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This Dog-Loving Couple’s Project Ensured 100 Senior Dogs Found Welcoming Homes


We all know that not too many people like adopting senior dogs, instead they would rather have the younger ones. Older dogs have it pretty hard in shelters, and they often struggle to find a home and a family that will love them. But, we are here for spreading positivity, and that’s why today we’ve decided to talk about this beautiful couple that helps out older dogs in finding their home and loving family. Mariesa and Chris Hughes from Clifton, New York, started Mr. Mo Project. They developed this project in honor of their old dog that passed away back in 2014.

They Loved Their Dogs

Everybody knew that the couple loved dogs, and loved helping out dogs. This beautiful couple owned lots of puppies both in their mutual life as well as back in the days when they were younger, and not together. They loved their puppies so much that they felt like they couldn’t live without them. And, one loss made their approach to fostering a bit different.

Image Source: Life in the Dog House/YouTube

Moses was a dog that Mariesa and Chris met all the way back in 2012. Moses was in a shelter, and his owners gave him there because of the fact that he was pretty old. Their initial plans were to foster Moses, and after quickly falling in love with the old puppy, they decided that they were going to adopt the cute old dog with an amazing and kind personality. They did everything they could to improve the last couple of years for their old canine friend. And, after two years filled with happiness and joy spend with Moses, his life ended in the year of 2014.

In Moses’ Honor

Doctors diagnosed old Moses with spinal cancer back in 2014. And, after just a couple of months after the initial diagnoses, the old canine passed away. This loss opened Meriesa and Chris’s eyes and showed them that a lot of people don’t adopt senior canines just because of the cost of taking care of them. And despite the fact that both of them were pretty devastated by the recent loss, they decided that they were going to support old puppies with that were suffering from some kind of health problems.

Image Source: Life in the Dog House/YouTube

First, they wanted to take things slowly, but they sped things up and decided to see how much of the puppies won’t leave the shelter because of the high costs of taking care for them, and, started planning the organization called The Mr. Mo Project Senior Dog Rescue. Soon enough, they began transforming the lives of hundreds of dogs.

Amazing Endeavor

With their organization, Chris and Mariesa decided to start helping average families in the costs of caring for their senior dogs. They gained traction quickly and started promoting the adoption of older dogs, and they promised that they are going to cover the medical/vet bills for each and every senior dog. They even decided to help people transport their dogs with their own money. And given the fact that lots of the bills can be really high for taking care of an older dog, the support that they were giving the average families was lifesaving for all of the senior dogs that they managed to save.

Image Source: Life in the Dog House/YouTube

Moses motivated an undertaking that guaranteed a lot of different puppies would finish up in a home as cherished as his. Since the beginning of their salvage, they helped more than 100 senior canines discover homes. Because of their devotion to taking care of the expense of puppies doctor’s visit expenses, senior canines started to find homes at bewildering rates. All that their brand-new forever families would need to stress over was giving their canines a fantastic rest of their lives!

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