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This Cop Surprised Kid With New Toys After His Got Stolen


Toys are one of the most essential things to little kids, and when they lose them, it can feel pretty tough for them because they know that they won’t get a new one any time soon. But, what happens if somebody stole the toy from your little kid? On one sunny day, a young boy thought that he lost all of his toys as a result of a recent burglary that happened in their house. But, his faith was restored once a policeman came with a gift for the youngster.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Solving a Problem before Moving

Today’s story involves the Ramirez family. They decided that they wanted to move from their old house to a new one, but they needed to find out how they can keep all their things safe during the move. This was when they decided that the best way to go around this problem is to rent a storage unit and keep all of their things locked in there until they finish moving. But, the issues started rising when somebody broke into the storage unit and stole everything that they kept in there.

He Didn’t Understand why it is Happening

Julian, the five-year-old boy from the family, was not aware and could not comprehend what happened with all of his toys. He had managed to get all of his toys nicely packed in his boxes, but it seemed as though he would never get his stuff back, and it was all in vain. He kept asking his parents about why someone would do something like that, but his parents didn’t know who or why did that.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Let’s Call Them One Last Time

Nanci, Julian’s mom, wanted to help her kid, so she decided that she was going to call the police station and try to find their stuff for one last time. She hadn’t called in the station for a couple of days now. And she was hoping that there was some kind of developments and news for their belongings. She got a negative answer from the police station, from the Deputy there named Troy Smith, but he asked Nanci something really odd. He wanted to know the favorite toy that Julian loved the most before the whole ordeal happened.

He Did it Out of Kindness!

Deputy Troy found out that little Julian wanted nothing more than to have his spider-man toy back in his hands once again. So, he knew that he could do something to help the kid, and he couldn’t leave him without anything in his hands. So, he decided to surprise the five-year-old youngster. He went to the store and decided to pay Julian’s family a visit. Once he got to the house, he gave Julian the shopping bag, and when Julian found out that inside of the bag, there was a set of Avengers toys, he was ecstatic.

Nobody, not even Julian’s parents couldn’t believe what they were witnessing in front of their eyes. Despite the fact that Troy stated that he wanted to help the family out, and he did it as a kind gesture, Julian’s mom, Nanci, shared their story all over her social media. It didn’t take a long time for the post to start going viral, and now her wish came true. The whole world will know about the kind-hearted deputy!

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