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This Dad Used His Daughter’s Love Of Princesses To Teach Her Leadership Skills


There comes a time in a little girl’s life when she starts going through her “princess phase”. This is a point of a little girl’s life when she is practically obsessed with crowns and dresses. There are parents who cannot stand their daughters while they are in this hard phase because of the fact that it can oftentimes teach little girls some bad principles. But, there are also parents like the father that we’ll be talking about today, that see this as an opportunity to improve the kid’s personality. This is how he decided to use his daughter’s obsession with crowns and dresses to improve her personality and teach her leadership.

Image Source: Grego Hogben

Princess Phase of Life

Once upon a time, Disney was responsible for the fact that girls all over the world pictured their favorite princesses as women that need someone to look after them, or women that need material possessions in order to feel loved and complete. But, they have moved on since then, and today their cartoons spread positivity and creativity with girls like Elsa or Merida. These are an amazing role model for lots of girls and boys all over the world. And while there are parents that are afraid that their kids would take up some of the worse traits from the older cartoons from Disney, but this father decided to teach his daughter an amazing lesson that will serve her further down the road.

What is the Problem?

A girl that experienced the Princess Phase first hand, decided to share her story about how her father actually managed to turn this into a positive. Grego Hogben shared her comment because of the amazing message that this comment shared. The author of “My Daughter’s Army”, shared the comment simply because of the facts that it contained and shared with other people. This girl further explained why people don’t really like the princess phase.

Image Source: Grego Hogben

Her Father’s Solution

The girl started telling the story of how her father helped her understand leadership. He sat with her for tea while she was pretending to be a princess, and instead of doing what everybody else did, he decided to be unique and teach her an important lesson that she would implement further down the line.

While younger, kids actually live in a world that they created for themselves. So did this girl. And one day, her father decided to enter her world and asked her a pretty important question. He decided to ask her how would she solve a problem when the teddy bears and the dolls would be fighting over who gets the enchanted forest. He also asked her what she would do if she saw that people were coming for her kingdom, so she started planning. This is the question that the girl thinks that improved her views on leadership.

This father did the right thing. Because, he made sure that even when she was going through her princess phase, she was learning important lessons. And, it didn’t take him much more than open perspective.


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