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This Dog Couldn’t Eat Without Standing Upright, So Her Family Built A Special Chair


Dogs, the creatures that make our world a nice place to live in. After all, they are known to be our best friends from long ago. You can talk to them, they won’t interrupt you, and they can always cheer you up when you’re down. If you’re a dog owner, you probably already know that they can do something silly sometimes even a couple of times a day. And, there are tons of videos of dogs doing silly stuff all around the internet. That’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s article. Namely, a gif of a cute dog has been circulating the web these couple of days, gaining its traction from people seeing it on social media. In this gif, you can see a dog that sits down on a chair specially made for it in order to eat a bowl of dog food. And the caption of the gif is even more heartwarming. There the owners explain how the dog has some kind of digestive problems so it always has to sit down on the specially made chair in order to eat.

The Dog, The Chair and its Digestive Problems

Image Source: Grace Jones

The name of the poor little thing is Daisy, her owners Doug and Grace Jones take great care of her, and she’s their beloved pet. The vets diagnosed Daisy with some kind of a health problem known as myasthenia gravis. This problem might be the reason why Daisy developed the megaesophagus, the digestive problem that she has today believe the doctors. The digestive problem that Daisy has, results in problems when Daisy eats her food and drinks her water. This problem arises because the Esophagus has difficulties when it comes to pushing the liquids and foods into the stomach.

Image Source: Grace Jones

This is when the vet decided to tell the family how to take care of the dog. He even told them that if they can find a chair in which Daisy will sit while eating they might not feel like there’s any problem with their beloved dog. The vet explained the mechanism of the chair to the couple and said that this is surely going to help Daisy out with her eating problems. The couple tried to make it as comfortable as possible for the dog, so they had a costume made a chair for Daisy.

Image Source: Grace Jones

The fact that dogs are easier to train with some food around was a good circumstance because it didn’t take too long to teach Daisy that she has to sit in the chair in order to get the food. She even learned how to lower the tray in front of the chair with her cute little paws. The funny thing was the fact that each and every day when it was time for eating she would hop into her chair without anyone telling her. She started to slowly overcome the problems and quickly learned how to live with the disorder.

Image Source: Grace Jones

But, really bad news hit the group named “Upright Canine Brigade – Megaesophagus Awareness and Support” back in June. This group was made for Daisy, and Jones broke the bad news to the followers of that group that the pup passed away. Grace said that she couldn’t collect herself and that this was the reason that took her some time to write the post. She also added that her dog passed away on Christmas Eve morning. She said that she and her husband were heartbroken and that they love the support that they got from the group. They gave the chair away to the vet, and a local dog will be using It to make its life easier.

Image Source: Grace Jones

It’s a fact that Daisy wasn’t the only dog that had developed that problem. In fact, there are a lot of other dogs that are suffering from the same problems and need the Bailey Chair in order to be able to eat and survive.

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