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This Hilarious Pug Locked His Owner Out Of Her Own Car


Puppies – everybody loves them, and for many, they are the best pets out there. They make a great addition to any family. But, we all know how they can sometimes be and how they can make some problems if we don’t do as they want us to do. Today, we’re going to talk about this puppy that was about to face what he has done after he didn’t let his owner in her car. Namely, what actually happened was the pug locked out his owner outside of her car

How it all Happened

Monica Garcia, a girl from San Antonio, Texas, was out and about traveling with her puppy named Pete. But, something she did in one moment of their travel would change her whole day around, and frankly, with the power of the internet, it surely changed both Pete’s and Monica’s lives. Namely, Monica went out of the car and left the keys inside, but, once she tried to get back into the car, she noticed that something was wrong. Her pug locked her outside of the car. She couldn’t realize how this happened, but it happened, and now, Pete was in the vehicle with Monica’s purse and phone!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

No Way! We Need Evidence

Luckily, Monica had her iPad with her and managed to text their family’s group-chat. She was trying hard to get somebody to get back to her and help her out, and the worst part was the fact that she couldn’t make a phone call. She asked her family for AAA, and she begged them to get it there as soon as possible. But, her son, Nick, had other ideas on mind. He asked his mother to snap some photos of the puppy inside the car for evidence.

Proudly Gazing Into the Distance

After some back and forth texting Monica finally obliged and allowed the world to see the true face of happiness. Pete was sitting on the driver’s sit, and he made himself at home there. He was proudly starring in the distance and wasn’t fazed by Monica’s desperate tries to make him unlock the car.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

She Could not do Anything

Despite the fact that Monica’s family contacted the AAA immediately she had to wait three more hours for them to arrive at the destination where she was. She had her car engine working, her keys were inside, and he couldn’t do anything that would help her get the situation any better, so she just waited there for the AAA to get to her.

Going Viral on the Internet

As it turns out, Nick wasn’t looking for the photos just as evidence to see that this really happened. He had something totally different on his mind, and it didn’t take him too long to achieve that. He posted the pictures all over his social media, but he didn’t expect that they were going to go viral and make Pete the pug famous. People loved Pete’s rebellion against Monica and the views, shares, and likes on the pictures showed that!

Yes, dogs might do some problems from time to time, but we, as well as they,  know that we couldn’t live without our four-legged furry friends. Next time when Monica and her family take Pete for a walk, they should keep him on a shorter leash after how he turned Monica’s day upside down!


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