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This Crocheting Octogenarian Grandmother Has Made Over 2,000 Adorable Homemade Hats For Newborns


Today’s story will be about an older woman who is trying to stay busy after her retirement by using her crocheting skills and making warm and cozy hats for newborns. Given the fact that she has entered the last stage of her life, retirement she has a lot of time on her hands, so she decided to spend it wisely and help newborns stay warm. Both the newborns and the hospital workers are thankful for her work, and love what she is doing!

She Loves Spending Time Doing it!

A couple of years backward, the 80-year-old lady Doris Bender couldn’t find anything that would help her stay busy after her retirement. She states that she nearly started going crazy because she couldn’t keep her mind occupied. Doris also added that she needed to do something while her husband was watching the football games in the evenings. She says that she wasn’t able to just sit there and watch the games alongside her husband…

Image Source: Terrie Grim / Good Morning America

According to Doris, her daughter Terrie is her savior because of the fact that she helped her find her new hobby by learning how to crochet and make hats for newborns. She told us how it all started, and it began with her daughter calling a nurse. Doris took her daughter’s advice and now, she had a small nonprofit organization on her hands.

What is she Doing with All the Hats?

Once she learned how she now spends nearly three hours each and every night crocheting hats. Doris also reaches for the needles every time that she feels like she’s bored, or when she simply needs to take a break. From the start when she was learning how to crochet up until now, she has crocheted more than 2000 hats for babies. She sends out somewhere around 60 to 80 hats at a time, and the Meritus Medical Center takes those hats and gives them to newborns.

Image Source: Facebook / Annette Lawless

And, what’s even better is the fact that the old lady doesn’t make the same old simple patterns using the same dull colors. She likes her creations to have a bit of character, so she uses different colors and different, more complicated patterns for each and every holiday. Doris makes her hats for Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and many other holidays. What bothered Doris all along the time while she was making these hats was the fact that she couldn’t see any of the infants that got her creations, but soon that was going to change!

Meeting the Babies that are Wearing her Creations!

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, the old lady met the twins Macie and Alina at the Meritus Medical Center. She held the two girls as they slept wearing her creations on their small heads. Doris said that she felt special at that moment, and she finally felt like she was making a difference.

Image Source: ABC News / Meritus Health Center

The people that are working at the hospital knew Doris, and they loved their creations. And the clinical manager at the hospital, Lori Sprecher, added that the babies love Doris’ hats, they help the babies regulate their temperatures, and that is why she approves of the hats!


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