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This Is What Happens When Little Kids Learn the Importance of Giving


We are shocked to learn that kids much younger than us know a lot more about life than we will ever know! This third-grade class knew just how to brighten up the holiday meal of their older neighbor!

Chris Buzelli for Reader’s Digest

A teacher in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey told their class that they had a plan, and here is what they said. “I’d like all of you to do extra jobs around the house to earn some money,” they said. “Then we’ll buy food for a Thanksgiving dinner for someone who might not have a nice dinner otherwise.”

They clearly wanted to show the kids how much better they would feel if instead of receiving and expecting something, they started to give! The teacher wanted to teach the kids that religion is not just a bunch of theological ideas coupled together, but that there is more to it, and people need to help bring it to live! “I hoped they could experience a sense of their own power to effect change.” Added the teacher! She told the class to gather everything they could early in Thanksgiving week and prepare to go on a shopping spree for the people who couldn’t afford all of that!

She decided to leave them to pick the things that they think that are essential for a Thanksgiving dinner, and to her amazement, they were practically on point with their shopping. They somehow managed to finish up the shopping spree and started heading to the aisle with a shopping cart full of Thanksgiving stuff! This is when she heard someone from the group scream “FLOWERS! We forgot flowers!” Mrs. Sherlock wanted to put what the leftover from the money to good use and buy some more food. “After all, you can’t eat flowers, can’t you?” added Mrs. Sherlock. “But Mrs. Sherlock, we want flowers.” Screamed all the children in unity!

They stopped at the plants, and started looking at what to get… There were mostly good sized, Thanksgiving colored plants. But, after a while, they noticed a pot of purple mums. “She’ll like this one,” said the children, took the pot and plopped it into the shopping cart.

What they were trying to do was collect some meals and make the Thanksgiving better for a needy older woman that lived alone. Once they finished with the shopping, they started heading towards the house of the old lady. There were lots of screaming, and yelling and fighting on the way to the old woman’s place. The kids were constantly moving and fighting and she couldn’t set the tone that she wanted. The giving and receiving lesion she was trying to pass on to her class.

Once they finally made it to the old lady’s place, they gathered up in front of the door and called for her. A slightly build woman whose face was weary appeared in front of the door to welcome them. All of the children darted away to get the food that they bought for the old lady. They started carrying in the boxes of food one by one, and the old lady started feeling better and better.

A kid from the class asked the old lady “Do you like it here? In the woods, I mean.” And, as she was preparing an answer the old lady brightened up. She started telling them about all the animals in the woods, and how she fed the birds with some breadcrumbs. “Maybe that’s why the Lord sent me this food through you,” added the lady. “Because I share my food with the birds.”

Once they finished asking questions and speaking with the old lady, they decided to head on home. Preparing to leave they could see the old lady going past everything they got her, to the chrysanthemums. She got closer to the flower and put her face in the petals. As she rose her head they could see the big smile that the flowers brought to her face! And at that brief moment the children could all experience the power they were possessing. They learnt that that was all that it took to transform someone and make him happier. And the teacher noticed something else. The good deed wasn’t because if all the food that she got for the old lady, they could see that the old lady went past the food, all that mattered to her were the flowers the kids mentioned she would like. And they were right. Sometimes, a pot of funny purple flowers is all that a person needs in order to feel happy and special

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