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This Dog Wouldn’t Stop Barking At Its Pregnant Owner’s Belly


Whether you’re a believer or not, most pet owners are convinced that their beloved animals have a unique way of sensing things that for some reason us humans can’t. For your pet dog or cat, it feels almost as if they have some inherent sense which is dormant within us, one which allows them to know things that we don’t, no matter how minuscule it may be. One couple which swears by their pet’s unique, innate ability is Alhanna and Ricky.

It all had to do with Alhanna’s pregnancy. When she learned the news, she and her fiancée were simply overjoyed: it was one of the happiest moments in their lives since they had been together. The couple along with their pet dog Keola watched as Alhanna grew deeper into her pregnancy. However, four months into Alhanna’s pregnancy, Keola started to behave irrationally, pawing away at her growing belly almost incessantly. Initially, the couple was perturbed. However, she soon came to realize why her dog’s behavior had dramatically changed.

How It All Started

Ricky and Alhanna fell in love with each other the instant that they met. For them, it was really love-at-first-sight. They knew from the moment that they saw each other that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. The concept of being apart was something which was out of the question. There was no need to look any further when the answer was right in front of them: they were in love, and that’s all that mattered.


They started dating and immediately they hit it off. What was also great about them was that they both had similar dreams, mainly to start a family. Because they knew that they wanted to be with each other, in no time they were trying to have a baby. Initially, it seemed like a tough task. Despite their best efforts, Alhanna just wasn’t getting pregnant. And then, their luck came through: she found out that she was going to have a baby!

Keola’s Reaction

Ricky and Alhanna were extremely happy to be welcoming their first child into the world. God knows how hard they tried to have a baby but with no luck. Finally, their luck had pulled through. They were already beginning to make plans for their baby’s arrival. Still, the question had to be answered: how was their American-Akita dog Keola going to take the news?


Well, it was quite easy for Keola to notice that her mommy Alhanna was pregnant. She had always been an affectionate pet as is typical of her breed. Being with her owners was always something which she would do, and she would often snuggle with Alhanna to show her how much she loved her. Sensing that she was pregnant made Keola even more affectionate. It was normal for Keola to rest her head on Alhanna’s growing belly. She knew that a beautiful addition to the family was on its way.

Keola Started Acting Up

At first, everything seemed to be going well. Keola was bonding well with her mother and was visibly happy that she was pregnant. It was a win-win situation. Alhanna and Ricky were happy to be having a baby, but it was also really cute to know that Keola was looking forward to the baby’s arrival as well. Then, four months into her pregnancy, the couple noticed that Keola started to act up.


Instead of lovingly snuggling her head in Alhanna’s belly, she would paw away at her belly and whine for what seemed like hours on end. This was much different from the dog that they knew. Keola even tried to rub her nose into Alhanna’s expanded belly almost as if she was trying to sniff something out. It was all pretty weird behavior, but the couple decided to ignore it. They could have never imagined that their dog’s actions were, in fact, hinting something important to them.

An Uneventful Pregnancy

For Alhanna, being pregnant was one of the best feelings in the world. She felt overjoyed knowing that she was a vessel for life and couldn’t wait to bring their beautiful baby into the world. She was also extremely lucky: she didn’t have to handle any of the less pleasant side effects associated with being pregnant. There was nothing abnormal about her pregnancy, and for that, she was really content.


Meanwhile, Ricky was over the moon. Both future parents were happy to be accomplishing one of the goals and were also elated to know that they were doing it together. However, despite the air of positivity energy sent by the couple, for some odd reason, Keola just kept acting really strangely around Alhanna. He pawed away incessantly at her belly as if to tell her something. But, the couple ignored her behavior. Soon, they would understand what Keola’s fuss was all about.

Growing Pains

Initially, Alhanna’s pregnancy was a breeze. She had had no horrible ailments nor was she ever sick. Then, a little after her fourth month being pregnant, everything changed. All of a sudden, she felt sharp pains searing through her lower back. She was taken aback by how sudden they came. What’s more, they were so excruciatingly painful that walking or talking became a challenge for her.


What could possibly be going on? Was there something going wrong with the baby? Why was her body reacting so violently? Her thoughts led her to the worst possible scenarios. Thankfully, Ricky, being an attentive husband, was there to assist his fiancée and sought help immediately. In a frenzy, he took her to the hospital. There was nothing that he could do from that point. Her life and the life of their unborn child were in the hands of the experts. All he could have done was sit tight and pray.

A Frightening Experience

With indescribable pain, Alhanna was rushed to the hospital by her fiancée, Ricky. As soon as she got to the hospital, she was seen by a doctor. The couple was expecting the worse. What could possibly happen? What was the doctor going to tell them? Was their baby in danger? They got the shock of their lives when the doctor announced that both Alhanna and the baby were fine.


They were told that the pain that Alhanna was having was simply one of the many side-effects associated with being pregnant. They advised her to rest as much as she possibly could. With that, she was dismissed from the hospital and headed home with Ricky. Being told that nothing was wrong was comforting. That said, they had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right.

Happy To Be Home

Needless to say, after such a scary experience, the couple was so happy to be going home. They were happy to know that nothing was wrong with the baby and that they could have returned to their normal lives. They went back home to be with their other loved one: Keola. Unsurprisingly, Keola was happy to see her owners and to be back together.


That said, Alhanna wasn’t 100% yet. She still had those pains in her lower back. Despite the pains she was experiencing, she decided to trust her doctor. She made her way to bed, resigned to a night of uncomfortably trying to sleep despite the back pain.

Taking To Social Media

Despite the discomfort she was feeling, Alhanna managed to make it through the night without any major difficulty. In the morning, she decided to share with her Facebook family how her journey being pregnant had been up to that point. She let them know that she had had a very frightening experience and that she was still experiencing some lingering pains in her lower back. She also spoke about how the doctors advised her that it was normal. She then mentioned Keola’s recent erratic behavior, something which she found a bit peculiar.


Those who reached out to her in response to her post were extremely supportive and encouraging. That said, the comment regarding Keola’s behavior struck a chord with many people. What was also really interesting was that people were suggesting that her dog knew something was up and that she should probably go back to the doctor for a second opinion.

Looking At Keola’s Behavior

Alhanna was torn. What should she do? On one hand, she didn’t want to revisit the doctor after she had been given one diagnosis. On the other hand, she felt that something wasn’t right with her body and that the constant lower back pains were a testimony to it. What’s more, Keola was acting really weird lately.


At first, she tried to play it calm. But as the days progressed and the pain didn’t go away, she began to feel as if Keola was trying to tell her something. What were the odds? Probably very high, actually. Maybe that was why she had been pawing away at her belly for all this time. Was Keola signaling something to Alhanna?

Family Intervention

Considering that Alhanna’s symptoms weren’t improving, her friends and family were all suggesting that she should revisit the doctor. At first, she wasn’t quite sure how she should proceed. That was, of course, until one person very close to her suggested to her that she go see the doctor. When that person let her know how she felt, her mind was made up. It was a message from her mother.


Her mother had a strong feeling that Keola was acting up for a very good reason, and she felt that it had to do with Alhanna’s baby. With that, Alhanna decided to go back to the doctor. However, the following day, she first went to work. She labored through the day bearing the pain as much as she could have. She couldn’t have foreseen that she was going to experience something horrible.

Keola Puts Her Paw Down

When she woke up the following morning, the pain in Alhanna’s lower back wasn’t going away. However, she still had faith in the doctor’s words. She thought that it was probably just symptoms of the pregnancy taking a toll on her body. So she got ready for work with the hope that as the day went on, the pain would subside. However, as soon as she tried to leave, Keola blocked the exit.


She couldn’t understand what had gotten into the dog. She was violently jumping up and down in front of the door preventing her from leaving. Sadly, she had no time to think. Within seconds, Alhanna had fainted. Ricky, hearing the noise, made his way to see what had happened to his fiancée. When he saw her sprawled out on the floor, he immediately brought her to the emergency room for medical attention.

Trying To Figure Out What Was Wrong

After some time in the emergency room, Alhanna was able to come back to her senses. There, she spoke about the symptoms which she was having. Of course, she didn’t want to tell them that she felt that she was sick because of her dog’s behavior. She wanted to allow the experts to determine if that was the case for themselves.


The doctor ran several tests and thoroughly examined Alhanna to figure out what was causing the sharp pain which Alhanna was experiencing in her lower back. This time, however, they did get some news. Sadly, it wasn’t positive.

Kidney Problems

When the results came back, Alhanna could tell that they weren’t good based on the doctor’s facial expression. Apparently, Alhanna was suffering from a double kidney infection. What’s worse was that her vitals had gotten so bad that both she and her baby could have died had she come to the emergency room a day later.


Initially, Alhanna was relieved, but that feeling soon turned to worry. She was happy to know that her suspicions that she was still unwell were true and that Keola was, in fact, right. However, the fear that her unborn baby might not make it began to creep over her. What would happen?

Solving The Problem

The doctor who examined Alhanna understood the severity of the issue. If Alhanna didn’t receive immediate treatment, chances are that she could lose the baby and maybe even her own life in the process. As a result, the doctor prescribed to her some very strong antibiotics in order to help her get rid of the kidney infections.


Alhanna was happy that she was able to diagnose her problem. She was also very pleased to know that she was getting treatment for those problems. She felt that the doctor was doing what needed to be done to aid her on the road to recovery. That said, she couldn’t help but be afraid for her unborn baby’s life. Would that baby be born healthy? Would her future son or daughter even make it?


For weeks, Alhanna stuck to the doctor’s advice and religiously took the pills as she was prescribed to do. After some time, she weaned herself off the antibiotics and rested to recuperate from such a stressful ordeal. Not only did her doctor follow her progress closely, but the doctor also made sure that the baby was doing well.


Then, the doctor gave great news: Alhanna and the baby were fine! The treatment which she had been following had managed to rid her of the kidney infections and now she was a healthy, happy soon-to-be mom again. What’s more, the baby was also out of danger, which was another great, comforting thing to know. Now, the couple waited patiently for the new addition to their small family to be brought into the world.

Their Baby Boy Was Born

The couple waited for the baby to come into the world. After what seemed like an eternity to them, Alhanna brought a beautiful baby boy into the world in November 2015. They called him Lincoln. As soon as they saw their precious baby’s face, the couple got emotional. Not only could they have called themselves parents, but they were happy to see their baby be born healthy, especially given Alhanna’s scare some months prior.


They were so happy and had to give Keola thanks. If it wasn’t for his behavior, for all they know, Alhanna could have never gone to the hospital. She could have lost the baby. They were grateful for their dog’s constant signals and were happy to have their beautiful baby boy.

First Encounter

When Alhanna gave birth, she remained in the hospital for a few days with him. She wanted to make sure that he was healthy: she didn’t want to take any chances. When the all-clear was given, the couple was finally happy to return home to be with Keola, their savior. They were also excited to introduce her to their new baby.


She was sure that Keola was going to be happy to see Lincoln. After all, she was hinting to her as best as she could that something was probably wrong. Clearly, she cared about both her health and the health of her unborn baby.

Keola’s Love For Lincoln

As soon as Keola laid her eyes on Lincoln, it was clear that she was happy. She had finally got a baby brother who she could watch over and keep her company! Unsurprisingly, Keola’s affection for the baby boy was apparent.


She would often cuddle with him and enjoyed to be by his side. It was hard to separate the two. Keola had taken a real liking to him and the two were developing a close bond.


Looking back on the journey of Alhanna’s pregnancy, the couple were positive that Keola had been desperately trying to hint to them that Alhanna was having an issue with her pregnancy. They recognized that even from before Lincoln was born, Keola had taken a deep interest in him.


Therefore, when he was born, it didn’t come as a surprise when she began to shower him with affection. They were inseparable. It didn’t matter whether he was napping, playing with his toys, or even feeding: Keola didn’t take her eyes of off her younger brother. She had a new best friend and she made sure to keep a constant eye on him.

A Big Softie

Some of Alhanna’s and Ricky’s friends and loved ones were a bit skeptical about constantly leaving an American-Akita in their newborn’s space. While the dog was a part of the family, she was significantly bigger than Lincoln. As a result, the danger of an encounter gone wrong or rough play was always in the air.


However, when you saw the way Keola treated Lincoln, it was clear that Keola was sure to be extra careful with him. She recognized that she was the bigger sibling, so she was extremely cautious. She was a gentle giant to her younger brother. It was so amazing to watch them interact.

Getting Older

In the blink of an eye, a year had already passed since Lincoln was born. The time flew by and Alhanna and Ricky didn’t even know it. Throughout his first year, Lincoln had developed such a strong bond and friendship with his furry friend. They would often time cuddle together, even with Alhanna!


Keola was happy to have a younger brother who she could spend time with, and she made sure to take advantage of that. She followed him wherever he went and never took her eyes off of him. Their bond was unbreakable.

Spending Time Together

With Lincoln’s birth, the family became even more closely knit. They would often go on long walks together to bring Lincoln into the outside world to make him smell the fresh air and feel the cool breeze. Lincoln would be in his stroller while Alhanna and Ricky push him along. One member of the family which was always there was Keola.


If you thought that she wouldn’t accompany her little brother on a walk, you thought wrong! What was also cute was that Keola was able to tell whenever her little brother would be preparing for his afternoon walk. As soon as she saw him getting dressed, her excitement was visible!

Napping Together

The two would do everything together, and that included napping. Keola would often snuggle up next to Lincoln as he took his afternoon nap, especially after they would go on a walk. As soon as he was up, she was by his side. She loved him dearly, and anyone who saw them interact could tell that in an instant.


The two had a strong, unbreakable bond and that was never going to change. Keola took a keen interest in her younger brother’s wellbeing, and she made sure to follow him every step of his early years. Their relationship was so incredible that someone who knew them decided to nominate their furry friend with a special award!

Keola Gets An Award

Both Alhanna and Ricky were so proud of their dog’s actions during the early phase of Alhanna’s pregnancy. They felt that Keola was their baby’s guardian angel and that if it wasn’t for her, Lincoln would probably not be alive today.


People who knew them also thought that Keola was a great dog and, consequently, deserved recognition. Alhanna’s story went viral and the next thing she knew, the RSPCA had nominated Keola for an Animal Hero Award. Naturally, our furry friend had to attend the ceremony! There, she was recognized with an award and plenty of doggie treats for her heroic actions!


Although Lincoln is barely out of diapers, one thing he knows for sure is that he loves Keola and Keola loves him too. It’s just one of those relationships where you can’t quantify how much love is present: you just know that there’s a lot of it. Their bond was one for life and it was going to grow as the years progressed.


Now with little Lincoln around, it’s hard to imagine life without him. With each passing day, they became more and more proud of Keola. Every time they looked at Lincoln’s beautiful, toothless smile, they were all the more grateful for their dog’s actions. She was a true hero in every sense of the word.

Growing Up

Alhanna and Ricky were constantly reminded of how lucky they were to have such an amazing dog. Time and time again, they would find themselves going back to the traumatic, scary experience during the earlier part of Alhanna’s pregnancy. Had Keola not been so persistent, she could have very well lost her baby. She could have also succumbed to the kidney infections and lost her life as well.


Honestly, the couple couldn’t be more thankful for Keola. This American-Akita proved to be a great household pet which had their best interest at heart. They watch their baby Lincoln grow with each passing day with Keola by his side to make sure that he doesn’t falter.

The Signs

When they look back on their story, they find more credibility in the belief that pets really do try to communicate with you, especially when it comes to bad things which may happen. Alhanna is sure that if it weren’t for Keola, neither she nor her son would be alive today. She knows that her dog had a part to play in her identifying that something was amiss and was grateful that she now had baby Lincoln.


What’s more, it’s amazing to see the strong bond which Keola and Lincoln share. It’s inspiring and a testament to the love and affection which animals can display towards a human.

A Dog’s Sixth Sense

As much as some people are unconvinced that dogs possess such skills, Alhanna and Ricky aren’t. For them, the evidence to the contrary is so overwhelming. What is the scientific verdict on the matter?


Well, based on scientific research conducted, it does seem that dogs can determine if something is amiss. Apparently, dogs can detect if someone isn’t well. They use their strong, acute sense of smell to sniff out a sickness from a mile away. Thankfully, for Alhanna, her dog was able to alert her that something was off from early.

A Dog’s Ability

How exactly does a dog use their sense of smell to tell if someone is unwell or not? Well, when we’re sick, or body chemistry tends to change. Consequently, with a dog’s strong sense of smell, he or she can smell differences in body chemistry, irrespective of how minor it might be. Because of their unique ability, at times, people train dogs to recognize the smells of certain severe illnesses such as cancer.


Dogs have been able to identify someone who has lung cancer or even determine the location of a tumor just by their sense of smell. Because of Alhanna’s shift in body chemistry during her kidney infection, Keola was able to smell that out and signal to her that something was wrong.

What A Dog Can Do

If you thought that all a dog can do is smell out sicknesses, you’re wrong! Science has also proven that dogs can also detect if a woman is pregnant or not. This is attributed yet again to the dog’s unique sense of smell. During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones change.


As we know, dogs can tell their owner’s scent apart from another. However, when a body undergoes a hormonal change, the scent which is transmitted can confuse a dog letting it know that something is up. Granted, a dog might not be able to precisely identify that someone is pregnant, but they recognize that something is going on. Keola’s story was incredible, but she’s not the only dog known to save her owner’s life.

Shana, The Wolf-German Shepherd Mix

Shana was a Wolf-German Shepherd mix which was adopted by the elderly couple Norman and Eve Fertig when she was just two weeks old. Shana was an abandoned pup at the time she was rescued. It took her seven years to return the favor.


In New York, 2006, Shana was able to save her owners from a horrible snowstorm. In the middle of a power outage, a tree fell on the couple, pinning them down. Using her quick thinking, Shana was able to make a burrow through which she pulled the elderly couple to safety. Then, while the couple waited for the arrival of the fire department, they kept warm using their dog’s body heat. It was an ingenious and heroic act.

Maya, The Pit bull

Our 2008 winner of the Dog Of The Year Award is Maya, a pit bull who managed to save her owner’s life. A bit uncharacteristic of the breed, considering that people often associate Pitt bulls with attacking and not actually saving. However, such was not the case for Maya.


Angela was returning home late one night from partying. It was her birthday, and she was celebrating the best way she knew how. All of a sudden, a male attacked her from behind and tried to rape her. It was one of her worst nightmare’s turning into a reality. She was petrified. Thankfully, she noticed that her dog had crept up behind the man. When she ordered him to attack, she lunged and bit the man, causing him to flee. While this was indeed a pit bull attack, this time, it was justifiable!

Honey The Cocker Spaniel

Honey The Cocker Spaniel was instrumental in saving her owner, Michael Bosch, from a dangerous car accident. Sadly, both Honey and her owner found themselves stranded in a ravine in Michael’s SUV which flipped over in a bad accident. Recognizing that they were doomed and that Honey might be his only way out, he freed her from the vehicle in order for her to go look for help.


She managed to run for over half a mile away from the incident and was able to get a good Samaritan who came over to save Michael. Had Honey not acted quickly, Michael would probably be dead.

Napoleon’s Heart

Napolean, the English bulldog, was a true hero who saved a batch of kittens stranded in Michigan lake. Sensing that something was wrong, the dog sped across the street and dove into the water. Napoleon’s owner couldn’t believe what had gotten into the dog until she saw him pulling a big sack across the street.


When he returned to her side to show her what he had found, she was shocked. Her English bulldog had managed to rescue six kittens. They were in bad condition. Thanks to her efforts, she was able to save four of them, but unfortunately, two of them died. If it wasn’t for Napoleon, none of these kittens would have survived.

Junior, Shih Tzu Mix

Although he may be small, Junior is a Shih Tzu mixed dog who has done big things, including saving not just one, but seven people from impending doom. Madelous Davilmar was the owner of the property where the incident took place. A huge fire had erupted at the premises, unbeknownst to any of the seven people staying there, for everyone was sleeping.


Junior, on the other hand, was wide awake and alerted everyone there as best as he could. He barked so loudly and made such a fuss that everyone had to wake up. When they realized what was going on, they were able to escape safely.

Guardian Angel

While people are on the fence as to whether angels do really exist, one boy who believes without a doubt that they do is Canadian-born Austin. When he was just eleven years old, he found himself in a dangerous situation in none other than his backyard. While he was innocently playing with his golden retriever aptly called Angel, a cougar came out of nowhere and lunged at him.


Thankfully, Angel decided to take the beast head-on, sparing Austin some time to run back into the house. While Angel did suffer some wounds from the ordeal, there’s no doubt that he’s Austin’s guardian angel.

Layla The Savior

It was a chance encounter which all started with a prison sentence. You see, Budhi Blair was a veteran who had served in the war in the Middle East. As a result, he suffered from PTSD and was extremely aggressive towards not only police authorities, but even to his own wife. That bad behavior landed him in jail which is where he met Layla, the pit bull who had been in a bad crash.


He developed an affinity for the dog and felt that he had a connection. Just like the dog had been in an accident, so too had he had his trying times. He adopted the dog and led a peaceful life thanks to her. He believes that seeing the dog gave him a new-found purpose to live, and he has never regretted that decision.

Miley, The Little Hero

Stacie Pitts was not a very happy homeowner one night when her puppy kept barking incessantly. No matter how hard she tried to get the dog to go to sleep, the dog just kept on making noise. Then, it hit Stacie: something was very wrong in her home. When she woke up everyone in the house, they all had a bad headache.


They immediately went to seek medical attention and were told by the doctors that they had all had carbon monoxide poisoning. They were alerted early enough before the poison could do serious damage to their lungs, all thanks to Miley.

Xena, The Dog Who Saved

When Xena was brought to an animal shelter to be taken care of, it seemed as if she wasn’t going to make it. She was extremely emaciated and was on the verge of death. Then, after some months passed, she was brought back to full health. Currently, she is a therapy dog for a young eight-year-old with autism named Jonny Hickey.


She is his friend and constant companion. What’s more, Xena has had such a positive impact on his life. Initially, he was a very shy boy who didn’t talk much. Now, after meeting Xena, he has gotten so happy. She brought out the fun side in him, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Nyla The Brave Warrior

Nyla is a true warrior who managed to save the life of her owner, Sheila, from certain death. One day, Sheila found herself in one of the worst situations possible: her house was on fire. Blinded by the smoke, she couldn’t see her way out. She thought that it was curtains for her.


Then, Nyla came to save the day. Nyle was able to bring her safely to an exit from which she escaped. Anytime Sheila lost her way, Nyla barked to make sure that she kept on the right path. Although she ended up losing her property, she is grateful for Nyla’s guidance. Were it not for her, she wouldn’t be alive today.

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