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This Is How Bad It Is to Sleep with Wet Hair


I bet that there have been a lot of situations when you have felt too tired or too lazy to dry your hair after taking a bath, and you immediately went to bed with soaking wet hair. Well, after reading this article you’re going to think twice before going into bed with wet hair!

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I am sure that you, like me have had thousands of times when you came home tired from work and thought that taking a shower can be a good idea. You took the shower, threw on pajamas and went to bed with wet hair. But have you at one point stopped and thought about the consequences you might suffer from going to bed with wet hair? Well, I’ve never thought about it, until one day I discovered how it impacts my health…

First of all, one of the negative outcomes from sleeping with wet hair is the fact how your hair is going to look in the morning if you fall asleep with wet hair. Don’t even start trying styling the morning hair if you went to sleep with wet hair. You will have a hard time with all the waves, flat parts, curly parts etc. The best way to stylize your hair in this situation is if you re-wet it and dry it with a hairdryer. This is the only way that you’re going to get control back over your hair.

Also, despite the fact that initially, you won’t get any damage on your hair follicles or shaft, there is the possibility of hair breakage, simply because of the fact that hair is weakest when it is wet. And, as professional hair stylist puts it, if you tie your hair into a ponytail during the night you increase the chances of breaking it.

If you really need to go to bed with wet hair, and there’s no way out, here are a couple of ways that will help you minimize the damage that your hair suffers. Silk or satin pillowcases instead of cotton ones is a great start. This is simply because silk is much smoother than cotton and it will be less threatening to your wet hair. Silk pillowcases have tons of other benefits that could improve your sleep, but we’ll talk about that more on another occasion.

Another tip when going to bed with wet hair is to go to sleep with your hair down or tied in a loose braid. Try and replace the tight elastic bands that might pull on your hair during the night with some softer ones. And another golden tip is although not very comfortable, you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf in order to protect it even further.

Last, but not least is to apply some kind of a hair product or conditioner. Use any kind of conditioners, protective serums, oils, and mousses in order to further protect your hair. This is one of the best tips that will help you out not waking up like a zombie and actually being able to stylize your hair in the morning.



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