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This Dalmatian’s Heart-Shaped Nose Is Drawing Puppy-Love From Across The Globe


Whether it’s the curly tails, or floppy ears, or blue eyes, there are some specific features that dog lovers find attractive in some dogs. But, have you seen the latest viral heart nosed canine that’s all over the social media? His name is Wiley, one of the cutest, playful Dalmatians. He has a spot on his snout that makes his nose look like a heart.

Wiley’s Special Heart-Shaped Nose

If you love dogs, and you can’t resist even the random dogs that you see on the street wait until you see Wiley, the heart nosed pug. He is a Dalmatian that was born with one spot that makes him unique from each and every one Dalmatian out there! The mark was small at first, but as Wiley grew older the spot grew with him. Today millions upon millions of strangers react to the heart-shaped nose of the cute puppy. But, the heart-shaped nose wasn’t the reason that his owner fell in love with Wiley.

Image Source: Instagram/@hi.wiley

Why she Instantly Fell in Love with Wiley

Lexi Smith is from Colorado and she’s the owner of Wiley. She adopted the small and amazingly cute canine from a bunch of Dalmatians from Oklahoma. But she didn’t notice the heart-shaped spot on his nose and it wasn’t the reason why she chose him. In fact, she started loving the dog simply because they were awfully similar to each other. They both loved as Lexi puts it to eat, sleep, snuggle, and repeat! Lexi took the pug back with her to her hometown of Colorado, and he soon showed here that there was something more to like him than just the spots and the similarities.

Image Source: Instagram/@hi.wiley

How Could you Stay Angry at Him!?

Not too long after she took Wiley home, Lexi found out that there was something more to love about Wiley. The puppy had a personality that made her fall in love with him quickly! He was sweet, playful, full of energy, and most of all, he was insanely sassy. Yes, at times she was angry with him, but she couldn’t stay angry at a dog that is as sweet as Wiley. She said that she was happy that the heart-shaped nose stayed throughout his puppyhood, and it stayed with him when he grew up. And, a couple of photos after, the puppy started gaining traction on the internet.

Image Source: Instagram/@hi.wiley

They Both Loved Adventures!

She published a couple of images on the dog’s Instagram profile @hi.wiley and his cuteness did the rest for him. Wiley enjoyed going out on an adventure, and Lexi loved taking pictures of him enjoying the adventures, they were the perfect viral duo! You can find pictures of them hiking tall mountains, playing in the deep snow, charming portraits and more on the Instagram profile, and you will see clearly how happy they actually are.

Image Source: Instagram/@hi.wiley

Spreading Wiley’s Love

They are pretty connected together, and you can notice that connection on the photos on Wiley’s Instagram profile. Lexi admitted that Wiley’s her best friend. The puppy and its owner found the way to millions of people’s hearts and they’re getting more and more viral on the internet!

Image Source: Instagram/@hi.wiley


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