be remembered by someone just like Courtney, and her husband will remember the police officer!



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