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This Dog Was Found Swimming 135 Miles Off The Gulf Of Thailand


You can find some of the most exotic and most beautiful marine life on the world in the Gulf of Thailand, it is known to be one of the richer bodies of water, and there are a lot of things to see here. This body of water is one of the most visited places and a lot of people dream of visiting it, and the sailors, well the sailors love it because of its steady waters. One of the more recent, controversial things about this body of water is oil-rigging. This has become a big problem as a result of the ecological impact that it has on the surroundings and the difficulties in nature created by the techniques that are being used. But, this youngster was pretty happy to see the oil rig in the distance ahead when the little doggy climbed up on it some 135 miles throughout the Gulf of Thailand.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

The people that were actually working on the rig told us that they merely noticed how a small and an unknown object was floating in the distance, and thanks to the clear weather that day and the fact that the waters were calm, they managed to see what it actually was. As the little object was getting closer and closer to the people who were working on the right they noticed that it was a leaving creature rather than an object. So, as it got even closer to the oil rig, the people saw that this was actually a small canine. The people that were working on the platform were excited, but at the same time, they were wondering how did it get there, because there was nothing around the rig in a diameter of 135 miles around. And the fact that the canine has made it that far astonished the workers.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

And, as soon as the puppy reached to the base of the platform on the oil rig, the people who were working on the rig gathered up and took it up onto the deck. They got the puppy up on the floor with a rope that they managed to secure to the puppy. They were even more amazed once they noticed that the dog was actually in excellent health and given the trip that it must’ve made to get there, and the nature of the journey itself, it was a miracle that the puppy was in good health. The people working on the oil rig gave the puppy water and food in order to get its strength back, and as soon as she rested, they took her to the vet in Songkhla in the South of Thailand. Everybody was amazed that the puppy survived this trip in the Ocean, I mean, don’t get me wrong I am happy that it did, but I don’t know how she made it!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

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